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Crisp VS Pure Chat: Compared in 2022

Beginners in business tend to underestimate the power of public relations and marketing. Small companies, on average, spend around 10% of their revenue on this part, and there is a reason for that. Getting a customer is being lucky, making the customer buy your product again is an indication of smartness. And that is why small businesses need chatbots as a drowning person needs air. This article is going to describe and compare two chatbot providers — Crisp VS Pure Chat — and find out which one is worth your time.

What is Crisp? 


Crisp is a platform that provides a connection between companies and customers via multi-channel messaging. It is designed for easier and more accessible customer support, marketing and sales. 

An independent company founded in 2015 in France, Crisp provides communication between more than three hundred thousand users. The platform is so great because it is created for businesses and customers by people who love technology and design and deliver every feature from their hearts. 

What is Pure Chat?


Pure Chat offers what they call “chat software that you and your visitors will love”. It’s a beginner-friendly, highly customizable provider for individuals and small and big companies. It allows you to have a good support connection with your customers, but it also provides an equally good connection between you and them — in case you need support. Let’s find out whether they managed to keep their promise.

Main Features Comparison

In order to make the game fair, and we do value equality and fairness on this website, we will compare two platforms by breaking their features into a few separate categories. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Live Chat 

The first feature that Crisp nails is the live chat. Designed as an alternative to emails, Crisp live chat is full of engaging features. It took the best from social media live chats and from inboxes of email. 

First, you can upload GIFs, videos, images, documents, and other files directly in the chat; second, you can integrate it with social networks like Messenger or Instagram. Thirdly, users can look at articles directly from the chat if there are some issues and play CrispyBird — a game designed to spend a bit of time waiting while the other party is offline or in the process of responding. As for the companies, there is a function of automating chatbot scenarios for more effective customer onboarding.

Also, Crisp LiveChat has lots of customization options. You can customize almost everything starting off with the colors and ending with positions. 

Moreover, Crisp LiveChat offers a shared inbox that just makes the lives of your support team specialists easier and enhances the user’s experience in terms of speed and availability. 

Make sure to check out the Crisp Chat plugin available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Crisp can be easily integrated with your WP website through installation from the back-end or linking through the platform. 

It’s really easy to use Pure Chat, so if you are an individual working your way through the business world and you don’t have a PR manager, it’s perfect for you. Although it is simple, it’s very rich in features. It provides you with unlimited chats, transcripts, file transfers, admin and operator role distinction options, dashboards, notifications, emails, etc. 

Though Crisp provides a wider variety of functions, the simplicity of Pure Chat can be very charming.


Of course, live chat is great, but there are many other live chats. How does Crisp precisely help you with your business? 

Well, it is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The function of automation allows small businesses to increase the number of deals since specialists don’t waste time on tedious tasks. This means that the same amount of work will lead to more sales, or rather the less amount of work will lead to the same number of sales. Not only that, but Crisps routes conversations automatically and sorts your emails in the common inbox. Besides, CRM software examples like Crisp provide you with databases with your users and valuable information about them, including their contacts, engagement with your website, etc.

Pure Chat provides unlimited chats, remarkable dashboards, and customizable widgets as a Customer Relationship Management tool. The CRM software of Pure Chat was created in 2012 for small businesses and already powers more than 14,000 users. 

It is clear that Crisp as a CRM tool is more developed than Pure Chat.


Crisp has its own chatbot software that works 24 on 7, even if your team is not working at the moment. Sometimes people sleep, and you don’t know whether a potential customer is scrolling through your website and wants to contact your customer support. Chatbots never sleep, and they provide your visitors with personalized and relevant information. You can create ready conversational plans with the chatbot dialog builder — which is available without a single line of code. Therefore you don’t need to hire a specialist for that. 

Your PR manager or SMM worker or even you (if you work alone) will do just fine, so you’ll save money on that, too. You can also send messages in different languages for different channels (using one chatbot script). You can integrate your chatbot with your website or your social media, like Meta, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, etc.  

Everything is autopiloted — you can even arrange meetings automatically. Crisp provides you with AI Chatbot using API libraries, thus increasing the depth of the dialogues with customers. Remember, a customer likes to think that they are special — and that’s what AI is for. Besides, the chatbot is called Crispy, which is cute, and you know that customers like cute things. 

The chatbot of Pure Chat has the function of automatization that is created through canned responses. The point of canned responses is to provide your chatbot with already determined responses to questions that might arouse about your business. So instead of people answering some common questions, it’s a bot. Specialists will answer complicated questions that require human intelligence. 

The availability of artificial intelligence on Crisp certainly makes Crisp win this round, but Pure Chat’s chatbot is still good.

Ticketing System 

A ticketing system, otherwise known as an issue tracking system, is a thing that helps companies to track issues, amend them in one or another, and improve their customer service.

Crisp’s ticketing system is created for live conversations since it uses the centralized inbox, unlike the old way of asynchronous ticketing management, which is so frustrating for customers. The best thing about Crisp’s issue tracking system, or Crisp in general, is that everything is in one place, so you don’t have to think about switching between different tools and apps. And the above-mentioned chatbot is an active participant in the ticketing system — it allows more automated ticket management, improving your customer support.

Pure Chat’s ticketing system is based on Google Analytics since it doesn’t have its own. From one side, it’s really nice that Pure Chat provides a lot of third-party integrations. From the other side, though, there will be a need to refer to other programs and hassle about it when there could be an easier solution for the customer. 

To our thinking, Crisp’s integrated issue management system is easier to use since it is in the platform itself, not somewhere out there. Unlike Pure Chat’s ticket management, it doesn’t require instruction to use. Although we’ll give it to that, Pure Chat does have a very detailed manual.


Crisp thinks about customer engagement a lot. One of the most important things in marketing and PR is engaging the customer and reminding them about you so that they will purchase your product. That is exactly what Crisp does. Since its chatbot has an inbuilt AI system, the dialogue prompts to adapt to the needs and interests of the customer, tracking their behavior and looking for some prominent ideas. The job of the AI chatbot is to make them think they are chatting with a real person, a human being. You can enable personalized email and in-chat campaigns to achieve the goal of your business, and that is to get as many loyal customers as possible. 

There is sadly not much to say about Pure Chat’s campaign possibilities. The only here is that you can possibly send emails if there is a need, but no more than that. In comparison to Crisp’s vast functionary, this is nothing but disappointing. 


Everything Crisp provides is highly customizable. For example, they have an AI chatbot, Crispy. Now, everyone’s business is different, and, depending on that, you may need your chatbot to use certain phrases that are appropriate to your business. Can you do that with Crispy? The answer is — yes, you can. You can put your own dialogue prompts and customize the way the chatbot talks. Apart from that, you can change the chatbox color, text, position, background picture, white-label your chat, enable the video game, hide the chat, display it only on certain pages, change popups, create a custom signature to your emails, filter your messages and block the chat for certain IPs and countries. Quite a lot, we must say.

Pure Chat is easy to customize. For example, you can change how the widget looks, including using images.

As we said, Pure Chat is easy to customize, but sadly it lacks variety. Sometimes simple is too simple. 


Does Crisp have a better-integrated system with mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets? Yes, it does. Crisp has a mobile app that will make a lot of people (especially your teammates) pleased. First, it places notifications when you’re offline, so you and your teammates can always reach out to your customers just in case. And the interface of the app is quite crispy (pun intended) and modern looking, so that’s a benefit.

Not being good on the previous round, Pure Chat pushes with its Android and iOS application. Both you and your customers can use Pure chat through the app that is available for tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches. It’s very convenient for you and your teammates, especially since customers in the 2020s expect instant responses. They will most likely abandon your website fairly quickly if they don’t get it, not with Pure Chat’s app. 

We can say for sure that both Crisp and Pure Chat are good in this category.


If you are already accustomed to certain apps and platforms, you can integrate them with your Crisp. For example, some popular apps include:

  • WordPress: easy, just a few clicks integration with an amazing website builder – WP
  • Shopify
  • Zapier
  • Social Media, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, Twitter Dm, Telegram, and others
  • Trello
  • Discord

WordPress Plugin 

This plugin is completely free and very easy to set up. It currently has over 30.000 active installations. But, most significantly, it is updated on a regular basis and has great ratings, indicating that it is credible. The Crisp LiveChat and Chatbot plugin has the following features: 

You will get features such as Support LiveChat, Marketing LiveChat, Sales LiveChat,  Automated chatbot, Real-time notifications, Live chats, and chatbots that are suited for mobile. 

Pure Chat does have a few third-party integrations with platforms that are most popular amongst web developers. They include:

  • Google Analytics, as we’ve mentioned before
  • HubSpot
  • Infusionsoft

There is a partnership with Zapier that one can use to integrate with many platforms, but again, it’s indirect and therefore requires more effort and time that a business person sometimes might not have. 

It seems pretty obvious that Crisp provides more third-party integrations than Pure Chat does.


Crisp, for this amount of features, is quite affordable. Let’s have a look at it:

  • Free. This is not just a demo one-week free trial. It’s a fully developed free plan. This is for personal websites; it is quite basic and includes two seats.
  • Pro. Pro is for beginners, and it includes four seats. It costs $25 a month or per inbox, but it has a fortnight free trial.
  • Unlimited. The unlimited subscription plan is designed for quite developed companies, includes 20 seats, and needs you to pay $95 a month or per inbox with a free fourteen-day trial. 
  • Enterprise. Enterprise is created for big businesses, and it is a custom-made plan for every single enterprise. 

Pure Chat provides you with only two plans: Growth for $39/mo and Pro for $79/mo if paid annually. If it is paid monthly, the price raises $49/mo for the Growth and $99 for the Pro. Both of these come with a 30-day free trial, but a free version separately is not available.

The growth plan includes 100 SMS notifications, four users, and one website, but it includes all other benefits of Pure Chat that we outlined before. The Pro plan can be used for an unlimited number of websites by ten users, and you get 1000 SMS notifications. It also includes a very important thing: white labeling. 

Which One is The Best?

As you might have noticed in the comparison, which platform is the best is pretty clear. Although Pure Chat is a nice and simple thing that is quite suitable for independent businesses, it is very much inferior to Crisp. Yes, Crisp is the best thing you can get out of these two.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat does have its benefits. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Simplicity. It’s really easy to use, especially for beginners. You don’t get lost. Besides, there is a very detailed manual.
  • Third-Party Integrations. Although not so many, Pure Chat partners with the most popular ones.
  • Application. It does have a nice app for mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches. 


  • To little functions
  • Underdeveloped CRM tool
  • Non-AI chatbot
  • The most basic functions are available only through third-party integrations.
  • Little work on email campaigns
  • Not so much to customize
  • Lack of third-party integrations
  • Expensive for its number of features, it doesn’t provide a variety of plans.

Crisp — The Winner

Crisp has what Pure Chat doesn’t:

  • A plethora of features
  • Well-developed CRM tool
  • Customizable ChatBot with canned answers and artificial intelligence 
  • Useful ticketing management system
  • Availability of campaigns
  • High customization of literally everything
  • An App for iOS and Android
  • Lots of integrations, including the most popular ones
  • Flexible and affordable pricing plans

Moreover, Crisps offers a lot more integrations to help your teams to collaborate more productively. Crisp’s developers and designers made sure it has every feature to offer a modern chat experience by offering features such as instant video chat and screen share.

Also, Crisp offers unique features that Pure Chat does not, such as an incredible feature that allows you to co-browse with your users in order to help them live. More than 300,000 brands already started Crisp and are happy with their choice and results. 

There is nothing in particular that worsens the reputation of Crisp. It is practically perfect. 

Crisp is the ultimate choice for you.

Read another comparison of the Crisp plugin by viewing the “Crisp VS HubSpot: What is The Best Choice?” article.

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