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Does WooCommerce Product Label Lacks Features

The product labels have a key role for online shops such as WooCommerce. Recently, I came across Advanced Woo Labels – the WooCommerce Product Label plugin. This plugin generates advanced-level “Woo” Labels. Product labels are the number one helper in identifying the product and providing important information to customers.

What was interesting about this plugin, is that I have found a quite “interesting” comment. Although, my experience with this plugin was unchallenging and I really liked it.

Within this article, let’s together find out if is it true, that the WooCommerce Product Label Plugin lacks features. I want to find out, if this negative review is based on honest opinions, or is just a regular myth based on the not-satisfied plugin user.


What Does the WooCommerce Product Label Plugin Provide?

The Advanced Woo Labels WordPress plugin is an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly plugin for your Woocommerce store. Via this WP plugin, you can effortlessly build labels and badges for your WooCommerce products.

Besides, you can get the advantage of the label conditions. Via the label conditions, you can choose to show labels only for specific users, products, or pages. While using the WooCommerce Product Label plugin you can easily customize label styles. You can find tons of built-in options.

Additionally, this plugin will definitely help you to attract users’ attention and keep the website visitors more engaged. Furthermore, you can display detailed and important label information like product quantity, stock status, product rating, discount value, sale status, shipping class, and some more.

Let’s dive in a little further and find out what type of functionalities this plugin provides to its users.

  • Labels and Labels Groups: You will be able to show your product labels anywhere you need. For example, you can display the product badges inside the archive loops or on single product pages.
  • Unlimited labels: There are no limits while using this plugin. Create an unlimited number of product labels.
  • Fully Customization: The Product Label for the WooCommerce plugin is fully customizable. You are free to utilize any text type. Furthermore, you can add emojis to make your label more eye-catchy. Also, add some special text variables, in order to highlight the important information about the product. For instance, discounts, sales, price, categories, and some more.
  • Styling Options: With this WordPress tool it will be so easy to generate tons of product labels and give each of them unique styling. Within this plugin, you will find various styling options to make your online store more professional.

It is important to note, that while using this plugin you will undoubtedly find more advanced-level functionalities.

Myth or Reality?

Well, now that you have a piece of general information about the Advanced Woo Labels, it is time to check out the negative comments and opinions about this plugin.

Let’s together find out, are this comment based on honest opinions and feedback.

The WooCommerce Product Label Plugin Free Version Lacks Functionalities to Make the Users Purchase the Pro Version?


Recently, I came across a negative review concerning Advanced Woo Labels. The review claims, that this product label plugin is customed to make the users buy it. How?

The author of the review notes, that the contrast between the free and pro versions is huge. Most importantly, the review writer points out, that the functionalities included in the Free Version of the Advanced Woo Labels plugin are not advantageous. For him, the customization process was challenging, because they were only a few options available to have the result he wanted. After the successful installation and activation of the plugin, the reviewer was disappointed because of a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, he mentions, that the free functionalities are very limited it was quite hard for him to generate proper WooCommerce product labels. After activating the plugin he expected to get full advantage of all of the possible functionalities. But, as the author mentions, his experience failed. All he could generate with the help of this plugin was just a simple and average product label with its name and price. The author of a comment, claims that he was very disappointed because of the huge contrast between the free and pro packages. He is sure, that he will never purchase the pro package.

Also, this review’s writer points out, that the functionalities are minimal. For him, it was hard to generate the labels he needed, and have the result he excepted to have in the end. Brief, the author of this review strongly states, that the free version of the plugin lacks the functionalities only for one reason – to make the users purchase the pro version.

“Myth” or “Reality”?

So, now let’s find out if all the above-mentioned negative information about the Advanced Woo Labels plugin is true?

To find out the “truth”, we need to check out what functionalities and features the free version include. Let’s see what the free pack of the Advanced Woo Labels provides to its users.

The advantages you will find while using the Free Version of the plugin

  • No Limits – Create as many product labels as you need. There are no limits while building product labels for your WooCommerce store.
  • Label Display – You can show your WooCommerce product label in two places. You can display your label on the product image or before the title. Easily, align the product label at any border of this position.
  • Custom Texts – With this functionality you can use labels with custom texts. Write the text you need directly inside of the product labels. Moreover, by using the “special text” variables you will highlight the most important information that future purchasers want to find.
  • Label Shapes – Choose from 5 extra text label shapes. Furthermore, set amazing styles for individually of them with the help of custom styling choices.
  • Label Groups – This functionality allows displaying various labels for just one product. You can define the maximal number of these labels. Moreover, set the alignments, priorities, and distance between them.
  • Label Conditions – Via this tool, you can show WooCommerce product labels based on specific conditions. For example, page, product, or user conditions. Furthermore, within this tool, you can merge the conditions to “AND” and “OR” groups to make your product labels with more complex rules.
  • Unlimited Label Variations – This tool will allow building unlimited label variations. Via the advanced level styling options, you can change label color, font size, font color, padding, opacity, and margins. Lastly, you can set custom CSS for each label individually.
  • Live Preview – You will have an opportunity to have a panel with labels live preview.


“Myth”. Unquestionably the negative opinion, that the Advanced Woo Label Plugin consciously included fewer features on the Free Version’s pack is a MYTH. As proof of my words, above I have mentioned all of the features, that you will find and get the advantage of while using the WordPress plugin. As you can see, there are enough features to build a proper online store interface via the WooCommerce product labels.

All of the formerly-mentioned features are perfect for enhancing the WooCommerce store. Furthermore, the functionalities are rich enough to satisfy all the expectations of the users. All of the available features will allow generating a product label not only with a basic product name or a price but also include images, availability status and etc. You can purchase the pro version, in order to generate more advanced and complex product labels for your store.

The Pro version includes all of the listed above free version tools plus various professional-level functionalities. Hence, the paid pack is an ideal fit for the ones who want to get even more professionally designed product interfaces. Furthermore, the Advanced Woo Label gets regular updates. This means, that both the Free and Pro packages regularly get included with new functionalities.

Whether the author of the review wanted to ruin the reputation of the plugin, or he did not find the needed functionality to make the results he excepted. In this case, I strongly recommend contacting the support team. Firstly, the Advanced Woo Label has fast and friendly support. Undoubtedly, after contacting the support team your issue will be solved. You will find a solution, or get an alternative matching your needs.


While using the WordPress Advanced Woo Labels Free plugin you can build complicated labels via the “Label Conditions” feature. Via the label conditions, the users will be able to generate more complex label rules. Furthermore, these conditions are available in both free and pro versions. Besides, in the above-mentioned conditions, you will find additional advanced tools. You can add to your WooCommerce product label as many conditions as you need.

To Sum Up…

Do not believe anything you read, make some research, find proof, and get sure by yourself. As proof of the listed-above information, I suggest you go and give try the Advanced Woo Labels WordPress plugin to get sure by yourself.

So, in this part of the article, I have a small trick for you. If you are interested in other WordPress tools, or you need some WordPress tips and tricks, it is time to check out the best WordPress blog.

Thanks for your time!

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