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5 Best Shopify Store Design Apps in 2023

Design apps have great popularity today as the business world continuously grows and broadens. Online shops are especially at the center of attention as many people prefer to buy online than go shopping. They want to save time and effort. So, what connection does it have with Shopify design apps? Shopify store design apps help you create website pages from home pages to FAQ pages. They are widely used by many businesses today.

In this article, we are going to look at the best Shopify store design apps. However, before passing to apps, let us first understand what the design app is and what you should look for in a design app. 

What is a design app?

A design app is a software that allows you to create website design templates including home pages, product pages, subpages, FAQ pages, landing pages, services, and so on. 

App design connects user interface (UI) with user experience (UX), thus providing you with overall style including fonts, colors, as well as usability and functionality. 

 Experts at an Austin web development and design company highlight how design apps transform creative ideas into user-friendly and visually stunning websites. These tools blend UI and UX seamlessly, ensuring engaging online experiences that captivate audiences.

Key features of design apps

As there are a lot of design apps available on Shopify, it might be difficult for you to decide which mobile app development company can fully meet your needs. Thus, we will help you to understand which features are important to pay attention to. 

The key features of design apps are:

Ease of usage – it should not take much time to understand the functions of the app. 

Quick load time – speed is very important for Shopify design apps. It should not take long to load images, texts, or other necessary elements. 

Intuitive interface – businesses do not like to waste time, so you should provide the visitor with an excellent user experience. They should easily find the buttons and pages they want. 

Of course, we can add some more features, such as design responsiveness, customer support, and so on. However, it is desirable to pay attention to the above-mentioned features to find the best fit for you. 

1. GemPages Landing Page Builder


GemPages Landing Page Builder is one of the most popular Shopify store design apps. It has five out of five ratings and a bunch of satisfying reviews. This is an amazing app and surely worth pointing out here. 

Main Features

The main features of GemPages Landing Page Builder are:

  • Easy of usage – you do not need to lick a code
  • It has unlimited pages for all plans that offer you
  • It has an Intuitive editor 
  • It has Integrations with popular Shopify apps

GemPages Landing Page Builder has a whole library of templates, elements, etc. It also can help you improve your website’s SEO. GemPages Landing Page Builder is highly customizable. It allows you to change the design in your preferred way. 

With this app, you can edit images, icons, and text blocks, as well as add a news section. 

GemPages Landing Page Builder integrates with Weglot, Opinew, Yotpo, Wide Bundles, etc. 

As we mentioned above, this app offers you a bunch of elements. There are the following types of elements the app has:

  • Marketing – you can create newsletters, contact forms, pop-ups, and other elements to attract new customers
  • Design tools – as we already said you can create buttons, sliders, separators, clutter-free tabs, etc. 
  • Ecommerce – you have the opportunity to optimize your store by showing selected products, eye-catching banners, and cart buttons, and leading the customer to a particular product page. 

GemPages Landing Page Builder has integrations with Wide Bundles, Yotpo, Opinew, Weglot, Omnisend, and Ali Reviews.


GemPages Landing Page Builder has a 10-day free trial and paid plans. The Price for the following is:

  • Starter – 15$ monthly
  • Business – 29$ monthly
  • Advanced – 59$ monthly

2.Shogun Landing Page Builder


Shogun Landing Page Builder is our second Shopify store design app that is also very popular amongst its competitors. It has five out of five ratings on Shopify and more than two thousand good reviews. 

Main Features

The main features of Shogun Landing Page Builder are:

  • Easy-to-use editor – this app has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Besides, no coding is required to use it. 
  • Pre-made templates – more than 30 designed page templates are ready for you to use. They are for landing pages, home pages, product pages, blog pages, and product collections.
  • Robust elements library – the article library involves Video, Tables, Icons, Maps, Shapes, Pictures, Tabs, Separators, Columns, and HTML.

Shogun Landing Page Builder has integrations with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Adobe Typekit, and Google Analytics. 


Shogun Landing Page Builder Shopify store design offers you free and paid plans. The price for the following is:

  • Build – 39$ monthly
  • Measure – 149$ monthly
  • Team – 299$ monthly

You can also connect to their support team to discuss the conditions for the Advanced plan. 

3. LayoutHub ‑ Easy Page Builder

LayoutHub – Easy Page Builder is the third Shopify store design app that we are going to review. This is truly a wonderful app that allows you to design your website with provided layouts and blocks. This is more than a page builder tool. LayoutHub – Easy Page Builder design app has five out of five ratings and more than two thousand good reviews. 

Main Features

This app allows you to create a home page, product page, collection page, FAQ page, 404 page, contacts page, and other necessary pages. Other main features of LayoutHub – Easy Page builder app are:

  • convenience for UI/UX design of the website
  • Ease of usage 
  • highly compatible with all devices
  • responsive for all devices
  • compatible with Shopify apps

This app integrates with Ryviu, Loox, Growave, Yotpo, LAI Review, and Stamped.io.

With the help of LayoutHub – Easy Page Builder you can customize the design of the website the way you want. 


LayoutHub – Easy Page builder has free and paid plans. The price for the paid plans is:

  • Basic – 14.99$ monthly
  • Pro – 29.99$ monthly
  • Premium – 59.99$ monthly

4. Easy Tabs – Product tabs


Easy Tabs – Product tabs is our fourth Shopify Store design app. It is a simple and very powerful product description app. Easy Tabs – Product tabs app has almost five out of five ratings and good reviews. This app is very popular amongst its competitors.  

Main Features

As the product description is maybe the first thing the customer reads, it is important to make it easily readable, perceptible, and appealing. So, the main function of this app is to help you improve customer performance by turning your product descriptions, shipping information, and parameters into professional-looking product page tabs. This app is easy to use. 

Easy Tabs – Product tabs app is:

  • Highly customizable
  • Flexible
  • Convenient to organize text descriptions into several tabs

With the help of this app, you can improve the UI/UX of your store, and appeal to your customer with well-organized text. You can change tabs’ text color, tabs borders, background color, tabs headings, etc. 

This app integrates with Judge.me, Loox, Yot.po, etc. The support is willing to connect you and answer any question you want.


Easy Tabs – Product tabs app offers a seven-day free trial. Besides, it has a premium plan. Pricing for the following is:

  • Premium – 5$ monthly

5. Zipify Pages Builder & Editor


The last Shopify store design app that we are going to review is Zipify Pages Builder and Editor. It has five out of five ratings on Shopify and a lot of reviews. You do not need a developer or designer to use this app. All you need is to buy the app and just start using it. 

Main Features

Zipify Pages Builder and Editor has the following main features:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Unlimited pages to create
  • New page templates that are added regularly
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Native Shopify integration
  • 100 percent editability

With this app, you can easily customize the provided templates. It is important to mention that new blocks are added to your website based on what’s working.

It integrates with Klavio, ShopPay, Instagram, Google Analytics, OneClickUpsell, and BEST Currency Converter. 


Zipify Pages Builder and Editor has a 14-day free trial and paid plans. The price for the following plans is:

  • Basic – 67$ monthly
  • Plus – 97$ monthly

Summing up

So, in this article, we thoroughly analyzed the best design apps available on the Shopify store. As you understand, in the modern world design apps are of high importance. As businesses do not waste time and want to have much more profit they sell online to attract many customers all around the world. Thus your website design should be appealing and provide an excellent user experience. 

Shopify store design apps are ready to help you and provide better business performance. You just need to purchase them and enjoy your journey.

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