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Top Directory Plugins for WordPress – 2022 Review

If you decided to launch a directory on your WordPress site then it is easier for you to complete it via plugins. At this point, we will reveal the top directory plugins for WordPress.

What Are Common Features of The Top Directory Plugins for WordPress

Although the plugins differ from each other in the available features and functionalities there are some common options you should search for in the top directory plugins for WordPress. Here they are:

  • Add listing options
  • Merchant backend tools
  • Payment methods
  • Review and rating systems
  • Media files support
  • Search based on the location
  • Frontend submission system
  • Shortcodes and widgets availability
  • Customizable fields for forms, etc.

And now, let’s review the plugins one by one.

1. Advanced Classified & Directory Pro


Here is the first professional well-functioned Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro plugin. It has over 4,000 activations and 80 5-stars on WordPress.

With this plugin, you can easily set an unlimited quantity of custom fields such as radio, checkbox, Selection list, textarea, input, etc. As well as you may complete the location setup configuration, having access to integrated Google Maps. Moreover, you as a user can manage listing by renewing, editing, or deleting it.

In its pro version, you may make PayPal and Stripe payments, as well as get transfers via direct bank transfer methods. The plugin is fully GDPR compliant and includes Honeypot and Google reCAPTCHA spam-protection method with its 2nd version.

You are able to find more features in the plugin’s Pro version with the following pricing:

  • Single Site – $119.88 annually
  • 3 Sites – $359-64 annually
  • 5 Sites – $599.40 annually

2. Contact List – Easy Business Directory, Staff Directory, and Address Book Plugin


The 2nd directory plugin from our list is the WordPress Contact List plugin developed by Tammersoft. Currently, it has more than six hundred active installs and 7 5-stars in the WordPress Repository. 

The plugin enables you to make an address book or company directory very easily without hustles. The whole contact data, for example, name, mobile number, email address, and Social media links can be listed and combined through this plugin. The free version of the Contact list plugin is full of many free features, such as:

  • Sending emails from the frontend form
  • 2 views opportunity (contact data full list, table type view)
  • A single custom field
  • 4 different layouts
  • Contact filtering based on country, states, categories, etc.
  • Email spam prevention
  • Printable contact list, and many other features

Yet, if you work with the plugin’s free version and realize that its features are not enough to fulfill your business requirements, then you can confidently upgrade to the available Pro version with the following pricing:

  • Personal – $4.99 per month ($59.88 yearly)
  • Professional – $6.49 per month ($77.88 yearly)
  • Business – $7.99 per month ($95.88 yearly)

Besides, you will obtain a 100% refund opportunity within 30 days after making the purchase. As well as you can view the demo version to learn more about this plugin. 

Some of the Pro features are listed below:

  • Various shortcodes 
  • Pagination support
  • reCAPTCHA activated on contact forms
  • Excel import and support 
  • Front-end contact editor
  • Field customization, and many other functions

You can view all the Pro version features by visiting the Contact list plugin’s official website. 

3. Directorist


Next comes the WordPress Directorist plugin that has been developed by wpWax. The plugin has 10,000+ active installs and 235 5-stars on WordPress.

Most importantly, the Directorist plugin is foreseen for the people who aim to create online directories for their listings. Due to it Directory creating process becomes very fast, easy, and smooth.

In short, here are the main functionalities provided by this plugin:

  • Multi directory
  • Listing Import or Export to CSV format
  • Customs form Builder
  • Layout Builder
  • User and especially beginner-friendly
  • Monetization option
  • Customizable
  • Available booking system (check out the best booking plugins on WordPress)
  • Compatible with the Gutenberg Block Editor
  • Live chat integration

Besides the free version’s features, you can gain more special and helpful options by upgrading to its paid version. Here is the pricing:

  • 3 months – $79
  • 6 months – $129
  • 1 year – $199
  • Lifetime – $1099

As well as you may discover the plugin’s demo version before trying it yourself.

4. MembershipWorks


Here is the fourth plugin – MembershipWorks having 2,000+ active installations and 30 five-stars in the WP Repository.

So it is a unique membership, events, and directory plugin for various chambers of commerce, associations, networks, membership groups, etc.

It is easy to set up and includes many 3rd party integrations with:

  • Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, Authorize.net
  • Xero, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop
  • Mailchimp
  • Website Toolbox

Meanwhile, through this plugin, you are able to search by keyword, fields, folders, labels, and locations. You will have multiple locations for your business or organization. The business cards and membership profiles are fully customizable. Also, the plugin enables you to switch on Email address protecting system by the CAN-SPAM action, etc.

The pricing of the cheapest plan where the directory is available is $29 per month. Pricing is based on the number of accounts you store on the platform.

5. Name Directory


The next plugin is Name Directory which scores 3,000+ active installations and 65 5-stars on WordPress.

It enables the users to add name (term) directors to WP installation. The total look of this directory will be like a glossary. Besides, you will have a search option.

Due to this plugin, you can create and customize multiple directories on WordPress. Moreover, it is very easy to embed directories on every part of your website. This should be done simply with a shortcode.

In order to use the Name Directory plugin with ease, you can watch the available Demo version.

The plugin is absolutely free of charge. Yet, in addition to the available free features, you can order individual customizations like adding some columns, image uploads, as well as styles. For this, you need to contact with the plugin developer – Jeroen Peters.

6. Business Directory Plugin


In this paragraph, we will review the Business Directory plugin. It has 10,000+ activations and 401 5-stars on WordPress.

Above all, this is a really helpful solution for professionals seeking to find a simple directory maker for the website. Yet, this does not mean that you are obliged to know programming languages to do so.

Moreover, it is very easy for setting up and use. You can complete monetization very quickly without hustles. Besides, it is scalable and supports multiple languages. Recurring payments can renew listings automatically in the majority of gateways. Besides, you are able to fully control the fields. You can paste images because the plugin supports media files.

Besides the technical features, the plugin is very SEO-friendly and responsive to different devices. There are many other functions, too.

Also, the developers offer the plugin’s two versions – free and paid. Here is the paid version’s pricing:

  • Elite – $499 annually
  • Pro – $299 annually
  • Basic – $99 annually

7. Classified Listing


The Classified Listing plugin is a good tool for building a business directory, as well as making classified ads. It was developed by RadiusTheme and has 5000+ active installs. Moreover, the plugin scores 33 5-stars in the WP Repository.

It is a user and mobile-friendly plugin having many useful features such as:

  • Unlimited Custom Fields (including text box, text area, radio, checkbox, URL, etc.)
  • Searching and Filtering Options
  • Frontend user dashboard functions
  • Ad control by admin
  • Setting up to 3 locations
  • Monetizing
  • Gutenberg Block Editor compatibility
  • Elementor add-on
  • User and Email notifications
  • Google Map integration, etc.

Furthermore, there are many more other features you may discover by visiting the plugin’s official website.

Besides providing the free version, you can upgrade to the paid version seeking to find new helpful features:

  • Personal – $39 annually
  • Professional – $149 annually
  • Agency – $499 annually

8. Simple Link Directory


The next Simple Link Directory plugin was developed by QuantumCloud and has more than 3,000 activations and 101 5-stars according to the client’s reviews on WordPress Repository.

So, the plugin is very helpful to bloggers, content managers, SEO specialists, marketers, and actually for the entire Marketing Agencies.

So, with this plugin, you may make unlimited directories and lists to show on your preferred page. It is fully compatible with the Gutenberg Block Editor, Besides, the plugin offers you 4 ready-made and totally customizable templates, an import option to CSV format, fast-replying support, outbound click-tracking, a quick code generator, and many more other functions.

In addition to these features, you may obtain more advanced ones by upgrading to the plugin’s Pro version:

  • Personal – $28
  • Master – $84
  • Ultimate – $149

9. ListDom


The last plugin from our list is Listdom which has more than 1,000 active installations and 50 5-stars.

In brief, it is a great directory and listing plugin that is absolutely free to build a listing, directory, and classified sites. Additionally, it provides almost 80 customizable, responsive and free templates. As well as it is compatible with the majority of 3rd party plugins.

Furthermore, besides the well-functioned free version, you can upgrade to the ListDom Pro version for $79 (the taxes are included).

Comparison Table

Additionally, for the final analysis, let us compare the mentioned plugins in the comparison table:

Plugin NameActive InstallationsRatingPaid Plans Pricing
Advanced Classified & Directory Pro4,00080 5-stars$119.88 – $599.40
Contact List6007 5-stars(per month)
$4.99 – $7.99
(per year)
$59.88 – $95.88
Directorist10,000235 5-stars$79 – $1099
MermebershipWorks2,00030 5-stars$99
Name Directory3,00065 5-starsFree
Business Directory plugin10,000401 5-stars$99 – $499
Classified Listing5,00033 5-stars$39 – $499
Simple Link Directory3,000101 5-stars$28 – $149
Listdom1,00050 5-stars$79


In brief, these are the selected top directory plugins for WordPress. So, by identifying your needs and the required features for your business aims you may choose one of the described plugins and set up your website directory very fast without any hustles.

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