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Best Affiliate Plugin for WordPress – Coupon Affiliates

The Affiliate plugin for WordPress is a must for business websites. I am assured, that every business website owner wants to find a marketing strategy, that will work effectively. Affiliate Marketing is one of the finest solutions, it always works. This marketing tool will grow your business.

So, if you are a business website owner who is looking for a proper marketing strategy, I have a solution for you – Coupon Affiliates Plugin for WooCommerce.

Read further, and find out everything about the affiliate plugin functionalities and the Best WordPress Affiliate plugin.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy, that benefits both the business owner and the affiliate. Within the affiliate process, the merchant encourages an affiliate to sell and market the product or service. In exchange, the affiliates get commissions from each purchase.

Generally, affiliates make content like product reviews, videos, and articles, to promote the product or service. Each affiliate receives an individual referral link. The unique referral link helps to keep track of the traffic and generated sales. Hence, the affiliate marketer gets a commission after each purchase clicks on the referral link.

But, what if the number of affiliates, purchases, and referral links grows? Of course, it will be so hard to keep track. That is why you definitely need a valid WordPress affiliate plugin.

An affiliate WordPress plugin will keep the whole monitoring and tracking process easier. Furthermore, all the work done will be much more organized.

A proper WordPress Affiliate plugin will help its users to

  • To add the affiliate links into the articles without any challenges and issues
  • Save the affiliates’ links inside WordPress. Moreover, manage the links anytime you need them.
  • For effective social media and podcasts generate searchable affiliate links.
  • Make more and more loyal customers and grow your target audience.
  • Keep the track of your best affiliate campaigns’ performance.

Additionally, you will get Targeted User Traffic. With the help of the affiliate program, you get higher user traffic. It is important to note, that every web page owner can be sure that the user traffic is targeted. Targeted traffic means that your website visitors are only the ones for whom your content is useful and helpful.

Why Do You Need an Affiliate WordPress Plugin?

First and foremost, managing the affiliate program is very hard to monitor. To keep a track of the whole affiliate process can be so complicated. Furthermore, it is very time-consuming. That is why an affiliate plugin is a must. Within the WordPress plugin, you can find a lot of useful and helpful tools.

  • Firstly, Consumer Connections. This is one of the most useful tools that can be supplied. Start to collect and create lots of reliable customer clients. Moreover, you can encourage your consumers to visit your web platform or purchase an affiliate program. Get advantages from the newsletters and targeted marketing efforts. This is the right time to generate your passive income source.
  • Secondly, Grow Customer Satisfaction. Collect your visitors’ information. Also, you can manage all of the already-collected email lists. Learn everything about your website performance within the affiliate marketing space. Find out what kind of improvements your product or service needs. Hence, always have satisfied customers.
  • Thirdly, Provide the Key Content. In addition, collect more and more connections. Thus, have an effective affiliate program impact.
  • Fourthly, Less Time and Resources. Save your time and spent fewer resources with the affiliate program. Make the whole marketing strategy easier to handle and organize. You will not need an advertising team. Furthermore, forget about extra ads with the affiliate program plugin. Start to market your products or services in a more professional and unchallenging way.

For now, let’s find out what affiliate plugin will provide you with all of the listed above advantages.

The Coupon Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce


Coupon Affiliates is one of the most popular and effective affiliate plugins for creating a WooCommerce affiliate system. Coupon Affiliate helps you to be more strategic and is a significant key for your future eCommerce strategy.

This is the right time to build your effective marketing strategy. Build it via an effective affiliate program. Moreover, engage new customers and retain your old customers’ loyalty.

This WordPress plugin is easy-to-use, user-friendly, and very responsive for all types of platforms. Hence, while using this affiliate tool you will enjoy the whole process. It will be easy, unchallenging, and EFFECTIVE.

Provide your customers with access to their own user-friendly coupon dashboard. Give full access to coupon statistics, commission, payouts, referral URLs, and more. Smoothly generate your eCommerce strategy and enhance your brand’s revenue.

It is important to note, that generally, customers tend to be encouraged to try new brands via the marketing coupon codes, and are more likely to select a brand over the contenders.

Thus, the Coupon Affiliate Program Plugin for WooCommerce has all the functionalities, features and tools to help you perfectly and effectively market your brand products or services. Furthermore, it will bring more user traffic to your website, enhance lead generation, and make new customers.

What Features Does the Coupon Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce Provide?

Within this plugin, you can find all the high-level tools to advance your eCommerce strategy. Read further and find out what tools can be useful and helpful for you. Furthermore, this plugin is easy to use for its affiliate registration system. This system allows users to fill out a form to apply for an affiliate coupon, along with lots of options to customize it to your requirements. When the registration form is filled out, you will be able to approve or decline the request. Furthermore, the affiliates’ coupons and dashboards will be created automatically.

For now, I suggest you dive in further and learn about the powerful tools, that this plugin provides.

  • Commission Payout Tracking. Within this functionality, the users can track commissions. Similarly, affiliates always can keep track of unpaid, paid, and canceled payments.
  • Commission Payout Requests. This is a perfect tool for affiliates. They are able to request payouts that are pending commission. All the users can effortlessly control and follow the requests and payouts.
  • One-click payouts. Pay your affiliates easily in one click with Stripe or PayPal which will greatly save you time. 
  • Store Credit Payouts. Pay affiliates into your wallet with just a single click, which they can then spend in your store.
  • Lifetime Commissions. You can create lifetime commissions. Connect customers to the affiliate and they will get a commission for all upcoming orders.
  • Referral URLs. These are generated via the affiliate tool in this plugin. It also provides total clicks, conversion rates, and other statistics related to referral URLs in the dashboard. Affiliates can also keep track of referral statistics for specific campaigns. Additionally, affiliates can generate short URLs, and QR codes, and easily share their links on social media.

Additional Features to Learn About

  • Multi-level affiliates. Allow users to become not just affiliates but also super-affiliates, and invite others to join the MLM. This way users will be more motivated to drive sales to your store as can gain more benefits if they reach the super-affiliate level. 
  • Monthly Orders Stats Table. This tool allows displaying a table with a monthly overview of all the orders and subscriptions for that month. Furthermore, find out about the total number of used coupons and the total number of sold products.
  • Commission Line Graphs. Display line graphs on the “Statistics” tab which display all the earned commissions on a day-by-day basis.
  • Export Order Tables To Excel File. Within this feature, you can enable a button for exporting coupon order/referral data. You will be able to export an excel file. The excel file with the tables of the ‘monthly summary’ and ‘recent orders’ for all the coupons.
  • Creatives Section. Be creative. Spice up your web dashboard with the “creatives section”. Thus, provide your affiliates with access to various banners and images to include in their marketing process.
  • Custom Dashboard Tabs/Sections. Display custom content. This tool helps to generate your unique custom tabs on the affiliate dashboard. Moreover, this feature is easy to use because it supports shortcode usage.
  • Affiliate Email Reports. Easily generate automated email reports that are sent to your affiliates every month, with a summary of their affiliate statistics.
  • Detailed reports & analytics. Also, it is worth mentioning that in the admin area, you can also access detailed reports and analytics with advanced filters such as comparisons and unlimited date ranges.

What Features Comes Out the Best for the Coupon Affiliate Plugin?

As I have already mentioned, this plugin includes numerous high-level functionalities to improve your marketing strategy.

The Coupon Affiliate Dashboards. Provide your affiliates with full access to the coupon dashboard. The plugin’s dashboard includes numerous useful features for your affiliates. Similarly, affiliates can generate referral URLs, see click history, find out detailed usage statistics, learn about accurate commission calculations, visit the latest referral orders, and more!

Security and Theft Prevention. Generate the most secured marketing program. Your affiliates program will come with commission theft prevention features built in.

Types of Coupon Affiliate Programs


There are plenty of affiliate types, to match your eCommerce strategy.

  • Coupons for Small Businesses (SMB). Small businesses can be very helpful in a process of driving sales as coupon affiliate marketers.
  • Influencer Affiliate Marketing. This is one of the most popular ways to bring more conversions. Generally, influencer affiliate marketing enhances customer engagement.
  • Coupon Marketplace Sites. In this affiliate type, the product owners use marketplace sites as affiliate marketers.
  • Bloggers. This is a great and effective way of a practical affiliate program. The in-depth reviews or testimonials about your service or product will be great marketing for an affiliate strategy.
  • Cash-Back, Coupon Forum, and Curated Websites. There are plenty of sites that will help the targeted audience via coupon affiliate marketing to bring more and more sales.
  • Networks for the Coupon Affiliate Marketing. This affiliate program type will help you to connect your business brand with the most suitable available program.

Select the perfect fit for you and enjoy your eCommerce journey!

Wrapping Up…

To sum up, all the above mentioned, I want to note, that it is very effective to build a proper affiliate marketing strategy. For an effective Affiliate program, you will definitely need a powerful affiliate program tool.

I hope, this article helped you to discover your perfect eCommerce marketing strategy tool. If yes, then I suggest you visit the best WordPress Blog and find out everything about the WordPress tools and tips

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