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Crawlomatic is Overhyped! Myth or the Harsh Truth?

The Question of the day is “Is Crawlomatic Overhyped?”. Recently I came across a scandal around a plugin I used to consider quite good – Crawlomatic. I was amazed to see such a review and the amount of sharing and popularity it got in the forums. The first thing that I felt was a sense of disappointment from the plugin I considered ideal and planned to purchase. However, I decided to give it a chance and understand what actually happened and whether the review was true. 


The Critical Review

The review was written anonymously by the user “Xray43a”, even though it was quite persuasive. While looking at the name, a suspicion occurred in my mind, and the first thing I thought of was, “Well, if this is true, why is the review anonymous, and there is even no profile picture.” 

To put it short: the whole point of the review was to devalue Crawlomatic and arouse a scandal in order to ruin its reputation; the review stated that Carwlomatic ruined the site’s performance and loading speed and also did not have enough scraping options; therefore, it is worthless. 

Well, how can that be true? And why did only the negative one get popular in all these positive reviews, especially if it did not have any proof? 

The review’s main points were:

  • The plugin is not efficient because it can cause copywriting issues
  • The plugin decreased the website’s speed
  • The plugin’s interface is extremely difficult 

Now, let’s review a few main points of the review in the “Crawlomatic is Overhyped! Myth or the Harsh Truth?” article to understand whether this review is a myth or the truth. First of all, we will try to understand what is Crawlomatic and its main purpose, then how it works, and finally test it on the website to check out the speed issue. In the end, will take a look at the instructions and interface. 



First of all, let’s understand what Crawlomatic is for those who do not know. Crawlomatic is a multisite Scraper post generator plugin that is perfect for auto blogging. With this plugin, you will be able to generate content for your WordPress blog quickly and always provide your users with relevant and up-to-date information. 

So, basically, what it aims for is to reduce the time you spend trying to find reliable and up-to-date content, automate most of the blogging process, save your time and efforts, and of course, enhance the positive user experience. But does it do so? Or is it one more overhyped product everyone cannot shut up about? Let’s find out in this article, “Crawolamtic is Overhyped! Myth or the Harsh Truth?” 

How Does it Work?

Now, let’s take a look at how it works and why the Xray user considered it so bad and not efficient. Crawlomatic scrapes content through web crawling and scraping, simulating user login with the usage of a custom set of cookies. You can scrape content from the web and from Facebook, YouTube, TechCrunch, currency and weather info, etc. 

The noticeable benefit is that you automatically and instantly gain full control over the scraped content. The plugin configuration itself is also extremely easy; however, if you want to see the exact tutorial, then there is even a video for that. 

Basically, to start scraping content with Crawlomatic, you need to follow these steps:

  • Install the plugin to your WordPress website 
  • GIve it a seed URL from where you want the content to be scraped
  • Set all the necessary settings, such as crawling depth, rate, maximum article count, crawling of links only of the specific class, and every other customization you want. 
  • Scrape the content and use it 

The Misunderstanding of the First Point

As far as the topic of Crawlomatic is Overhyped! Myth or the Harsh Truth? goes, let’s take a look at the disclaimer that the user was ignorant towards.

Disclaimer: There may be websites and types of content that are not allowed to scrape and may cause copywriting issues; Crawlomatic is not responsible for such issues aroused. You must be aware of what content you are scraping and the rights to it. And the first part of the review was connected to this. 

The user wrote, “First, I consider this plugin useless because it scrapes content from other websites and can arouse copywriting issues.” Plugins developers have a disclaimer in the description, stating that you should be aware from which websites uu can and cannot scrape content. So, the user misunderstood the ”assignment” and instead of being aware from which websites they can scrape content without copywriting issues, they blame the developers. Therefore the first point user made is not an argument.

Does Plugin Affects Website’s Speed?

In order to check the validity of the reviewer’s second point, “The plugin decreases website’s loading speed“ we purchased the plugin and tested it. We tested it in a few ways, and measurements lead to a simple conclusion; it does not affect the speed anyhow. 

Not Enough Features? 

Besides, Carwlomatic provides enough functionality and features (including various scraping options) that perform perfectly well, accurately, and fastly. So, for the sake of the “Crawlomatic is Overhyped! Myth or the Harsh Truth?” article truth reveal, let’s take a look at the features as well.

Some features of the plugin are

  • Automation. Crawlomatic comes in with the features such as auto-updates for the scraped content and auto-content extraction. 
  • Headless browser API is a relatively new feature that allows you to use headless browsers such as Puppeteer, Tor, and PhantomJS. 
  • Integrations 
  • Single, Feed, and serial scraping 
  • Visual Selector
  • The content Detector

We also tested the plugin’s features and unlike the review stated, all worked perfectly fine, and the scraping options were more than enough. 

In addition to all of that, there is also a set of unique features that this plugin offers, such as:

  • Templates. Crawlomatic offers ready-to-use and highly customizable templates. Basically, you can get flexible text and choose from the various visual formatting options in order to decide on how you want to display your content. 
  • Schedules. You will be able to set specific schedules, and it will keep running automatically unless you change or set a specific duration. 
  • Content translation. The content scraped content can be translated to and from any of the chosen languages. 
  • JavaScript execution is supported for crawled pages.
  • Gutenberg is ready and tested up to WordPress’s latest version (6.0 currently) 
  • WP Requirments compliant 


The last point of the complaint was about the interface of the plugin; it turns out the user did not even purchase it to be able to check it. But we did. I can say that the interface is extremely easy-to-use and eye-pleasing. 

And in order to make everything even more clear to the user, Crawlmatic has an explainer tutorial videos on how to configure and set up the plugin. 

So, is it Worth the Hype?

Absolutely, yes. Crawlomatic is easy to use, simple to install, and affordable. It is a potent tool that will help you provide up-to-date and relevant content on your website all the time, saving your precious time on routine tasks. 

So, the “Crawlomatic is Overhyped! Myth or the Harsh Truth” article concludes that it is that Crawlomatic is absolutely worth all the attention it gets, and the review was completely not true. 

Crawolmatic is not just overhyped; it has earned its reputation and deserves to stand among the best. 

Moreover, we have contacted Xray on the forum, asking for the email which he has provided. Afterward, we contacted him asking to provide more detailed information on the issues or some proof as we want to write a review article and need to know the truth. He could not provide any proof, and after we tested the plugin, we contacted him again to tell him about the whole situation and how badly the simple review can affect someone’s months of effort. 

The XRay, at the end of the conversation, apologized for misinformation, saying that he did not think the review he wrote for dun could become viral and affect the plugin’s reputation. And he just deleted the review. 


Wrap Up

So, to wrap things up with the “Crawlomatic is Overhyped! Myth or the Harsh Truth” article, I can say that this plugin is worth your attention and time. It is absolutely amazing for auto blogging. 

With Crawlomatic, you can easily Scarpe various types of content and easily search for content with the built-in browser, and overall it is designed to save your time. Most importantly, it completely fulfills its purpose. 

So, if you were trying to find an auto-blogging plugin that was worth your time and will help you, Crawlomatic is the one you need. 

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