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Opinion Stage VS Interact Quiz: Which is Your Best Choice?

If you own a WordPress website and want to engage more visitors on your platform then it is high time you started to use quizzes. They are exciting ways to attract your website users and what is more important generate leads for future conversion. So, considering the essential role of quizzes on WordPress we are going to present to you 2 quiz maker plugins’ main features due to the Opinion Stage VS Interact Quiz Maker comparison.

Read the whole article to know which one we recommend you to use.

Why Quizzes are Important?

As all of us know the success level of each website is the amount of traffic and loyal visitors it gets during its performance. So, in the case of WordPress, it is easier to utilize many engaging ways to drive traffic to the website. Since WP enables the site owners to make needed changes, create high-quality content, and benefit from its good results without even knowing any of the programming languages. So is in the case of quiz creator plugins. They will help you to create more challenging, fun quizzes, and quiz games to get super high traffic and engagement. Besides, some types of quizzes help to identify the users’ characters, as well as increase shares on Social Media, etc.

So, for this process, we have chosen two well-known plugins – Quiz Maker by Opinion Stage and Interact Quiz Maker to compare them with one another.

Quiz Maker by Opinion Stage


This plugin will give you all the important features to build super easy, funny, and engaging quizzes with a few clicks.

The Quiz Maker by Opinion Stage is trusted by more than 100,000 customers around the Globe. It has a 5-stars rating on the official website. With this tool, you can build beautiful quizzes that load very fast and are highly optimized for all the platforms.

What is the most important thing about this plugin, it offers not only paid but also a free version to enjoy its many features.

Main Features of Quiz Maker by Opinion Stage Plugin

Quizzes are designed for promoting conversion on your WordPress site. This means that you can simply convert engaged people into real followers or purchasers by one of the highly customizable quizzes offered by this plugin.

There are many types of quizzes available. Starting with a personality quiz to identify your customers through trivia quiz to create true or false, scored and multiple choice quiz, etc.

The plugin enables you to use many advanced features, various formats, and layouts. As well as your created online quiz may contain not only textual parts, but also images (both single and multiple), and videos.

Working with this plugin is very easy. You get access to many pre-made templates which makes the process more than easy and time-saving. According to the users’ answers, you can even make some changes and corrections after sharing it on your website.

This plugin is very mobile-friendly and responsive. It will perform great on each and every device you use.

Types of Quizzes

Through this quiz builder plugin, you can build an unlimited quantity of quizzes in different types, such as:

As you see, the plugin helps you to build quizzes for basically every single visitor. One might be interested in getting a product recommendation through the quiz, the other one learns something, or get a prize competition. Everything is possible with just a few clicks through the Opinion Stage Quiz Maker Plugin.


It is highly customizable. So, you can make needed changes based on your brand type and style. Therefore, you are able to select a unique theme, font, text color, and letter size, as well as add custom CSS to get your desired style. In addition, you can insert your logo to spot your brand in the quiz.

Call-To-Action Buttons

The plugin enables you to create call-to-action buttons and question & answer options to increase the conversion rate.

Skip Logic

The customers will be able to skip some questions or else get corresponding questions based on their previous answers. This is through the Skip Logic function.

Sharing Options

You may add social sharing buttons for moving your customers to share the quiz results. This will distribute your website on Social Media which is also too important for increasing the traffic.

Pre-Built Templates


There are hundreds of pre-designed templates for easy usage. Basically, you can find at least several templates for your certain needs. Everything including the textual part, background color, text color, images, etc. is highly configurable.

Secured and GDPR Compliant

This plugin outstands with its highest privacy level. It is also GDPR compliant. The data will be stored on the Amazon AWS server. And the data transit is completed through HTTPS.

Analytics and Reports


Besides, you will get full analytics and tracking features. This will help you to understand your quiz view number, user stay time presented through the charts and table forms.



Also, the plugin offers you many integrations with Marketing Automation tools, such as:

  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • Custom Webhooks
  • API
  • Zapier, etc.

Other Functions

  • Additionally, you can export the data to Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets.
  • Through the Quiz Maker plugin, you can set up Facebook and Google pixels. This is to enable retargeting processes.
  • You can embed the made quizzes on CMS or HTML pages. The Quiz Maker plugin supports JavaScript, IFrame, custom embed configurations, etc.
  • Without any hustles, you are able to create WIX, WhatsApp, and Facebook quizzes within just a few minutes.


In addition to its free version that is available on WordPress. You may find also an advanced Premium version full of many essential features. Here is the pricing:

  • Starter – $19 per month (billed annually)
  • Business – $65 per month (billed annually)
  • Performance – $199 per month (billed annually)

Interact Quiz Maker Plugin


What refers to the Interact Quiz Maker plugin then it does not provide a free version to use. But in case you choose this one, you can benefit from its demo version and a free trial period before purchasing one of the Pro plans.

Through this plugin, you can create different types of quizzes and get more viral possibilities. Creating quizzes with the Interact Quiz plugin is also very easy and requires no programming skills. With it, you can personalize your business marketing. The quizzes can be shared by the customers, bring more and more new qualifying leads, and build your email marketing list for future conversions.

Main Features of The Interact Quiz Plugin

Unlike the first plugin, the Interact Quiz plugin offers just a few yet very important features.

The main difference between the two plugins is that the Interact Quiz plugin does not offer a free version. So, after finishing the free trial period, you will not be able to use the plugin on your WordPress site.

You can build online interactive quizzes, and get many pre-designed templates on different topics, necessary support, and many educational guides, embed the quiz anywhere on your site and use it even as a popup by purchasing the plugin’s Pro version.

Conversion-Leading Quiz Templates


One of the outstanding facts about the Interact Quiz plugin is that it presents hundreds of conversion-leading templates. The templates are built with professional designers to make your experience as pleasant as possible. So, you just need to choose one and customize it according to your aims.

Segmentation Features

Due to the segmentation features, you may target your leads according to the quiz results.

Sharing Options

With just one click, you are able to share the quiz with your friends and increase the traffic to your website from different platforms.


As we mentioned below, the quizzes are highly customizable and mobile-friendly. So, you can change the logo, font, color, media files, as well as URLs. In addition to this, the quizzes will perform well while passing them on tablets, mobile phones, computers, etc.

Branching Logic

Due to the branching logic feature, you can deliver proper content to a certain audience. So, you may create quiz within a quiz and so on.

Marketing Automation

Like the Quiz Maker plugin, this one also contains many integrations with Marketing Automation tools and Zaps.

Types of Quizzes

The Interact Quiz plugin presents only 3 types of quizzes including true or false, multiple-choice, and image/GIF containing questions.

Analytics and Reports

Like the first plugin, this one also provides advanced result analysis and reports (including online survey style analytics, too) about quiz performance.


As there is no free version available for this plugin, you can benefit from the demo version or a 14-day free trial period. And here is the pricing:

  • Lite – $17 per month (billed annually)
  • Growth – $53 per month (billed annually)
  • Pro – $125 per month (billed annually)

So, Which Plugin Should You Choose?

Mentioning the main features of the two plugins, it is worth summarizing which is your best choice while making a quiz on your WordPress site.

So, we recommend you to go with the Quiz Maker by Opinion Stage plugin. Why?

One of the most important points is that it provides both free and pro versions. While the Interact Quiz Maker plugin provides only a paid version.

Even though the Quiz Maker’s pricing is a little bit higher as compared with the second plugin, it includes more features than you can find in the Interact Quiz plugin.

One of those features is more quiz types than the second plugin’s 3. The next advantage of the Quiz Maker plugin is its highest security level and GDPR compliance which is especially important if you have customers from Europe. Then comes an export feature to different formats, that is also not available in the Interact Quiz plugin.

In addition to this, the Quiz Maker by Opinion Stage plugin supports JavaScript and IFrame to embed the quizzes. As well as it supports Facebook and Google pixel to make the retargeting process even smoother.

So, taking into account these factors, we can highly recommend you to activate the Quiz Maker by Opinion Stage plugin and enjoy the best user experience on your WordPress site.

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