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SquareSync – Square WooCommerce Syncing Plugin | Review

Online shopping and trading are increasingly getting high demand in our days. So, it can be really hard to manage inventory, orders, and transactions consistently especially when you trade on multiple marketplaces and platforms. Here is where the SquareSync plugin comes in handy. This Square WooCommerce syncing plugin is designed intricately to make a connection between Square and WooCoomerce stores. It provides an all-inclusive solution for businesses that aim to seamlessly harmonize their operational processes between various offline and online store facilities. This, in turn, leads to enhanced productivity and business expansion.

Square WooCommerce Syncing Plugin

Why Should You Sync Between WooCommerce and Square?

For any business that has both an online presence and physical selling locations, syncing between Square and WooCommerce is very crucial. Here is why:

  • One Unified Inventory Control: With this option, you can avoid overselling, missing items in stock, and inconsistencies. This creates seamless customer experiences whether they purchase goods and services on the web or physically go shopping.
  • Efficient Order Processing: By automating order sync, businesses are able to streamline fulfillment processes. This reduces manual effort and minimizes errors. Also, it enables quicker order turnaround times. Having these benefits, store owners can ensure excellent customer satisfaction levels resulting in higher sales revenue.
  • Consistent Data Across Platforms: It is vital for companies to have the same data related to their product information, pricing, and customer information across platforms. This enables them to have the whole data in hand when making important business-related decisions. Data syncing ensures that the available information is current and accurate becoming a strong basis for operations and analytic reporting.
  • Seamless Customer Experience: Customers today expect a unified experience across all touchpoints. So, you should enable WooCommerce retailers to deliver consistent product availability, pricing, and promotion. This is done by syncing the data with Square. This, in turn, will increase customer loyalty and retention.
  • Operational Efficiency: Manual entry and matching of data are time-consuming. This process is also prone to errors. So, Square WooCommerce syncing provides automated processes that save time and resources for strategic initiatives and further growth of the company.

Why Choose SquareSync Plugin?

Imagine having your online shop working so synchronously with your physical store that inventory levels are updated in real time, orders are instantly synchronized, and transactions flow smoothly between platforms. That is what SquareSync promises you. By connecting Square and WooCommerce with this plugin, businesses completely change their approach toward managing e-commerce operations. This results in several advantages targeting typical challenges faced by online stores.

Key Features of the SquareSync Pro Plugin

The pro version offers a plethora of advanced features for Square WooCommerce sync. Below you can see the list of the main options and settings provided by this plugin:

  • Product Import and Export: This makes it easy to manage inventory by importing products from Square into WooCommerce and exporting them back into Square for existing WooCommerce stores.
  • Instant Sync: Orders, inventory levels, and transactions are instantly synchronized between Square and WooCoomerce. This is by using one-click sync features which makes the whole fulfillment and shipping processes efficient.
  • Real-Time Updates: You can prevent overselling and discrepancies in stock with real-time updates of your product data across both platforms.
  • Scheduled Sync Updates: You are able to adjust the frequency at which data is synced with specific periods. Besides saving your time, this also enhances data accuracy.
  • Product Variations Support: The plugin enables you to maintain a great catalog by accurately importing any product variations. This, in turn, eliminates duplicate products.
  • Hierarchical Category Import: With this feature, organizing synced products will be effortless as per your Square inventory structure.
  • Dynamic Data Sync: When syncing your data, you may tailor your requirements to suit individual needs such as volume pricing or even stock availability. 
  • Sync Important Elements: Make sure that important things like coupons, shipping details, taxes, and fees are all synchronized together.  
  • Customer Data Sync: Every WooCommerce order should have its customer data synced to enable targeted marketing strategies and customer retention efforts.
  • Centralized Financial Workflow: Finance management can be simplified through an easy financial workflow provided by SquareSync.
  • Transaction Fee Savings: You can select the most convenient payment gateway. This is to minimize transaction charges so that more funds are preserved for any business expansion.

Benefits of the SquareSync Plugin

Here are some benefits you will get when using this Square WooCommerce syncing plugin:

  • Effortless Stock Management: The aim of SquareSync is to keep your inventory levels accurate in real time on both Square and WooCommerce platforms.
  • Quick Order Fulfillment: With one-click sync functionality, order fulfillment becomes very easy and fast. With this plugin, you will leave behind the hassle of manually transferring orders between the two platforms. Moreover, SquareSync helps you instantly synchronize them for successful order processing and shipping.
  • Error Reduction: Manual data entry is always inclined to errors that may have negative impacts on your business. By automating data sync, SquareSync ensures no discrepancies occur in the inventory and order syncing process.
  • Saving Time: In the rapidly growing e-commerce era, every second counts. So, automating the Square WooCommerce syncing saves your time for other more important things for instance strategic planning. This, in turn, increases efficiency in work.
  • Customizable Syncing Options: You are able to change the frequency in which data is synced and select specific fields to be included in sync according to what best fits your business. SquareSync has flexibility and customization options that are tailored to your individual needs.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers need a seamless shopping experience to be satisfied and remain loyal. For that reason, the SquareSync plugin offers accurate information about products, an easy process of checkout, as well as marketing campaigns that target specific customers inclined to conversions.
  • Easy Financial Management: Instead of having all these scattered money issues, SquareSync has a centralized approach to financial workflow. This automates everything for you. It is completed on one platform. So, transaction follow-ups can be made easily saving time and minimizing administrative work.

How Does the SquarSync Plugin Work?

Working with the SquareSync plugin is very easy due to its intuitive user-friendly interface and informative descriptions available in the relevant sections. 

The Square Sync for WooCommerce plugin provides real-time inventory sync between WooCommerce and Square. What sets this plugin apart from other sync tools is its seamless support for product variations, categories, and product images. Moreover, with this plugin, you will be able to conduct order fulfillment, update customer data, process transactions, etc.

Getting started with the SquareSync plugin is quite easy. Once the plugin is activated, you can view its dashboard where you will find the Sync feed and a simple getting-started guide for beginners.

Next, you can explore the “Products”, “Orders”, “Settings”, and “Documentation sections. Let’s delve into each of them separately.

Squaresync Plugin for WooCommerce


When entering the “Products” section, you will see your Square inventory mirrored on WooCommerce. You are able to sync the “Imported” products with just a single click. The synced details are:

  • Title
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Description
  • Image
  • Categories
  • Stock
Square WooCommerce Syncing Plugin

Also, you are allowed to choose the product quantity within a batch. You have an option to sync from 5 to 50 items maximum.

Square WooCommerce Syncing Plugin


When you receive orders on your available products, they will be automatically displayed in the plugin’s orders section. From here you can easily sync the orders to Square thus minimizing the manual work.


In the “Settings” section, you will meet the “Export Products to Square” function. In case you have a WooCommerce shop but an empty catalog on Square this feature will be highly helpful to you.

Squaresync Plugin

Next, in the “Products” section, you can adjust the product syncing features. As well as configure the Update Scheduler’s settings for the automatic syncing process.

SquareSync Plugin for WooCommerce

In the “Orders” section, you can Enable/Disable the Automatic order syncing option. Besides, you may change the WooCommerce order status to a specific stage for starting an order syncing process.

Squaresync Plugin Settings

SquareSync Pricing 

SquareSync provides both free and pro versions. The Pro version comes up with these pricing plans:

  • Single Site: $32.95 per month (1 site)
  • Multi-Site: $149.95 per month (5 sites)
  • Agency: $295 per month (unlimited sites)

To Wrap Things Up…

To sum up, SquareSync is a complete solution for WooCommerce. It enables businesses to streamline both online and offline store operations. The plugin has advanced features and smooth integration. Apart from this, it offers customizable sync options. This, in turn, helps businesses save time and minimize human-made errors, Thus, with these actions they increase their efficiency in e-commerce workflows. Be it a small business or a big agency, SquareSync offers adaptable price packages that will suit your requirements. 

All in all, SquareSync for WooCommerce is not just a plugin. It’s a tool promoting eCommerce success. SquareSync seamlessly integrates Square with WooCommerce. So, the plugin enables businesses to operate efficiently. With this, Square WooCommerce sync plugin, you can achieve sustainable growth in today’s competitive market.

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