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BulkGate SMS Plugin for WooCommerce – 2022 Review

Being in touch with your WooCommerce store customers is very beneficial for your business. Especially when they ordered a product and wait for its arrival. So, informing them about the whole process of delivery makes your online store and your services much more trustworthy. Sending Emails is an excellent option. But sometimes the customers do not notice them for hours even for several days. So, you will most benefit from using SMS notifications. However, in this case, you need to be more accurate in order not to disturb the customers. If you use WooCommerce, then sending SMS notifications to your customers is not a big deal. As you may find an appropriate plugin for it. So, in this article, we will discuss the BulkGate SMS plugin for WooCommerce.

Basic Knowledge About the BulkGate SMS Plugin for WooCommerce


So, the BulkGate SMS is a very handy plugin used for sending SMS and Viber messages to WooCommerce store customers. The plugin’s free version is presented in WordPress Repository and scores more than 4,000+ active installations. Currently, it has 8 5-stars based on the satisfied customers’ reviews.

Through this plugin, you can send quick notifications about the order status. Also, you may run SMS and Viber campaigns to your targeted users and personalize the messages. With the BulkGate SMS plugin, you have a 2-way messaging opportunity. Besides, it informs admins about the stock status, etc via alerts.

Thanks to this plugin, your business will not acknowledge any borders. It works with more than two hundred countries and regions. So, this opens new doors to your effective communication with the customers.

In the next paragraph, we are going to discuss the main benefits of the BulkGate SMS plugin.

Benefits of Using BulkGate SMS Plugin

First and so far one of the most important advantages offered by this plugin is that its costs are too effective for businesses. Through the plugin, you can create verified Viber business accounts, and afterward, you can easily use Viber business messages with or without SMS to get in touch with your customers.

To better understand why the Viber communication feature is so a big advantage it is essential to know some facts about Viber itself. So, it is a platform having more than 1,000,000 users around the globe. Besides, the messaging pricing is much lower than personal messages through SMS. Moreover, you can type as many text characters as you wish. As well as utilize emojis or other engaging attributes. And these are just a few advantageous features of this platform. So, the availability of Viber messaging makes the BulkGate SMS plugin more affordable and significant than in the case of other messaging plugins for WooCommerce.

Furthermore, this plugin is very convenient to use worldwide. Because it is translated into many languages, such as:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Deutsch
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Arabic, etc.

Key Functionalities of the BulkGate SMS Plugin for WooCommerce


So, now let us review the plugin’s most effective features:

SMS and Viber messages both for the admins and customers

This enables you to inform the customers about changing statuses of their order before receiving it finally.

Due to its advanced features, the plugin enables you to create and customize the messaging templates. It is also very handy for the customers. Because they will get notifications directly in their native language.

This is beneficial even for the website admins. Because they get notified in the case that clients place orders or cancel them. As well as the product is out of stock.

Campaigns with Bulk SMS and Viber

These campaigns aim to boost the presented products and services. This can be completed with bulk SMS and Viber campaigns. By shortening the links you can use the remaining characters to type more significant messages with real statistics. You can send campaigns from different sender IDs.

Two-way messaging


This function is one of the most outstanding ones. You have the capacity to chat with your clients, send them some reminders, and ask the clients’ opinions.

Currently, Android users can highly benefit from the plugin’s mobile app which switches the WooCommerce shop to your mobile phone. So, you can send cheaper or even free messages to your customers using your cellphone.

Affiliate program for SMS

BulkGate is the only SMS plugin that shares its profit. This is a great function for programmers. They can earn among 5% commission on each message that your customers send through the BulkGate SMS plugin.

Analytics and Reports

Running marketing and sales campaigns with the BulkGate SMS plugin is very convenient and affordable. Thanks to the provided analytics and report metrics, you can easily measure your campaign’s success level. Based on these results, you can make changes or fix issues for your further strategies.

So, you will have the following metrics:

Delivery Rate to understand which part of messages were sent to the clients. But here you will access another valuable option of this plugin. And that is the “Do Not Disturb” option for certain countries, and regions, as well as the phone numbers on the blacklist.

Opt-Out metrics tend to provide precise information about the number of recipients who opted out after receiving the message. Some of them can remove their subscription from the newsletter or messages. This can be related to wrong targeting. So, after identifying the issue, you can fix it as soon as possible due to the provided information.

Next comes the Click-Through Rate indicator. When inserting your shortened link through this plugin, you can track how many people entered the link after receiving the message. So, this is also a very essential component in SMS marketing.

Another option is the Conversion Rate showing how many people reached your desired outcome and engaged in your online shop by buying a product or service, generating qualifying leads for further campaigns and strategies, or subscribing to the Newsletter.

Besides, you can measure the Costs-Per-Click and the unique clicks of various recipients.

BulkGate Plugin’s Pricing

You should note that you are able to use the plugin surely for free. Moreover, every new customer may send up to 10 messages for free.

But if you want to access more features then it is high time you use the BulkGate SMS plugin’s flexible paid version. There is corresponding pricing for each of the countries included in the list. So, let us discuss the example of the United States.

So, the cost per SMS is €0,0099. For Viber, the price is €0,0009. And for the mobile contact, it is €0,0033.


You can complete the payments via:

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Here are the main reasons why you need to send SMS messages exactly with this plugin.

The first reason is that you only pay for the delivered messages. So, there are no additional fees.

The second reason is the more you purchase the more you save money for each of the SMS messages due to the available discounts.


Also, the obtained credits are always valid. There is no expiry date.

Through the plugin’s advanced settings you can analyze the user behavior and check the impact of your run campaigns via analytics and reports.

You freely access to SMS portal, as well as all the available integrations.

The BulkGate SMS plugin is a very flexible and trustworthy tool to interact with your online shop customers.

BulkGate SMS Plugin’s Integrations

Along with WooCommerce, the plugin integrates also other platforms, such as:

  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • osCommerce
  • ZenCart
  • Thirty Bees

But you should note, that to operate with this plugin on your WooCommerce store, it is a must to have a BulkGate account. Moreover, you have to do this even if you decide to operate for free. Because only after the registration process you will get an opportunity to send free SMS messages to your recipients. But the registration process is very simple and does not take a long time to be completed.

Besides the above-mentioned points, the plugin integrates also automation platforms, such as:

  • Integromat
  • Zapier
  • Appypie

Also, you will reveal CRM modules integrations, such as:

  • BlahaSoft
  • Vtiger
  • Zoho
  • Drupal
  • Evident
  • GCors
  • HelloClient
  • Siberian
  • Bitrix24, etc.

In Conclusion

As we have approached the end of the article we would like to summarize all the best and outstanding features of the BulkGate SMS plugin. So, this is a tool to bring your SMS marketing and sales to another level due to its smooth and fast delivery process. The pricing strategy is also very flexible based on your location. So, with this plugin, you can notify your clients about their order status, and send targeted and personalized messages to engage more customers. These leads can highly benefit your business by purchasing your store items or even subscribing to your newsletter for further conversion.

Besides, you can send Viber messages to make a conversion also with Viber users from all over the world. Furthermore, you are able to promote your business growth by analyzing the precise reports provided by the plugin.

Overall, SMS Marketing is one of the best options to boost your eCommerce shop. And in this case, you may surely trust the BulkGate SMS plugin.

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