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WordPress Quiz Plugin – Advantages and Disadvantages

Online quizzes, exams, and tests are very popular on websites. A proper online quiz can be a perfect lead generator. There are numerous quiz plugins on the WordPress platform. In this article, let’s focus on the best WordPress Quiz Maker plugin.

Why not find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Quiz Maker plugin, and whether is it worthy or not?

What Is a WordPress Quiz Plugin and Why Do You Need It?

Online quizzes are an engaging method for websites to measure the responder’s knowledge level, skills, and abilities. It is worth mentioning, that online quizzes are not only perfect for engaging and entertaining your audience, but also an ideal method for online education.

Accordingly, an online quiz is a way to keep track of the progress of your responder. Additionally, provide your web visitors with an individualized experience. Furthermore, online tests are the perfect solution to make students stay engaged and motivated during the learning and studying process. Students will find the topics and subjects they need to improve, and teachers will have more precise insight concerning the knowledge gaps.

On the WordPress platform, you will find tons of plugins, that will help you to generate quizzes and tests. WordPress Best Quiz Maker plugin is the best solution for generating professional and advanced quizzes. Also, the WordPress Quiz plugin includes various functionalities, that will help you to obtain all the above-mentioned. Furthermore, with the quiz question types, you can build tests and questionnaires, that will fit your website concept.


What are the Pros and Cons of the WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin?

With the WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin, you can easily and quickly build progressive quizzes and exams. Quiz Maker allows its users to create numerous quiz types. Create a Personality test, Scored quiz, Trivia quiz, Multiple-choice quiz, Knowledge quiz, Yes-or-no quiz, True-or-false quiz, Buzzfeed quiz, This-or-that quiz, IQ test, Diagnostic quiz, and so more.

The plugin’s quiz question types allow you to use your creativity fully. The question types are Radio (MCQ with one correct answer), Checkbox (MCQ with multiple correct answers), Dropdown (MCQ with a horizontal list view of answers), Text (answer should be a written text), Short Text (answer should be a written short text), Number (answer should be a number), Date (answer should be a date).

The Quiz Maker is the best WordPress quiz plugin for its dynamic and well-developed features and functionalities. The availability of these functionalities is the number one and biggest advantage of this plugin.

Let’s get further…

What are the Primary Advantages of the Quiz Maker Plugin?


So, now it is time to find out what are the main advantages of the WordPress Best Quiz Plugin.

  • Use the “Send Certificate” feature and build quizzes with certificates. Send your succeded users fully customizable and auto-generated certificates via emails. With the “Send Email to User” tool send certificates to your responders and grow your email marketing as well. Use the collected email addresses to send newsletters and be more connected with your targetted audience.
  • Besides the plugin’s main functionalities you will find Third-Party Integrations. Use the PayPal or Stripe integrations to generate a Paid Quiz. Isn’t it amazing that a single quiz can also become your passive income source?
  • With a “Countdown-Timer” tool build a Timer-Based Quiz. This tool is amazing, especially for online examinations. The countdown timer will make students focus only on the questions and will prevent them from cheating. Furthermore, enable the “Copy Content Protection” and do not allow your responders to copy and paste the questions once again preventing them from cheating.
  • The “Answer Weight/Point” feature is for generating a Personality Test. Build a complicated quiz by setting different weights or points to your answer. Provide each user with a personalized and unique experience.
  • Add “Advanced Leaderboards” to your quiz based on the responders’ result scores. The leaderboards will make your responders strive for better results. Furthermore, competition will make the web visitors stay longer on your web page.

More Advantages Within the Quiz Maker Plugin

  • With the “Question Weight/Points” you can set different points or weights for each level of a difficult question. Customize a message and enable the “Show Message According to Result” feature. Divide the 100 percent score into as many intervals as you need. Then set different messages and media for each of them. Thus, you will have an Assessment Quiz. Furthermore, you can add to your Result Messages different WooCommerce products via the WooCommerce integration, and as a result, you will have a Product-Recommendation Quiz.
  • With this WP Quiz plugin, make User-Restricted Quizzes. You are able to choose those, who can have access to your quiz. Also, you can define how many times the quiz can be passed. Provide access to your selected users. Set an access code or password, require them to be logged in, set a particular user role, and so on. You can detect their tries by User IDs, IP addresses, and Cookies.
  • One more advantage of the Quiz Maker plugin is the real-time results of your quiz submissions. The plugin has a Results Page where you can find all the results of every passed quiz and quiz responder. Once a user passes a questionnaire, his or her data is immediately and automatically stored on the results page. Moreover, on this page, the users of the Quiz Maker are able to browse global statistics, reviews, leaderboards, and what is more individual details for each student. This online exam WordPress plugin is perfect choice for teachers and institutions to conduct fair online exams in WordPress ecosystem. The online quiz proctor feature of this plugin is a game changer for online examination proctoring

All of the formerly noted advantages and functionalities are powerful marketing tools to bring your website’s user traffic to higher levels, boost your users’ engagement in your brand, and build your lead generator mechanism.

What are the Disadvantages of the Quiz Maker Plugin?


Name something that does not have a weakness. I guess it is challenging or even impossible. To make an honest review we should also consider the downsides too.

  • Firstly, the Time Consumption. Although building a quiz can take just a few minutes, based on the quiz type you have chosen it may take some time. For example, setting up answers or question weights or points for each it can be time-consuming. In a word, if you want to create a really powerful and complicated quiz you should consider the fact, that it will take some time.
  • Secondly, the difficulty in grading long answers type. The long answer question type (Text question), can be challenging for both, the quiz creator and a quiz taker. For the quiz creator, it may be hard to check the provided answer, because the Text type of questions can not be checked automatically unlike the others. As well as for the responder, it can sometimes be hard to type a long answer. It may break their engagement and make them leave the quiz without submitting it.
  • Lastly, the lack of facilitating time. The teachers will not be able to check students’ virtue during the ONLINE testing process. Despite the fact, that the quiz Maker plugin provides a timer countdown to prevent the cheating process and enhance students’ engagement and full-focusing on quiz taking path it is hard to check the integrity of a quiz taker. Nonetheless, not all of the students have the same typing speed. Hence, in this situation timers are limited in their function.

The Downsides of Online Quizzes

  • Another disadvantage of the online quiz is the infrastructural obstacles will also be a disadvantage in conducting the online quiz process. In a word, lack of the internet and internet dependency can be a downside of an online quiz. The responders’ data entry can be interrupted. This can be a cause of poor wi-fi connection, power outages, or lack of technological devices. When everything is on a technological platform it is hard to modify these types of issues.
  • Accordingly, no matter the fact that the Quiz Maker plugin provides copy content protection functionality to prevent plagiarism and cheating process during online examinations. The online examination process is hard to control. We should admit the fact that remote education and examinations cannot be fully supervised and “inspected”.
  • The Great Demand for Computer Literacy can be an issue for some people. It is important to note, that both the teachers and the students are required to be supplied with basic knowledge and skills in using the latest technology tools. For some teachers, it may be hard to become a part of technological innovations. Now it is a process when the “old” traditional method of studying is overlapping with the adoption of online education. Hence, in this case, there is an undying need for scholarly institutions to invest in upgraded systems and think about computer literacy methods for the teachers, supervisors, professors, and so on.

The Bottom Line…

In this article, you have learned an honest review about one of the best WordPress plugin’s downsides and benefits. The conclusion is up to you is this plugin with it or not?

To find other sincere and truthful reviews about other plugins and tools you should check out the best WordPress blog.

Thanks for your time!

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