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All-In-One Product Quantity for WooCommerce Plugin Review

WooCommerce is a very famous platform for those who want to open an online store. However, when opening the shop with WooCommerce your customers are able to buy as many products as they wish. So, if you want to control the quantity of the purchasing items then it is high time you got familiar with the quantity controller plugin. In, this article we are going to deeply review the All-In-One Product Quantity for WooCommerce plugin.

Plugin’s Short Description

The All-in-One Product Quantity plugin has more than 4000+ active installations in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Its rating is 5/5 based on the customers’ satisfied reviews. The plugin has been developed by WPWhale. 

Due to its advanced features, the plugin can be a game-changing factor in your WooCommerce online store. It is a comprehensive combination of all the functions and options to control quantities on your website. As sometimes not setting a selling product quantity and not controlling it can lead to reduced purchasing rates that your customers will most likely make on your online shop.

So, with the All-In-One Product Quantity for WooCommerce plugin, you can set minimum or maximum product quantity and determine the quantity steps to lead the customers to buy items in multiplications, etc.

The All-In-One Product Quantity for WooCommerce plugin provides 2 versions: Free and Pro. In the following paragraphs, we will reveal the key functions of the two versions.

Main Features of the Free Version


You can install the plugin from WordPress.org or the Plugin Directory of your Admin Dashboard.

After that, you will notice a “Product Quantity” added to the already activated WooCommerce as a separate section.

So, you can benefit from the following well-prepared and unique features without paying even a single penny:

  • Minimum and maximum quantities– You may set min/max quantities for all products at once, per product, or cart level.
  • Quantity step– This determines the multiplication step while the client purchases items from your online store.
  • Default quantity– You can decide on a default quantity that will appear on page load and be applied to all the products from your shop.
  • Decimal quantity– You may enable this on your WooCommerce store, so if you want your customers to buy 1.5 quantity of a product (say: fruits, tiles, etc..).
  • Dropdown– Instead of the custom digits you can implement the quantity through the dropdown.
  • Allowed or disallowed quantities–  If you want to allow customers to buy in specific quantities (or actually prevent them) that don’t follow a step (like 1,3,5,8,10), you can do so using this feature. 
  • Total Price by Quantity– Ever wanted to show the total price based on the quantity selected? This feature will allow you to do so, so customers can see the total price based on the quantity they selected, you may align the total price position in various ways (before, after, instead of the price and add to cart).
  • Price Unit: This will allow you to show a unit (KG, Meter, Litre) next to the quantity.

Advanced Features

Besides the main quality control features, you are able to reveal other advanced features. Here they are listed below:

  • Customizable client messages
  • Enable or disable cart notices
  • Enable or disable the validation and correction of add to cart quantity
  • Prevent customers to reach the checkout page in the case of wrongly inserted quantities
  • Real-time quantity price display
  • Quantity input style customization
  • Update cart button hiding, etc.

Main Features of the Premium Version


As you have already understood free version provides you with many important features for even completely setting the quantities for products on WooCommerce. Yet, by upgrading to the plugin’s Pro version you will open a new door to improve your eCommerce platform services. So, here are the pricing plans of the plugin:

  • Single Site Annual Package – $39.99
  • Single Site Lifetime Package – $59.99
  • Unlimited Sites Annual Package – $69.99
  • Unlimited Sites Lifetime Package – $99.99

The most important feature that the Pro version provides is setting minimum, maximum, default, fixed (allowed or disallowed) quantities as well as quantity steps on categories. So, you can mix products from the same category to match the specific values. This is a very beneficial and effective Pro feature to make your online store even more convenient for the users. And it is a time-saving option for the website owners while setting up the same identifiers on various items of the same category.

The Pro version provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can upgrade to one of the paid packages without worrying about the refund.

Installing All-in-One Product Quantity for WooCommerce

After activating the plugin you will notice it in your WooComnerce Product Quantity section. It has the following components:

  • General
  • Default Quantity
  • Price Unit
  • Styling
  • Total Price by Quantity
  • Quantity Info
  • Admin
  • Quantity Step
  • Fixed Quantity
  • Quantity Dropdown
  • Advanced
  • Maximum Quantity
  • Minimum Quantity

Let’s reveal what features we may find in each of the sections.

General options include some features that should be applied directly to your shop. This is regardless of the other defined settings on different tabs. 

In this section, you will find such options as “Decimal quantities” to set on the min/max/step quantities.


The next function is “Add to cartvalidation with these possible selections:

  • Do not validate
  • Validate and add notices
  • Validate and auto-correct quantities

As well as the “Step auto-correct” feature with available “Round”, “Round up”, and “Round down” possible values.

Then comes the “Cart notices” section that enables or disables your store visitors’ notices on the cart page.

Another important section is “Block Checkout Page”. This prevents the customers from reaching the checkout page if they choose the wrong quantities. Instead, they will be redirected to the cart page.


If you want to force the initial quantity to the minimum or maximum quantities on one product or do the same on the archives then you will highly benefit from the “Force Quantity Options” section. 


The “Variable Products Options” section includes “Load all variations” (for compatibility with some plugins, and especially “Yith WooCommerce Quick View” plugin), “On variation change”, and “Sum variation”.


Minimum/Maximum Quantity Options

Next comes the “Minimum Quantity Options” to apply to the Cart total, per item, per category, and attribute. It is important to know that to display the min quantity during the page load you should set the “Force to minimum quantity” option.


In the case of the Maximum quantity displayed on the page load, you need to set the “Force to Maximum quantity” option.


Next comes the Default Quantity option enabling you to set a different value from the minimum “1”. And to switch the default quantity on, you need to go to “General”, then “Force Quantity” options, and enable “Force to Default quantity”.


Then you may define the increment steps of the product quantity through the “Quantity Step Options” for cart total, per item, category, or attribute. So, in case your minimum product quantity is 1, the maximum is 11, and the step is 2, then the allowed purchasing quantity sequence will look like this – 1,3,5,7,9,11.

Through the “Fixed Quantity” feature, you can define allowed and disallowed quantities for all products, for a single product, and cart total.

Another important feature of the plugin is the “Quantity Dropdown” option. This displays a dropdown instead of the custom input type in WooCommerce․

Total Price for Quantity” is a good option enabling the clients to see the total price according to the mentioned item quantities immediately.

If you know HTML then you will benefit from the “Quantity Info” section. Here you can insert custom HTML or available shortcodes that you will find in the section description.

Through the “Styling” section, you may customize the quantity input style by determining its width, height, etc.


You may find the descriptions of all the sections that we have spotted above directly in the plugin’s dashboard after activating it.

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  • How to display Dropdown quantity instead of the custom input?

In fact, when you enable the Dropdown quantity option the custom input changes to dropdown immediately. So, you do not need to manually switch off the ordinary input. The only thing you need to do is to set either a maximum quantity, max fallback quantity, or fixed quantities so that the system does not go infinite.

  • With how many themes is the All-in-One Product Quantity for WooCommerce compatible?

All the themes that have good coding are compatible with this plugin. Even if the users encounter a 3rd party issue while using it then the WPWhale developers are ready to help them.

Finalizing the Plugin’s Benefits

  • The first and the most important benefit of this plugin is that it helps you to get full control over your store items’ order quantities.
  • The AIO Product Quantity is too handy and very easy to use. Each section of the functions contains a brief description for users to understand the available element’s functionality in a better way.
  • After activating and installing the plugin it is directly added to your WooCommerce plugin’s Main Menu. So that you can configure the quantity options without being redirected to another tab or plugin section to do so.

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