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Best User Registration And Membership Plugins On WordPress

Every website owner knows how it is important to gain loyal users and visitors. They are so-called “consumers” of your business in the online sphere. Therefore, it is essential to set convenient conditions for them on your online platform. In this case, to receive visitors’ comments, let them add posts, and give them premium access you need to insert user registration forms on your WP site. So, we are here to present to you the best User registration and membership plugins on WordPress.

Why Should You Benefit From The User Registration Forms?

As you must know the best user experience on your website should be the number one preference. Some customers enter the website, view the products, send comments, want to add some posts, or subscribe for premium access. All these processes can be easily regulated with the user registration forms.

In other words, customers will have an opportunity to open an account on your site. Although WP enables the users to open their accounts. Yet, this gives them only limited access. For this reason, WordPress suggests some well-functioned plugins to manage not only the process of registrations but also set the user roles and more. Besides, this will prevent the availability of some spammy accounts. And along with these options, you will be able to give the registered users some discount coupons, publish guest posts without admin entry, etc.

The Main Features For taking Into Account While Choosing a Registration Forms

Every plugin has its own features and structure. Yet, some options may be the same for all. While selecting a login form plugin you need to pay special attention to different factors such as:

  • Adding unlimited forms
  • Payment collection
  • Content protection
  • Drag and Drop editor
  • Well-designed ready-made templates
  • User profiles with avatars, profiles pics, biography, etc.

These are not mandatory features. Yet, their availability may highly impact the quality of your created user registration form.

At this point, we are going to present to you all the valuable and effectively managed user profile builder, membership, and login form creator plugins that you will appreciate.

1. WPForms


So the first plugin from our list is WPForms. It has over 5 mln. active installations and a 4.9/5-star rating.

The plugin is very famous among WordPress users due to its advanced features. It is a combination of powerful tools and easy usage that does not even demand basic coding skills. So, you are able to create:

  • Payment forms
  • Subscription forms
  • Feedback forms
  • Registration forms
  • Contact forms, etc.

Here are some of the most worthwhile functions that this plugin holds:

  • Responsiveness
  • Drag and Drop feature
  • Previously built form templates
  • SEO-friendly features
  • Optimized Speed
  • Login and Custom User Registration forms
  • Password Protected contact forms
  • Membership registration forms, etc.

The form customization can be completed with the suggested section dividers, CSS, or HTML blocks.

The plugin carries out the spam protection process by utilizing hcaptcha and reCaptcha. Besides, it provides many integrations, such as:

  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Zapier
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse, etc.

Besides the Free version, the plugin enables the users to have Pro version access and more advanced functions. So, here is the Premium version’s pricing:

  • Elite– $299.50 per year
  • Pro– $199.50 per year
  • Plus– $99.50 per year
  • Basic– $39.50 per year

2. RegistrationMagic

registrationmagic-user-registration-and membership-plugins.jpg

Moving forward, we would like to present to you the next plugin full of many necessary features. The WordPress Registration Magic plugin has more than 10.000 active installations and a 4.5/5-star rating.

The plugin enables you to:

  • Make the user registration process secure
  • Follow the submissions
  • Accept Payments
  • Analyze the statistics
  • Set the user roles
  • Send Emails

The plugin is fully GDPR compliant and provides security with Google reCaptcha.

Besides the free version, the RegistrationMagic WordPress plugin offers you an advanced Pro version. Here are the suggested pricing plans:

  • Premium– $89 (provides updates and support per one year )
  • Premium”+”– $189 (provides updates and support on a lifetime basis)

3. Import and Export Users and Customers


The third plugin for our top plugins list is Import and Export users and customers plugin developed by Codection. It has over 70.000 active installations and 176 5-stars in the WordPress Repository.

The plugin is very simple to use on WordPress and especially on WooCommerce. Below, you can sport some of the plugin’s features:

  • Import/export the users or customers to your WordPress or WooCommerce directly in CSV file format
  • Filtering exported list by user role and registration date
  • Meta-data import
  • Role assignment during importing
  • Send mails to the new users
  • Save and customize mail template
  • Cron Task creation to import users from time to time
  • Provided hooks to extend the plugin, etc.

Moreover, the plugin works very rapidly. Even you can import thousands of users in just a few seconds. It is compatible with different plugins, such as WooCommerce Memberships, WooCommerce Subscriptions, BuddyPress, Paid Membership Pro, WP LMS Course, WP-Members, WooCommerce Membership by RightPress, etc.

4. Profile Builder

Profile Builder is a WordPress plugin, which enables you to provide your users with the flexibility to adjust their user profile as well as build front-end user registration forms with custom fields.

It’s one of the most popular user management plugins, with over 60.000+ installations in WordPress and 4.7 out of 5 stars ratings. One of the most important features of this plugin is that it allows the possibility to add multiple registration forms with various fields for particular user roles, as well as, it provides conditional logic for fields, which permits to display or concealing of fields based on user selection.

Let’s take a look at the Profile Builder plugin more comprehensively.

Main Features

  • Easy to use shortcodes or blocks for front-end login, registration, edit-profile, and password recovery forms 
  • Email corroboration user registration, upload of avatar, and reverse of profile fields for plugin customers
  • Admin approval for new customers, permitting you to determine who is a user on your website 
  • You can either use email or username to register
  • Implementation of minimum password length and strength to get rid of frail passwords and boost security
  • Conditional logic for fields to display or conceal fields easily and carry out dynamic front-end registration
  • Roles Editor module to create, edit, removal, and copy user roles, also attach and take out capacities
  • Import and Export of common user and custom fields, specification of  ID field to update subsisting customers, the transition of users via role and data scope
  • Multiple registration forms to receive various information from distinguished kinds of users, which provides automatic login for customers, administration of the fields appearing on every form, modification of users after signing up
  • Custom redirects, which averts users after their first login or when they try to enter the default WordPress dashboard, lost password, and registration constructions
  • Creation of user’s map location, as well as, availability to support and documentation
  • User Listing to create a beautiful member directory of all your website’s users


Custom Login Page Templates personalization of default WordPress login sheet by your own sketch 

Client Portal establishment of the personal pages for your internet site  users solely open for the administrator’s edition

Email Confirmation Field checking of the accuracy and validity of email addresses entered by the users

Multiple Admin Emails sending of customer’s notification emails to multitudinous email addresses 

Numbers and Phone Validation involving solely zip codes, phone numbers, ID’s require the custom input field 

Passwordless Login permission of logins without a passwords 

Maximum Character Length putting of maximum character length for textarea fields 

Placeholder Labels restoring labels along with placeholders in Profile Builder form

WooCommerce Sync directing Shipping and Billing fields from WooCommerce with PB

Social Connect gives the ability to social login on to your website 

MailChimp permits users to inscribe to your MailChimp lists immediately from the Edit Profile forms

Campaign Monitor allows subscribing to your Campaign Monitor lists instantly from the Register Profile forms

Field Visibility permits you to convert the perceptibility options for the additional fields

bbPress enables you to combine Profile Builder with the outstanding forums plugin, bbPress

Multi-Step Forms let customers establish multi-step forms for Registration and Edit Profile forms 

BuddyPress qualifies to enlarge BuddyPress user profiles along with Profile Builder customer fields


It is also crucial to mention the pricing plans represented by the Profile Builder plugin. The characteristic differences between them are linked with the addons and the restrictions of site usage. 

The pricing for Profile Builder is as follows:

  • Basic – €99
  • Pro version – €169
  • Agency version – €299

5. Members


The next Members plugin differs from the previous one. As it provides huge functionality for the users to have a member experience on your website. In other words, you will have permission and many strong tools to set the user roles and capabilities.

The plugin has over 200.000 active installations and a 4.9/5-star rating.

Without having coding skills you will be able to put restrictions on the published content on your site, set, edit or remove the user roles. Here is the entire list of the plugin’s many significant features:

  • An additional role for each of the users
  • Exclude the special user roles from doing this or that action on your website
  • Creating a new role due to the cloned existing one
  • Permit the specific user roles to publish content on the site
  • Regulate the content access with the provided shortcodes
  • Display the login form widgets on your site’s sidebars
  • Make the feed of your site absolutely private

The plugin’s features are so helpful that some other plugins trust their user roles and compatibility options to this plugin. Therefore, the plugin developers suggest so many other plugin integrations.

Besides, you may gain many add-ons such as privacy caps, categories, tag caps, role levels, Meta Box integration, etc. for free.

Its developers- MemberPress provides fast and caring support.

Yet, if you want to create paid memberships then you may simply choose MemberPress. These two plugins work together. Here you may see the Memberpress plugin’s pricing strategy:

  • Pro– $599
  • Plus– $449
  • Basic– $279

6. Ultimate Member

ultimate-member-user-registration-and membership-plugins.jpg

And the last plugin from our list is Ultimate Member. It is a famous plugin having 200.000+ active installations and a 4.4/5-star rating.

Due to its simple but powerful technology, the plugin provides sign-up forms and user profiles to create membership sites or communities on the online platform.

Here are its super functions:

  • Drag and drop form creator
  • User account page
  • User emails
  • Front-end user login, profile, registration forms
  • Conditional logic
  • Content regulation
  • Developer-friendly features

The security is provided due to the Google reCAPTCHA.

Besides the mentioned features, the plugin developers offer you free and payable extensions.

Here you may find the free extensions:

  • ForumWP
  • Online Users
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Jobs Board WP

Payable extensions:

  • WooCommerce
  • User tags
  • Private Messages
  • Followers
  • Private Content
  • User Photos
  • User Locations
  • bbPress
  • myCRED
  • Social Login
  • User Bookmarks
  • User Notes
  • Friends
  • MailChimp, etc.

Here are the Pro version’s packages:

  • Extensions Pass– $249 per year
  • Extensions+ Theme Pass– $299 per year

Both the first and the second package’s bills should be paid annually until you cancel the subscription.

Plugin’s Comparison in 2022

Plugin NameActive InstallationsRatingPricing Plans
Import and Export Users and Customers70.0004.7/5Free
Profile Builder60.0004.7/5$99-299
Members200.0004.9/5$279-$599 for MemberPress
Ultimate Member200.0004.4/5$249-$299

Summing Up

So, in this article, we have already discussed how it is important to add the user registration, profile builder, login forms. They may guarantee the best user experience on your online platform. Besides, it can prevent creating spammy accounts.

It is helpful not only for the visitors who register on your website but also for you. As you may control the user roles and complete much more actions via the registration forms.

And as WordPress is famous for its user-friendly solutions it suggests you activate the login forms plugins to ease your work as a website user who does not know any of the programming languages. Therefore, we discussed the features of the following plugins:

  • WPForms
  • RegistationMagic
  • Import and Export Users and Customers
  • Members
  • Ultimate Member

All these plugins were picked up thoroughly to be recommended to our readers.

So, all you need to do is select one of the best user registration and membership plugins on WordPress for your personal use and enjoy the best experience on your online platform.

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