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Crisp VS HubSpot: What is The Best Choice?

Live chat is a perfect method to improve the customer support service on your website. And if you use WordPress then adding Live Chat to your website is an easy process. And this is thanks to the WordPress plugins. The two of the Live chat plugins – Crisp VS HubSpot will be reviewed in this article. So, if you like to know which one provides the best features for live chat you may read the whole article.

Basic Features of Crisp and Hubspot

Despite the fact that the Crisp plugin is a relatively new plugin than HubSpot it has already gained 30,000 active installations that grow day by day. The rating is 4.6/5-stars in the WordPress Repository. It is a preferred tool by the small and medium companies that want to improve their customer support services and make them faster and smoother.


HubSpot is a well-known plugin developed in far 2005. It has more than 200,000 active installs and a 4.4/5-star rating. The plugin is foreseen not only for adding live chats but also to conduct marketing. sales, analytics, and other customer-related operations.


Now, let us review these two plugins’ main features one by one to identify which one scales higher.

Live Chat

Live chats are very important in WordPress websites especially when they are eCommerce or service ones.


Crips Live Chat

It is worth mentioning that the Crisp plugin is specialized in providing professional and all-inclusive live-chat features for all your aims. In a couple of minutes, you can integrate Crisp’s chat plugin with your WordPress site. So, you will get an absolutely free chat widget for 2 agents. Besides, you will be able to make an unlimited number of live-chat conversations. 

Live chats are very beneficial to keep 24/7 communication with the customer even if you are offline. In this case, you will ease the lead generation and sales processes if you get requests during non-working hours.

But you should note that none of the users will appreciate the automated robotic answers. So, the Crisp developers offer you a comprehensive list of methods to approve the best user experience on your WordPress site. So, the visitors may highly benefit from the integrated knowledge base, chatbots, file sharing option, connecting the live chat to Social Media like Messenger, Instagram messages, Telegram, etc., Gifs, and video preview. Besides, the CrispyBird funny game will keep your website visitors interested even when you are not online.

Other Features

The live chat widget is fully customizable through the available JS SDK. You can change the colors and positions and even choose your preferred language. One more important fact is that you are able to obtain chat message translation in real-time.

Besides, there is a video chat option for the customers. Sometimes, some clients need additional help regarding their issues. And the video chat option is a modern and advanced approach to customer support service.

Being the fastest live-chat plugin Crisp also provides the co-browsing option and shared inbox, as well. So, you can guide your customers while sharing the same browser to assist them immediately. Moreover, to speed up your replying time you can view the customer’s answer while they are still typing. That is really a great function.

In addition to all these essential features, Crisp offers both mobile and desktop apps for using its live chat more conveniently.

To sum up, through the Crisp Live chat plugin you will get options for support, sales, marketing live chat, as well as well-functioned chatbots.

HubSpot Live Chat

HubSpot also provides many valuable options for implementing 24/7 live chat on your website. It is one plugin with almost all your marketing processes. So, instead of installing different plugins for chatbots, email, and CRM, you may simply utilize the HubSpot plugin for all of these purposes.

Like the Crisp plugin, HubSpot also provides chatbots and automation. This is to decrease your staff workload and provide fast and smooth dedicated customer support. Besides, the chatbots and the saved common answers will generate leads even when the live chat agents are offline.

Like the Crisp Live chat, the HubSpot’s one can also be customized. You are able to change colors, messaging, and position matching the live chat widget with your brand perfectly.

Along with the basic live chat settings, real-time translation and co-browsing options are available in the Crisp. So, in these two functions, Crisp’s Live chat exceeds the HubSpot’s live chat features.


The Crisp plugin offers its own customer relationship management system – Crisp CRM. All the available automation options assist the agents to close more unresolved tickets having more satisfied clients. You may create a comprehensive database full of an unlimited quantity of contacts, view the contact activity time frame, browse the history, etc. The contact information can even include Social Media profiles.

Also, the real-time notifications will inform the agents about the incoming chats. So they can not leave the conversation unanswered.

Like the Crisp plugin, HubSpot also provides its own CRM called HubSpot CRM. Your site forms are automatically synchronized with HubSpot CRM. And due to this, you can combine your contacts and place them on various lists. The plugin automatically updates the included contact records in a certain time frame.

So, at this point, the two plugins- Crisp and HubSpot are closely associated with each other.



To improve customer relations on your WordPress website you should thoroughly think about services and support. So, besides a good real-time customer support service, you must think about more lasting relationships. Because a custom visitor today can be converted into a loyal client in the future. So, the Crisp plugin offers a full customer engagement platform to centralize communications and follow customer behavior. As well as it helps the company’s teams to personalize interactions. Besides, you can retarget the customers and send them emails and messages through the Crisp plugin.

So, customer engagement marketing is one of the best ways to boost the company’s lead generation process.

HubSpot also suggests a comprehensive solution for your marketing campaigns. You can obtain pre-designed beautiful and mobile-friendly newsletters to send to your clients’ database with HubSpot’s email builder. Moreover, you will get 20+ ready-made templates to do so.

Besides, the above-mentioned newsletters, HubSpot enables you to send automated emails to those who fill out the forms inserted in your live chat message.

Reports and Analytics

Combining the shared Inbox and report analytics system, the Crisp plugin provides you with the total view of your team members’ working process or inbox software performance and efficiency. You can track the first response time, get all-inclusive reports about the teammates’ activities, and chat deliverability. And what is more important, you are able to get familiar with the score of customer satisfaction due to the Crisp plugin’s analytics and report system.

The analytics system of HubSpot differs from the one provided by the Crisp plugin. So, by examining the analytics reports with the HubSpot plugin, you can identify which marketing and sales activities are the most beneficial and effective for your business and what you can fix to get the absolute result.

So, in terms of customer relationship improvement, the Crisp plugin exceeds the HubSpot. Although identifying the efficiency of marketing and sales activities is very significant. Bus customers’ needs and improvement of client support services are also included in the business priorities.


Integrations are the point where both Crisp and HubSpot go hand in hand. Both provide seamlessly important integrations to ease the business owners’ experience.

Crisp Plugin Integrations

  • Automation
    • Scheduler
    • Auto Segmentic
    • Zapier
    • Video Support
    • Auto Responder
    • Message
    • Segment
    • Bot
    • Auto-Delete
  • Customer Relationship Management
    • Mailchimp
    • Zoho
    • HubSpot
    • Pipedrive
    • Salesforce
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Content Management System
    • WordPress
    • Cloudflare
    • Shopify
    • Prestashop
    • WHMCS
    • Webflow
    • Joomla
    • WHMCS Pro
  • Marketing
    • ActiveDemand
    • HockeyStack
    • Poptin
  • Teamwork
    • Aircall
    • Github
    • Slack
    • UserVitals
    • Trello
    • Jira
  • Messaging
    • Instagram
    • Messenger
    • Rotic Chatbot
    • Viber
    • Telegram
    • WhatsApp
    • Twitter Direct Message
    • Line
    • Discord
    • Twilio SMS

The list is not limited to the mentioned integrations. There are many more others, as well.

HubSpot Plugin Integrations

The HubSpot plugin offers approximately 1090 integrations. Some of them are listed below in categories:

  • Social Media, Analytics, and Advertising
    • Facebook Ads
    • Messenger
    • Linkedin Ads
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Google Ads
    • Instagram
    • Adroll
    • Hotjar
  • Communications and Design
    • Zoom
    • HelloSign
    • Vidyard
    • Canva
    • Integromat
    • Slack
  • CRM, Email Marketing, Automation
    • Zoho
    • Mailchimp
    • Active Campaign
    • Constant Contact
    • Hustle
    • Outlook
    • Salesforce
    • Gmail
    • Ontraport
    • Drip
    • Sendinblue, etc.
  • eCommerce, Payments
    • Stripe
    • WooCommerce
    • Shopify
    • BigCommerce

There are other types of integrations with events and scheduling tools, form and landing page builders, live chat, customer support tools, project management software, and many more others.


It is worth mentioning that both plugins have free and pro versions. For those users who can not afford the paid plans free version is an ideal alternative. But to enjoy the full package of beneficial features you have to activate one of the paid packages.

So, let us compare the pricing plans of the Crisp and HubSpot plugins.

Crisp Plugin Pricing

  • Pro – $25 per month
  • Unlimited – $95 per month
  • Enterprise – custom price

HubSpot Plugin Bundles Pricing

  • Starter – $45 per month
  • Professional – $1600 per month
  • Enterprise – $5000 per month

If we compare the packages and prices with one another we will definitely say that the Crisp plugin’s pricing is much more affordable for the monthly payment. So, if you want to implement Live chat on your website at an affordable cost then you should choose Crisp’s packages.


Coming to the finishing line of our Crisp VS HubSpot article, we want to summarize the above-mentioned thoughts. So, both of the presented plugins can perfectly cover your website needs. Although in some aspects Crisp exceeds HubSpot with the variety of functions provided in its highly affordable Pro packages. Here are the functions available in the Crisp Live chat plugin that you can not find in the HubSpot’s highest plan:

  • 20 chat seats instead of the HubSpot’s 10
  • Desktop apps
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, and WhatsApp
  • Live chat web SDK
  • Real-time translation
  • Message Sneak-peek (this is what the user is typing before sending the message)
  • Co-browsing
  • Video and audio calls
  • Live chat load time is 1.6s. instead of HubSpot’s 4.6s.
  • Keyword intents
  • Password Protection

So, after summarizing the above-mentioned features in the Crisp plugin we would definitely recommend you to go with it while starting a Live chat experience on your WordPress site.

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