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Best Code Snippets Customizer Plugins for WordPress

In today’s article, we are going to look at code snippets and customizing plugins. We will discuss using shortcodes on WordPress websites and why you might need a plugin for customizing code snippets. Are you excited yet? Well, let’s get into it! The Best Code Snippets Customizer Plugins are presented in today’s article. 


What are Code Snippets Customizer Plugins About?

First, let’s sort out the basics. We might have to explain that if you didn’t have to run into using shortcodes or snippets in your programming journey. So, a shortcode is a small part of your source code (it has to be reusable) or text. Usually, you use a shortcode to add it to bigger programming units. 

For your WordPress site, it’s all the same. You want to change a certain part of your website, say, the font type or something like that, but your WordPress theme does not support that font.

You don’t want to change the theme since it is perfect in many aspects. To change the font, you do it by adding WordPress theme code snippets or a shortcode to the source code.

But here is another problem: it might work for now, but what about the future? For example, your theme can update, or you might change the site theme after all. The added snippet might not work. And if you added just one, you can go back and fix it. But let’s be realistic; you probably will have to add dozens of WP snippets to your source code at some point. 

Why Do You Need Best Code Snippets for WordPress? 

Changing a source code of a plugin or a theme on your site is too risky in the future. But thankfully, there are more safe ways of customizing your website by adding snippets that don’t include the risk of malfunction. Those are the shortcode customizer plugins. A good plugin of that kind should provide you with the following:

  • It should support a variety of programming languages.
  • It should be integrated with your WordPress editor.
  • It also should provide you with methods of adding shortcodes in a way that they work in the future, even if you change the theme or the theme gets updated.

Best Code Snippets Customizer Plugins

To save you from the laborious work of having to search through hundreds of plugins on WordPress, we found the Best WordPress Code Snippets Customizer Plugins. Let’s have a look:

1. ACC | Advanced Custom Code


ACC | Advanced Custom Code on WordPress is a plugin that will help you to add custom code to your WordPress site. Depending on the purpose, you might need to add HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP code, and that is quite possible with ACC. This plugin above else provides you with plenty of third-party integrations and is compatible with most of the WordPress editing blocks.

Main Features

So, the main features are:

  • Methods. Advanced custom code provides you with the most powerful tools to launch the custom snippets.
  • Third-party integrations. The plugin works perfectly with Upwork, Fiverr, and other similar platforms.
  • Library. Add third-party libraries like Bootstrap and Slick Slider via the plugin.
  • Design. Apart from being clear and intuitive, the design of the code editor is created not to strain your eyes and inspire work.
  • Interface. The easy-to-use interface is built on WordPress UI.
  • Builder. The plugin is compatible with most WordPress page editors, including Gutenberg, Elementor, WPBakery, BeaverBuilder, SiteOrigin, DiviBuilder, LayersWP, MotoPress, CornerStone, Themify, and more.
  • Reliable. The custom code that you add with this plugin will still work even if you change the theme.


  • Variety. This code snippets plugin allows you to add the most important types of code: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Integrative. ACC plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress updates.
  • Easy-to-use. Not only has the design and interface helped you navigate quickly, but the work has also stripped away all the complicated things like database queries and configuration.

2. Snippet Shortcodes


Let’s also review Snippet Shortcodes.

Main Features

So, the main features are:

  • Once and for all. Create a shortcode or choose one from the pre-made free shortcodes and add it to multiple locations.
  • Synchronize. By changing the shortcode in one place, you automatically change it in other places.
  • Parameters. Using the Parameters, you can easily extend the amount and depth of your shortcodes.
  • Shortcode helpers. You are provided with a whole list of free pre-made shortcodes that you can customize.

Pro Version

With this code snippets Pro version, you get additional pre-made Premium shortcodes. You can also create your own shortcode by customizing the parameters. This is especially useful since you can take the pre-made shortcodes and change certain features in them through parameters to tailor them to the needs of your website.


  • This WordPress code snippets plugin allows you to add snippets to multiple websites.
  • The free version covers all the necessary features; the Premium just adds more pre-made shortcodes.
  • It is super easy to start working with the plugin since all you need to do is to go to your WordPress Admin Panel.

3. Simple Custom CSS and JS


Simple Custom CSS and JS by SilkyPress is a plugin that will help you customize your website’s appearance by accessing the code and adding CSS and JavaScript snippets. The plugin allows you to do that without having to change your plugin files or the theme.

Main Features

So, the main features are:

  • Editor. The editor for codes has syntax highlighting.
  • Codes. You can add as many codes as you wish.
  • Places. Add the code to the header or the footer, to the admin side, or to the frontend.

Pro Version

  • Control what pages you want to add the plugin
  • Preview the code changes
  • Keep the history of changes to revise and assess later
  • Decrease the size of your CSS and JavaScript codes
  • Export and import code


This code snippets WordPress plugin’s Personal license allows you to apply the plugin to 1 website for $48.50. The Developer license works on ten websites for $68.50, and Big Agency on 50 sites for $148.50. Your one-time purchase will provide lifetime access to the license. Every license comes with one year of updates and support, but you can prolong it by 40% of the price of your current license. 


  • Even if you change your site theme, the plugin will still work on your site.
  • You can add custom WordPress code snippets without changing your website’s theme.
  • Neither the plugin nor newly added WordPress snippets will affect the speed of your website.

4. Code Snippet DM


Code Snippet DM by George Cretu is a plugin dedicated to adding code snippets to your WordPress website content. Apart from using shortcodes, Code Snippet DM uses a very instinctive interface TinyMCE. The plugin will help you display your shortcodes the way you need since you have full control of how your shortcodes will appear.

Main Features

So, the main features are:

  • TinyMCE. This intuitive interface is here to help you to choose what to display: the code or the shortcode. All you need to do is to click on the eponymous button.
  • List. There is a pre-made list of code snippets ready for your use.
  • Options. Apart from being able to add shortcodes with the TinyMCE, you can add them manually. 


  • The plugin fully supports the most popular WordPress site editor, Gutenberg blog.
  • Super detailed instruction on how to insert and use shortcodes is available.
  • By upgrading the plugin, the shortcodes that you added previously with the plugin will continue to work

5. WP-Syntax


WP-Syntax is a plugin by Steven A. Zahm that is based on GeSHi. The plugin provides you with clean highlighting of the syntax and can be supported by most of the most useful and popular programming languages. Whether the lines of code have numbers or not, the highlighting will work perfectly, even if you copy shortcodes from a browser.

Main Features

So, the main features are:

  • Programming language. No matter what language you need, you can use WP Syntax for highlighting. Some of the languages include but are not limited to Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Ruby.
  • Highlight options. Highlight the lines of code whether they have line numbers or not.
  • Customize. With wp-content/plugins/wp-syntax/wp-syntax.css, you can easily customize the default styling. You just need to add the snippet to your theme’s template directory.


  • Does not conflict with third-party plugins. WP Syntax launches a pre-filter and post-filter. This allows you to format and highlight your source code as you originally wanted.
  • Supports the most popular and used programming languages, including PHP, Java, and Ruby. HTML, CSS and more.
  • Thorough documentation of the plugin and of GeSHi plugin that the former is based on is available with open access.

6. Post Snippets – Custom WordPress Code Snippets Customizer

wordpress code snippet plugin for repetitive texts

Post Snippets WordPress plugin saves HTML, PHP, and repetitive text for posts and pages. The snippet can be applied as-is or customized as a shortcode. Website articles and pages can easily include shortcodes. This easy WordPress plugin creates boxes, buttons, tabs, sliders, responsive videos, and carousels.

Main Features

So, the main features are:

  • Post Editor Button: All predefined snippets can be inserted with a button in the post editor.
  • Shortcodes: Generate your own custom shortcodes.
  • PHP Shortcode: A PHP code snippet can be generated using a “shortcode.”
  • HTML: Editors for HTML and WordPress that have buttons and quick tags.
  • Snippets Management: Manage the Snippets page to add, edit, and remove snippets.
  • Transfers: Import/Export Snippets are transferable.

Premium Features

  • Snippet duplication: Copy and paste shortcodes into posts and pages.
  • Rich Text Editor: Customize your snippets with Post Snippets’ Rich Text editor.
  • Snippets Order: Use drag-and-drop to reorder your snippets.
  • Rest API: Without admin access, allow anyone to add, edit, update, and delete snippets.
  • Gutenberg Block Editor: Gutenberg block types support name, icon, description, category, and more built-in features.


It only takes a few seconds to import or export code snippets between different websites.

You can save time when writing blog posts and web pages by creating your own custom variables for each snippet.

The plugin’s built-in help system provides access to the full documentation in WordPress.



So, to sum up: snippets are incredibly useful units of reusable code that you will need to use at some point with high probability. Adding them directly to your source code might prove harmful in the future; that’s why you need a safer way of doing that. Code Snippet Customizer plugins will help you to add shortcodes to your WordPress website easily and without future consequences. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you! 

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