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How to Add a Cost Calculator for WordPress Website?

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a clever, easy-to-use tool that will allow you to generate price estimator forms quickly. In fact, with the help of that forms your clients may learn more about the pricing of your services and products. In this article, you will find out what is a cost calculator, and how can you create it. Moreover, you will discover the greatest WordPress Website Cost Calculator, that will produce positive outcomes for you. You can find out how to add cost calculator builder WordPress to your website and how to use it with the greatest possible advantages.

So, in case you are interested let’s not waste time and move on!

What is a Cost Calculator?

Calculators aren’t just about school anymore. They’re efficient online instruments for consumer engagement. They can help to capture leads and build estimation forms on your own websites. Actually, WordPress Website Cost Calculator is a form or a calculator itself. It will allow customers to figure out how much your products will cost them. First of all, it will make things easy and simple, and obviously, develop a relationship of trust with your customers.

Indeed, this is one of the main reasons why so many websites offer online calculators. They have various purposes, including building, mortgages, loans, financial, mathematical, medical, cooking, and more. Using online calculators on a website to simplify customer work is a tried-and-true internet marketing strategy. Your support team will avoid answering tons of questions calculations-related questions.

What are the Benefits of Online Calculator?

Even when cost calculator WordPress plugins are extra useful tools and save lots of time, many people still use difficult and out-of-date pricing methods like large price lists. The reason for this is that a lot of people are unaware of WordPress website cost calculator tools, and their advantages. So now that you know what an online calculator is, let’s go over its benefits in further detail.


Improvement of Search Engines

The number one advantage of using Cost Calculator builder WordPress is SEO improvement. Usage of an online calculator will undoubtedly help you boost your SEO ranking and acquire more focused traffic.

You may increase targeted traffic to your website using an online calculator if you use the right and accurate keywords.

Time Management

Cost calculator plugin WordPress can substantially decrease the number of unwanted price questions and free up time for other tasks related to the order.

It can substantially decrease the number of unwanted price questions and free up time for other tasks related to the orders. In a few minutes, a consumer can select the items they want to buy on their own and receive their total.

This minimizes the need for fixed prices while still allowing clients to calculate costs in a flexible manner. It’s highly crucial to understand that a calculator shouldn’t be displayed on a white page. In fact, the reason is that it is better to work hand in hand with other motivating aspects like client evaluations and your brand’s benefits summary.

Get Right to the Heart of the Target Market

Cost calculators will drastically reduce the quantity of non-target requests, resulting in an increase in site orders and high-quality traffic. Website users that are serious about purchasing your items or services will certainly use a calculator to figure out the overall cost. Besides, it can offer them reliable and available information

  1. Regarding costs,
  2. Services availability,
  3. Shipping and transportation,
  4. Product supplies, and more.

All of this helps visitors make smarter judgments and streamlines the sales process. When the customer understands clearly how much he is going to pay, it is easier for him/her to make a solution.

On one hand, the greatest part is that neither you nor your customer will have to waste time chatting and discussing the products or the final price. On the other hand, customers are drawn to a beautiful cost calculator on a website.

Create a Modern and Responsive Style for Your Website

Even if some people are unfamiliar with modern tools, the number of people who use and enjoy them is larger. Furthermore, it becomes larger day by day. WordPress calculators can become a valuable addition to any modern and professional website. Moreover, as we’ve seen, they don’t just appear modern; they actually perform modern functions. For instance, consider the time-management and user-friendliness issues mentioned above.

How to Create a Calculator in WordPress

So, we have reached the next and most important step. We need to understand how we can create a Cost Calculator on a WP website. Of course, we’ll need to choose a tool to help us with this. And the decision must be taken seriously and cautiously. Needless to say, everything depends on the tool. So rather than wasting time looking through and trying out various plugins, you can initially choose a reliable tool.

Cost Calculator Builder


Probably the best solution that you can find on the web is – Cost Calculator Builder plugin. In a few simple clicks, you can create any type of estimation form using an easy-to-use and responsive interface. Cost Calculator includes its own builder, allowing everybody to become a developer. There’s no need to be concerned if you don’t have enough coding skills. Picture any form of business calculator and use a well-organized calculation builder to make it. You may also build an endless number of calculation forms and add them to any website or webpage. You can import a ready-made calculator or export them.

The tool is designed to make it as simple as possible for visitors to your WP website. Cost Calculator is highly helpful even if services or items are dynamic and there are different ways to calculate the cost. This plugin can be used to calculate:

  • Project expenses
  • Loans
  • Table orders

Allow the WP Cost Calculator Builder to serve as your digital assistant and boost your website’s conversion rate immediately. It’s a handy and great application that’s simple to use and it comes with a built-in price calculator and drag-and-drop parts. You can use HTML code, radio and toggle buttons, quantity and dropdown boxes, and so forth.

Cost Calculator Builder Pro Version

Cost Calculator suggests Pro Version as well. It has three packages, depending on the number of websites you want to use it on. Here are the prices below:

  1. Single Site – $29.99 for an annual and $99.99 for lifetime versions.
  2. 5 Sites – $79.99 for an annual and $239.99 for lifetime versions.
  3. 25 Sites – $199.99 for an annual and $599.99 for lifetime versions.

The following features and capabilities are included in the Cost Calculator Builder Premium version: 

  • Woocommerce,
  • Stripe & PayPal integrations,
  • Date Picker Calculator,
  • Multi-Range Slider Calculator,
  • File Upload Calculator,
  • Image Dropdown Calculator Elements
  • reCAPTCHA, and so on.

You may view video tutorials to see all of the pro features in action. Furthermore, if you have any problems, you can easily contact the plugin’s quick and professional support service.

Process of Adding a Calculator

Let’s see how can we add a Cost Calculator step by step.

  1. The first step will be of course installing and activating the Cost Calculator. For that, you need to go to the Plugins section and then click on Add new. This way you can either Upload the plugin in a .zip format or search for a plugin. After the installation, you just have to activate the plugin.
  2. Afterward, you can find the plugin on the left menu bar of your WP Dashboard. The plugin’s main menu appears when you click on it.

Here you can Create new calculators, Import or Export them as XML files.

3. Let’s try to create a new one. Firstly, set the name of your calculator. Secondly, then drag the elements that you are going to need from the right to the corresponding field. After dropping each of them you have to set up the settings and details of the elements. Create unlimited customizable estimation forms. After building you can preview your forms and calculators and save them.


4. With the Pro version of the plugin you can use the conditions system. They enable you to create more practical calculators with more details and information.

5. In the settings section you can use all of the integrations and set up the Total Summary Settings, Calculator Box Style, and so forth.


Final Steps

And finally, the customization! Create unique forms with the help of a Cost Calculator Builder!

  • Set the width, container background, and border settings
  • With the help of border-radius settings make your calculators perfect and suitable for your website.
  • Enable box shadows and arrange them as desired.
  • Set the margins and padding in pixels.
  • With the Cost Calculator, you will have access to font settings. You can alter font styles, sizes, positions, and more.
  • You can configure your calculator’s buttons: set background colors, hover effects, font settings, and even margin and padding for buttons.
  • The other customization section is for the input fields. In the same way, they can be customized to look different and make your calculators stand out from the crowd.

 So, after setting up all options and customizing your calculator you can easily place them on your web pages through the shortcodes and page builders.

That’s its simple and beginner-friendly interface, that will help you to create calculator forms in a few minutes. To better understand the plugin’s features you may benefit from this video.


In conclusion, you can easily make any website much more professional with the Cost Calculator plugin. Generate leads and increase your SEO rankings, just by using helpful tools, and upgrading customer experience. Take your business to the next level by trying new things!

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