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Best WordPress Podcast Plugins in 2024

Today podcasting engages more and more listeners becoming a great business type for creators. From premium subscriptions to website engagement and conversions, podcasts are the right way to improve your online business. However, the podcasting industry has significantly transformed. So, it is crucial to select the correct tools. Luckily, WordPress provides a wide range of plugins to improve your podcasting experience. Let’s check out our best list of WordPress podcast plugins in 2024. 

1. Podigee

Podigee Podcast Plugin For WordPress

Podigee takes the top spot as a leading and high-rated podcasting hosting platform in 2024. If you need one dashboard for hosting and promoting your podcasts, then Podigee is what you need. To increase the reach of a podcast, you should share word of mouth on your website. You can either use the blog Podigee offers or your WordPress website/blog. That’s when the Podigee WordPress Quick Publish Plugin comes in handy. This plugin allows you to connect WordPress with your Podigee Podcast and turn your Podigee-hosted podcast episodes into posts or embed the player into your website. 

On top of these, the Podigee WordPress Quick Publish Plugin is designed with compatibility in mind. It seamlessly works with the WordPress Classic and Gutenberg editors, allowing you to work with the editor most convenient to you. 

You can do all this with the Podigee plugin, but Podigee has many more functionalities waiting for you in the web application. If you want to learn more about your podcasts and improve their performance, don’t forget to check it out. 

Key Features

  • Integration into Classic and Gutenberg editors
  • Automated podcast publishing
  • Future release scheduling
  • Analytics per podcast and episode


Podigee comes with three pricing plans – Basic Plus, Advanced Plus, and Business Pro – each catering to different levels of needs. All the plans come with a 14-day free trial to test the pro features and get the feeling of the tool. To access the WordPress Quick Publish Plugin, you must proceed with the Advanced Plus or Business Pro plans.

Advanced Plus ($39/month) includes up to 6 hours of audio, geo-data, and listener loyalty insights, community subscriptions, the WordPress Quick Publish Plugin, and pre-made templates.

The Business Plus ($99/month) comes with unlimited hours of audio, insights into PDF reports via email API access and data export, dynamic ads, and AI-generated transcripts. And if you are traveling, Podigee offers mobile apps for Android and iOS, to check your analytics and manage your podcasts anytime.

All the plans support credit card and PayPal payments, plus invoices and wire transfers for the Business plan. 

2. Podcast Player

WordPress Podcast Player Plugin

Podcast Player is a complete solution for embedding podcasts directly into your website. It scores more than 10,000 activations and a full 5-star rating on WordPress. This plugin has an intuitive design and user-friendly interface. The Podcast Player plugin makes it very easy for you to display your podcasts thus engaging your audience. This plugin provides a simple way for sharing your content thus enhancing the listening experience for your audience.

Key Features

  • Responsive Design: The plugin provides a responsive operation across all platforms, such as desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Live Search: Live search functionality is used in searching through your podcasting archives. The plugin makes navigation easier. So, this improves the overall podcasting experience.
  • Control Buttons: With play/pause, play speed control, next/previous episode, social sharing buttons, and forward/backward jumps, listeners can change their experiences while interacting with your content effortlessly.
  • Subscription Buttons: Integration with popular platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify makes subscription an easy thing. This approves an increase in audiences and interaction among them.
  • Player Customization Options: To ensure a unique and cohesive appearance, you can use accent colors, display layouts, or sorting options. This is to design your player to suit your brand and style.

Other Features

  • Other Layouts: You can customize your player by choosing from various layouts. This will give more flexibility and enhance branding.
  • Strong Filtering Options: The website owner can determine which episodes or seasons should appear on their site for content presentation. This is curated according to the interest of their audience.
  • Episodes Imported as Posts: Podcast episodes can be easily added to websites either as WordPress posts or any other post type. This promotes organization and accessibility.


The plugin comes with both free and pro versions. Here are the prices for accessing the Podcast Player’s advanced features:

  • Yearly – $39.99
  • Lifetime – $59.95

3. PowerPress

PowerPress Plugin

PowerPress is also included in our best list of WordPress podcast plugins. It has more than 40,000 activations and a 4.6/5-star rating on WordPress. With this plugin, you can publish and manage a single or multiple podcasts right from your WordPress site with ease.

Key Features

  • Integrated Players: You can embed audio and video players from various platforms, such as YouTube. Precise episode navigation can be done by using the “Skip to Position in Player” shortcode. Furthermore, the plugin will exhibit several episodes with much simplicity.
  • Podcast Import and Migration: It assures a smooth transition between various hosts such as Spotify for Podcasters, SoundCloud, Libsyn, etc. The Import Podcast and Migrate Media tools ensure content integrity when migrating to Blubrry Host.
  • Subscribe Tools: The Powerpress plugin offers a subscribe page and sidebar widgets. These are optimized for responsiveness on high-resolution displays. This helps to transform visitors into loyal followers or subscribers.
  • Multiple Podcast Management: With Category Podcasting and Podcast Channels features managing multiple podcasts on one website becomes easy. This enhances organization and navigation making it simple for both you and your audience.
  • Global Language Support: The PowerPress plugin supports multiple languages. It even integrates with emojis in your podcast feed.


The Powerpress plugin comes in 2 versions. With a limited number of features, you can get the plugin’s free version from the WordPress plugin directory. However, if you want to access more professional features and settings, then the Pro version is your go-to choice. Here are the paid pricing plans:

  • Standard – $12 per month
  • Advanced – $20 per month
  • Professional – $100 per month

4. Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove Plugin

Podlove Podcast Publisher is among the best WordPress podcast plugins. It scores more than 5,000 active installations and 35 5 stars on the WordPress plugin repository. The plugin offers a revolutionary approach to transform podcasting. Podlove Publisher makes your workflow faster. It ensures a cutting-edge experience for your listeners. This, in turn, gives you an opportunity to focus on creating content. 

Key Features

  • Compatible RSS Feeds: With this plugin, you can build impressive podcast feeds based on the behavior of the client.
  • Multi-Format Publishing: Distribute across different audio and video codecs in an easy way thus making it simple.
  • Optimized Web Player: This player is integrated with Podlove Web Player. It supports multiple audio or video formats on several web browsers.
  • Metadata Galore: It also enables you to add chapter marks, contributors management, and transcripts inclusion. Besides, handling seasons and displaying related episodes is very quick and easy with this plugin.
  • Auphonic Integration: With this integration, you can start professional audio post-production.
  • Flexible Templates: You can customize podcast presentations using the plugin’s flexible templates.


One of the most outstanding advantages of Podlove Podcast Publisher is that it is completely free to set up and use on WordPress.

5. Lightweight Podcast

Lightweight Podcast Plugin

Lightweight Podcast is the last but not least plugin from our list of the best WordPress podcast plugins. Scoring more than 600 active installations and 8 5 stars on WordPress it offers an intuitive user interface and extensive functionality. This allows you to produce, modify, and distribute your podcasts worldwide easily.

Key Features

  • Support for Media Files: This ensures that podcast audio files are compatible with different platforms such as MP3, WAV, OGG, etc.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The plugin supports HTML5 which enables seamless playback on mobile devices.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: This enables WP Podcast to work properly on IE7, IE8, IE9, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.
  • Responsive Player: The player comes in various screens. This ensures the best experience for the listener regardless of the device used.
  • Using Social Share Buttons: Integrated social share icons allow listeners to easily share your podcast episodes across social media platforms.
  • Short Code Based: You can put the available shortcodes on any page/post with ease.
  • Download Option: Your site visitors can download these episodes directly from your website.
  • Customizable Audio Speeds: Users may customize their audio preferences by adjusting the speed of playback.
  • Theme Options: Choose between two included themes that match your site’s style.


Offering a very advanced list of features, the plugin is totally free to install and activate on your WordPress site.

To Wrap Things Up…

Coming to the end of the article, we would like to conclude on the best WordPress podcast plugins for 2024. These plugins offer content creators unlimited ways to make outstanding and highly interesting podcasts. This, in turn, helps to engage with their respective audiences. If you are a podcaster who has already gained much experience or is just starting his podcasting way, then using these plugins enables you to easily run your podcasting business, increase your WordPress site engagement, and approve your hassle-free operation. 

Choosing the right podcast plugin plays a crucial role in your website’s further development. So, take a look to our great WordPress picks and find out the best fit for your business site.

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