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Top Video Player Plugins in 2022

Website owners often use engaging videos, because they have got dozens of profits. Usage of the responsive WordPress video player plugins will make your video embedding process easier and more effective. Hundreds of plugins are available on WordPress. Check out our “Top Video Player Plugins in 2022” article and find your best tool much easier.

Why is Video Marketing So popular?

Lots of people prefer watching films more than reading books. It is more than once proven fact that the video is more interesting than the text. This law works for almost any kind of audience. That is the reason why more and more companies have started using video marketing on a regular basis. Videos can

  • attract audiences,
  • raise conversion rate,
  • increase sales,
  • make everything understandable and clear,
  • create beautiful website interfaces and so on.

The audience can get the same information with the video, but much more comprehensively described. Moreover, when you are watching a video you are getting more information in less time. So video content marketing is beneficial not only for the ones who embed videos into their websites but also for the same website visitors.

So, as you already know the importance and advantages of videos, let’s check the Top Video Player Plugins in 2022 list below, so you can already find your best video player plugin. They will allow you to embed videos without coding skills, so even the ones who are not even familiar with WordPress dashboards can use them. And so we begin!

1. The Ultimate Video Player for WordPress


The first plugin in our “Top Video Player Plugins in 2022” list is an all-in-one plugin The Ultimate Video Player For WordPress. The plugin is designed by Presto. Active installations of the plugin are more than 50 000․ Within a hundred reviews average rating is 4.9 out of 5. This plugin will ensure an attractive video experience for your website visitors. You can increase brand loyalty without any difficulties. The name “Ultimate” speaks for itself. The video player plugin allows embedding multiple presets, HTML5, Youtube, and Vimeo videos. The plugin is built only for Block Editor.

Another pro of the plugin is the multiple integrations that you can use: Kadence Theme, RankMath, AutomatorWP, Google analytics, and Bunny.net (other useful integrations are on the way). The plugin has several tutorial videos, that can help users understand everything better.

The Ultimate Video Player For WordPress is intended for:

  • Marketing specialists to create promotional videos,
  • Website owners,
  • Photography and videography artists,
  • Teachers and coaches,
  • Bloggers and vloggers.

Presto Player has both free and pro versions. The pro version offers 2 annual packages and a lifetime one. The differences between pro and free versions are obviously significant. But if you are looking for a free plugin you still can get Remember Viewer Settings, Sticky Video Player, and Autoplay Video features.

2. Embed Plus Plugin for YouTube, with YouTube Gallery, Channel, Playlist, Live Stream, Facade


Embed Plus Plugin for YouTube is a customizable plugin especially for displaying YouTube videos. The plugin is focused not only on the videos but also on a YouTube channel, playlist, live stream, and premiere embeds. In the great number of reviews (534) average rating is 4.6 stars. You can embed videos from YouTube in a few minutes after installing the Embed Plus Plugin for YouTube. The main advantage of this plugin over others is its wealth of options: you can customize video players on your website in your desired way. You can:

  • Show only the YouTube watermark while playing the videos (that means that you are able to hide the logo),
  • Enable or disable annotations,
  • Improve the mobile-friendliness of your videos,
  • Hide or show the video title and related videos at the end.
  • Loop or bring videos to the center of the screen.

The YouTube channel of the Embed Plus Plugin has the biggest number of videos, so it will be easy to find answers to your questions. Tutorials will answer the most how-to answers. Moreover, instructions are simple to follow, so the setup of the plugin will not be a big problem. You can purchase one of the three pro packages(Core, Popular, Best deal).

This easy video player plugin WordPress has the pro version as well. It has got more advanced and upgraded features, that will make your displays look much more professional.

3. Video Player Block – Ultimate Video Player For WordPress


The plugin, created for the Gutenberg editor is a considerably new plugin. It has very few reviews and installation, but very big potential. Video Player Block – Ultimate Video Player For WordPress is designed by bPlugins LLC. This modern plugin is extra accessible and device friendly. The responsiveness of the plugin will help to play unlimited videos on the posts and pages. Your WordPress website surely will have more and more sales.

So, what are the excellencies of the Video Player Block:

  • You will have the possibility to embed a compact video player on your WP website.
  • Will be able to enable autoplay with the load page.
  • Will get browser-friendly players.
  • Play mp4 and OGG files.

The plugin also has the pro version, in case you want to upgrade it. What are you going to get with the pro packages?

  • At first, no ads!
  • Video controls.
  • Shortcode generator.
  • Showing and hiding every button.
  • Color changes feature, and more.

Easily embed videos and customize the player the way you want! You can switch video quality and have multiple subtitles. Video Player Block is going to be compatible and work with most plugins. But of course, it will be impossible to check it for compatibility with every third-party plugin. The same can be said about themes. So be careful, and check whether there are any conflicts or not.

4. WP YouTube Lyte Plugin


The fourth plugin for today is WP YouTube Lyte. The plugin has 30 000+ active installations and a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating. Plugin developed by Frank Goosens allows embedding YouTube videos and audio into your WP website. The embedded videos are simple YouTube videos, just with higher responsiveness and performance. With this easy video player plugin WordPress, you will have the possibility to significantly reduce the download size and rendering time of each video. You can set the time when the video will start playing, decide whether to show the title or not and change other useful features.

One advantage of this plugin is that it is multi-language and allows using it in 13 languages: Dutch, English, French (Belgium and France), German, Japanese, Russian, Slovenian, and Spanish (Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela). Moreover, you can get multilingual support. The other advantage I would like to mention is the great and fast support that you will definitely get with WP YouTube Lyte.

The plugin also allows:

  • Adding one video link or video playlist as well,
  • Embedding multiple videos on one page,
  • Speeding up your page and improving its performance,
  • Improving search engine optimization of your website.

So if you want an easy-to-use plugin that will conduct video and audio-only embeds, WP YouTube Lyte is a perfect solution, as it will provide you with high-quality videos. You are not going to need coding skills or a long learning curve. Everything is simple and easy!

5. YouTube Embed, Playlist and Popup by WpDevArt


The last plugin for today is YouTube Embed, Playlist and Popup by WpDevArt. The plugin is going to help you embed videos everywhere, even in the header and footer of your WP website. The plugin has more than 6000 active installations. The number of installations is less than that of other plugins on our “Top Video Player Plugins in 2022” list. The plugin has a responsive and beginner-friendly interface. Equally important, players can be easily customized. Players can have:

  • Enabled or disabled keyword,
  • Custom progress bar color and player theme,
  • Custom sizes of the thumbnail,
  • A repeat of the videos (loop functionality),
  • Autohide Parametrs and etc.
  • Display videos on fullscreen.

Add videos to the posts, pages, and widgets within a few seconds. The user-friendly interface will let you do everything with the help of your website URL.

With the pro version, you will have the possibility to

  • add specific features for each video,
  • display videos in popups,
  • enable or disable displaying of related videos at the end,
  • use the shortcode button.

Besides, with the pro version, you will get premium support as well. Because of the wide diversity of the options of the pro version, it is recommended to use it (lots of options are disabled in the free version).


There is no need to tell again about the significance of videos on every kind of website. On one hand, they are extremely attractive: they can create your responsive design. When it comes to delivering video content on your website, having a reliable and versatile video player plugin is essential. An online video player that offers advanced features and customization options can make all the difference in providing a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

On the other hand, they will increase your average time on the page, and explain everything clearly to the website visitors. Consequently, they will increase the number of your website visits, sales, and a number of your loyal customers. So what can be doubted? Find your tool, install it and take your business to the next level!

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    As I use the Classic Editor it is quite difficult for me to embed videos. So, thanks for recommending these plugins. I will choose one of them definitely.

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