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Best Dropshipping Plugins on WordPress – Compared in 2022

Dropshipping is widely gaining popularity nowadays. Taking into account the fact that most of the websites are powered by CMS and website builder giant WordPress, we decided to write a list of the best Dropshipping plugins for WordPress (WooCommerce). After long research and testing, the list is finally ready and presented in the “Best Dropshipping Plugins on WordPress – Compared in 2022” article.

So, if you are ready let’s start!


What are Dropshipping Plugins?

Let’s start from the very beginning. What are dropshipping plugins? And, of course, what is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method. However, none of the sellers using this method keeps products in stock, meaning that the seller does not own inventory. The role of a seller, in this case, is a reseller (middleman).

As you know, plugins are add-ons (extra pieces of code) that add extra functionality to your website. In this case, Dropshipping plugins are tools that will help you to practice dropshipping business model and make money without actual big investments.

What Should You Look For?

Now, let’s consider the criteria you should look for in a good Dropshipping plugin.

  • Easy to use: no matter what plugin it is, it should have a good user interface so that you do not have to waste your time on long learning curves.
  • Not affect the speed of your website: Even a few seconds can cause damage to your store. It is a fact that website speed directly affects conversion rates; therefore, when choosing a plugin, make sure it will not affect the loading speed of your website. 
  • Functionality: the plugin should be customizable and offer just enough features to fulfill the orders successfully. 

Best Dropshipping Plugins on WordPress

In this competitive and dynamic industry, there are lots of plugins from the same category/niche available. So, users and website owners have to spend lots of time finding the best one. We did that for you, and in this list of the “Best Dropshipping Plugins on WordPress,” you will be able to review only the best ones and save lots of time on research. With any of the plugins in this list, you will be able to turn your website/WooCommerce store into a full features dropshipping store. So, let’s start with the very first one.


1. Importify

Stop spending hours searching for products and managing orders. Importify makes dropshipping simple, letting you find winning products, add them to your store in seconds, and focus on growing your business, and free up your time to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Key Features: 

  • Find hot-selling products: No more guessing! Importify helps you see what others are selling on Shopify, so you can add popular items to your store.
  • Import products with one click: Skip the copying and pasting. Importify lets you grab products from tons of stores like AliExpress, Amazon, and Etsy, all with a single click.
  • Set your prices easily: Tired of math? Importify lets you set automatic price rules so you can add your profit margin in one go.
  • Product Customization: Change descriptions, pictures, and more to make your products look amazing in your store.
  • Easy Supplier Change: Found a better deal? No problem! Importify lets you easily switch suppliers for your products.
  • Add products from other Shopify stores: See something you like in another store. With Importify, you can add those products to your own store in seconds.
  • Organize your store: Importify automatically sorts your products into categories, making your store easy to navigate for your customers.
  • Supported Platforms: This tool works smoothly with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce, making it easy for you to manage your store no matter which one you use.
  • Control your inventory: Split product options (like sizes and colors) into separate products for easier management.
  • Use the products you already have: Already have products in your store? Importify lets you manage them all in one place.

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic ($14.95/month): Great for beginners! Add unlimited products, change descriptions, set profit margins, and get help from support whenever you need it. (Note: Amazon importing not available)
  • Premium ($27.95/month): Get everything in Basic, plus add product videos.
  • Gold ($37.95/month): Perfect for bigger businesses. Get all Premium features, plus automatic order processing for some suppliers.

Grow your dropshipping business faster. Try Importify for free!

2. VillaTheme – ALD – Dropshipping and Fulfillment for AliExpress and WooCommerce


ALD – Dropshipping and Fulfillment for AliExpress and WooCommerce is an amazing dropshipping plugin created by VillaThemes. This plugin is a perfect tool for WooCommerce store owners who want to import several products from Aliexpress. The best part about this plugin is that it also offers multiple video tutorials. This plugin is based on WooCommerce, and to connect it to the Chrome extension you will need an SSL certificate.

Main Features

  • Import products: you can import products from a single product or category page
  • Configuration of rules for imported products: global product attributes, product status, category visibility, product description, images, etc.
  • Price Settings: pricing, currency exchange rates, shipping options
  • Order & payment settings: carrier company, Aliexpress order notes, show action (order status)
  • SImple product attributes: search product, import all, gallery, description, and variations
  • Management: with this plugin you can easily manage imported lists, sold orders, trackings, and variation swatches

3. WPDesk – Dropshipping XML for WooCommerce


Dropshipping XML for WooCommerce is an amazing dropshipping plugin created by WPDesk. This plugin will let you easily import and update products from WooCommerce in XML and CSV format. With this plugin, you can import selected data and products with all the images, categories, and prices. All the features are designed to make the user experience better and to reduce the time spent on product imports. With this plugin, you will be able to easily create a full-featured store. So, let’s take a look at the main features.

Main Features

  • Import products from XML or CSV files to WooCommerce
  • No limitations
  • Create new products and drafts
  • Control over the import process
  • Drag & Drop fields
  • Multiple fields
  • Clear interface
  • File preview

4. Dropshipping by Kickroute


So, the third plugin from our list is Dropshipping by Kickroute. The plugin is progressively growing to enable users from Germany to manage the dropshipping process very easily without hustles. 

Kickroute is a beneficial platform both for the retailers and suppliers. So, being a retailer, you can manage the products dropshipping process and ship them to the customers through the selected suppliers. As well as you can expand your online shop without capital liability.

What refers to the suppliers, then they can dropship the selected products by their choice to the retailers. They send the registered order from the retailers to the customers. 

Main Features

  • You may connect to any retailer or supplier using the Kickroute platform. So you do not need to set up a new partnership for each dropshipping process.
  • Guaranteed fast delivery through the national dropshipping. This means that both the suppliers’ warehouse and shipping location should be in a single country.
  • The retailer’s orders are automatically forwarded to the supplier. That is why the organizing process is very fast and smooth.
  • Payment is processed via the payment service provider-Secupay (through direct debit)
  • The supplier’s package label carries also the retailer’s name. So the customers can not notice that anyone else is the supplier.
  • When the supplier inserts a tracking number into his e-commerce system, it is transferred to the retailer’s orders automatically.
  • When the order’s status is turned to “Completed” by the supplier, then the status changes in the retailer’s shop, as well.

Only registered traders can use the platform. Moreover, the registration on Kickroute is absolutely free. What is the most significant fact, there are no fees for the suppliers. And only 9% fees are applied to the retailers. Besides, for larger order amounts, Kickroute finds custom payment solutions leading to lower prices for retailers.

Furthermore, you are not required to pay setup or basic fees. And the hidden fees for the contractual partners do not exist, as well. Besides, you can end the contract any time you wish without being charged even a single penny.

It is worth mentioning also that Kickroute does the syncing processes. To explain, they forward orders and sync stock quantities in just a few seconds.

5. Syncee


Syncee is an incredible and one of the best WordPress dropshipping plugins. It will be very helpful for resellers to find and sell high-quality products. So, let’s review the main features. 

Main Features 

  • Products from US/CA/EU/AU/AS, etc. – Syncee marketplace allows you to search and find lots of products that are ready for sales, alongside reliable suppliers.
  • No upfront investment in stock – with the dropshipping store, you do not have to have inventory in supplies to start selling. This plugin is a great way to start your dropshipping store.
  • Unique pricing settings – pricing settings are actually a very important component of any e-store/website. With Syncee you have unique pricing settings such as setting pricing rules and categories, adding fixed percentages based on price margins, and some rounding rules. 
  • Automated order processes 
  • Great support – if you have any issues connected to the plugin, you can check out the FAQ section or contact the support team. The support team is very responsive and polite. 
  • Automation – directly pay the products to the supplier, and then the supplier will send the product to your customer; you will profit from the product as well. 

6. Ideaplus


Ideaplus is one of the best platforms that provide custom jewel and gift drop shipping services.

Focusing on the custom jewel and gift industry, Ideaplus provides products not only in massive numbers but of high quality as well. With its professional and convenient service, all the orders will be processed automatically with the complete supply chain technology after being synchronized to Ideaplus. After the production, all the packages will be delivered directly to customers from manufacturers. Ideaplus also supports global transportation, covering more than 230 countries and regions in the world.
Join Ideaplus, create your own personalized gift business and start the journey to make money.

Main Features

  • International dropshipping
  • 500+ High-Quality products
  • Automatic process of order after synchronization
  • Products from manufactures directly
  • No warehousing pressure

7. Funnel Builder by CartFlows – Create High Converting Sales Funnels For WordPress


If you were searching for the most efficient ways of selling products or services, then Funnel Builder by CartFlows is for you. In this competitive industry, in order to stay on top, you need to stay up-to-date, and Funnel Builder will assist you in turning your WooCommerce website into a selling machine without the extra time investments required. 

Main Features 

  • Ready-to-use templates: there is a wide variety of templates available which you can choose from
  • Offers templates and works with the most popular page builders, such as Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. 
  • Replaces complex checkouts with simple ones, that motivate customers to purchase an item 
  • Thank you pages – you can create those for the customers who purchase an item or service from your website 
  • WooCommerce checkout page replacement – customize checkout pages and be different from your competitors 


So, to wrap things up, I can say that in the “Best DropShipping Plugins on WP – Compared in 2022” article, we included only the best plugins available out there. The final choice is yours. However, you can be sure that no matter which one of the plugins you choose, you can be confident in its efficiency.

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