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The Most Powerful Pricing Table Creator – Supsystic


Pricing tables are the most common ways to gather essential and direct information in one place. You can create the most exciting pricing table by Supsystic.

So, the pricing tables allow you to use different design tools to show the most important features of the product. Especially they show how the product’s features might vary depending on the price. The pricing tables will bring your business to another level with their huge functionality.

And if you use WordPress for your posts and you like to create a pricing table then you will probably like the Supsystic plugin. This plugin is considered the best WordPress pricing table plugin. And it enables you to create any design for your pricing table.

To know more about this plugin, you need to keep reading this review article.

What is Supsystic?

Supsystic plugin is a pricing table maker. It requires no programming skills. And you still can build a pricing table using Supsystic.

Supsystic team provided this plugin. Currently, there are 30.000+ active installations. Its rating is 4.2/5 in the WordPress Repository. You can use the plugin in 3 languages.

How to Create Supsystic Pricing Tables?

Consider that there are two versions available in Supsystic: Free and Pro. So to use WordPress Supsystic’s two versions, first you need to install the plugin, and then activate it. After installing the plugin, you may move forward following these steps:

Step 1: To make a new pricing table you can either choose Add New or Import from another plugin. Both ways are acceptable.

Step 2: You can now choose an appropriate template. There are several free templates. And more variants in the Pro version. Besides, you can use the Import/Export function to transfer your preferred table from another place.

Step 3: After choosing the needed template you can start editing it. Here you can change colors, column and row numbers, width, and descriptions. “Edit HTML” and “Edit CSS” buttons will help you to customize your pricing table.

Step 4: After you finish the editing process you must save the result. Also, you can preview your work.

Step 5: Another interesting part of creating pricing tables is how you need to transfer them to your post. Here the plugin offers you shortcode and PHP code. You just need to copy (CTRL+C) one of these two versions and paste (CTRL+V) in the appropriate part of your post.

Supsystic provides a good support service. So if something is wrong you can easily contact them to solve the problem.


What Are The Main Features of Supsystic?

The Supsystic plugin has many features. At his point, you will get acquainted with these features.

  • Import and Export option: Supsystic allows you to import the ready tables from another website. You are able to see all the tables you have created before and export the chosen table.
  • Responsive mode: As we mentioned above, the responsive mode makes the pricing tables work better. Moreover, it provides a high readability rank.
  • Sorting option: This option is useful for sorting data in the table column.
  • Pagination option: This is a page numbering system. It helps to transfer the table content to another page.
  • Searching option: You can search the table that you want.
  • Custom CSS: Enables you to add or change CSS during the Pricing Table editing process. To know more about adding the custom CSS to your pricing table you should follow this guide.
  • Switch toggle: This is one of the most modern options created by Supsystic. You can reduce the number of columns but keep all the necessary data inside the pricing table. You can find three types of this option:
    • “Drop-down list”
    • “Toggle button”
    • “Radio button”

Other Features

  • Animations: Supsystic plugin enables you to add animations (CSS) to your pricing table. So, this will entirely change your table’s external look. You may know more about adding the animations option.
  • Media files: As this plugin is highly customizable you can add some images, videos, different icons, and buttons to it. So, you may find ways to add these media files to your pricing table.
  • Unique templates: If you are not a talented graphic designer, but you want to impress your customers with exciting pricing tables, then you can use the templates. There are almost 40 templates offered in this plugin. And you should just take a pricing table template and start editing it.
  • Shortcodes: After you create your pricing table, you will probably want to transfer it to your WP post. So for this purpose, you can use shortcodes and PHP codes provided by the plugin.

What is a Comparison Table?

It is very easy to create comparison tables with the help of Supsystic. These types of pricing tables will help you to show how the product and its description differ depending on its price. They are very good at e-commerce websites and businesses such as small cafes, restaurants (know how to manage restaurants online through the best restaurant plugins on WordPress), or different offers.

If you don’t want to work with HTML, then this plugin is what you need. So, it allows you to create unique comparison tables without huge effort. Supsystic offers you a good number of various templates. It has also drag-n-drop builder. You can choose one of the offered templates and change anything on it. And the most important thing is that you do not need to enter any code or know any of the programming languages.


What is a Responsive Pricing Table?

Responsive tables will make your customers’ experience better on every device or platform. Supsystic pricing table plugin delivers the whole information in different screen sizes for mobile, PC, tablets, etc.

So, by using the option of responsiveness you will build pricing tables effectively working on every device. The text on the table will have a high readability rank. Moreover, there will be no need to zoom in or scroll the devices for changing the size. Because this plugin will change the sizes instead of you. In addition, the plugin will ease content management.

This option is always turned on in the Supsystic pricing table plugin. Yet, you can turn it off any time you want.

Consider that the horizontal pricing tables are most recommended. As in this way it is easier to compare the prices and features. But in case you do not plan to offer a lot of different features, you can use vertical pricing tables.


“Buy Now” Button in Supsystic

To promote the conversion and purchase you can add the “Buy Now” button on your pricing table. In this case, you can use, for example, the Pay Pal payment system. You just need to generate Pay Pal buy URL and paste it on the “Buy Now” button.

Supsystic Free and Pro Versions (With Pricing)

Supsystic offers a very advanced Free version for your use. But if you want to have more functions you can activate the Pro version. The charges for the Pro version differ. The yearly package’s fee starts from $46. 2 years package costs $59-$239. And finally, 3 years package costs $79-$319.

So you can find Pricing table online creator, various templates, add rows and columns. Using the Free version, you may also add head, footer rows, and description columns. The Free version works equally on every device and platform. You can not only add different videos, images, and buttons, but also animations. The plugin enables you to determine the background color and use the CSS editor. After all, you can import ready tables from another website or export them from this plugin. You can find all these features presented in the Free Version.

Using the Pro version you may get a package of new templates and change the roles in your pricing tables.



Briefly, you have already known that the pricing tables are highly effective to show the difference through changing prices. These tables can be highly effective if you are going to use them for your small business or e-commerce. At this point, WordPress suggests you use one of the most effective plugins called Supsystic.

This plugin will help you in case you want to create pricing tables very easily and quickly. It does not require you to know any of the programming languages. Moreover, it offers you a very gadget-friendly system. This means that you are not required to format the pricing tables for each device or platform. The plugin will do it instead of you. You can also upload buttons, icons, videos, or images, and add animations to your pricing tables. One more important feature in this plugin is the “Switch toggle” function. This allows you to keep a huge amount of data in a few columns. So you can build an impressive one due to the plugin’s features.

By using Supsystic you will get almost all the needed options to create a pricing table. Consider, that almost all these features can be found in the Free version. While you can activate also the payable Pro Version for a certain price. And you will get extra templates or simply change the table’s roles restrictions.

So, Supsystic will bring a new style and benefits to your WordPress post. You should only install and activate the plugin.

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