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The Best WP Recipe Maker Plugin – 2021 Guide

Do you like cooking and interesting food recipes? Want to create a food blogs in WordPress? Amazing! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an established user of WordPress. It makes sure you can create perfectly designed and SEO-friendly recipes by yourself. There is a number of free WordPress recipe makers online you may install from WordPress. But in this article, we are going to learn about the best WP Recipe Maker Plugin. This plugin will help you to easily make and share your tasty recipes with your site visitors even without knowing any of the programming languages.

What is a Recipe Plugin?


Recipe plugins are software bits that basically allow you to make search engine-friendly recipe card blocks for your food blog. Using the recipe maker plugin you will have access to its various options and most importantly you will be doing everything within the plugin’s options. So you do not need any coding skills. A good recipe maker plays an important role in displaying all your food recipes.

Being a beginner food blogger in the world of WordPress can be tough. You may be so confused and the lack of information about recipe makers can be a huge obstacle on the way to creating the food blog of your dreams. Recipe makers come in really handy when you want to have a beautifully customized food blog. Well-written instructions and video tutorials are important assets on the way to creating blog posts for your visitors.

WP Recipe Maker Plugin


At this point, we shall give you a detailed description of one of the best WordPress recipe makersRecipe Maker Plugin. We’ll cover some details such as the benefits of using it, cons and pros, and much more.

More than 50.000 websites use WP Recipe Maker Plugin and it has got 246 5 star rating based on positive reviews from its users. You can use this plugin regardless of the skills you have. You’ll be able to add not only recipe steps but ingredients, preparation, videos, and ratings. But first, let’s discuss what are recipe makers and why you should use them.

Main Features of WP Recipe Maker Plugin


So, now it is time to meet the main features of this plugin:

  • Latest SEO standards
  • Easy to use
  • Nice speed
  • Excellent customer support
  • Template personalization

SEO- friendly: Getting on top of Google is not easy so you have to always make sure that your blog posts meet all the SEO standards. WP Recipe Maker SEO meets all the high standards you are looking for. It offers a metadata checker, which basically warns you about optimization issues you got on Search Engines. With this useful feature, you are able to stimulate the popularity of your blog post.

Easy to use: When it comes to ease of use WP Recipe Maker leads the way. It’s totally fine if you don’t want to change your workflow as you have an opportunity to add recipes to your regular posts. Your readers just need one setting option to be able to jump to the wanted recipe. The shopping list form and printing the recipe options are also included.

It is very quick: Speed is such an important asset for the users of your website. Most of the users are not that patient when it comes to speed. WP Recipe Maker plugin makes sure that your webpage loads fast, this is also a little SEO bonus for your website.

Support: WP Recipe Maker has an incredible support team. They appreciate their customers, feedbacks and are always open to new suggestions and for implementing improvements. If you have any troubles, suggestions, or complaints they are always ready to help.

Different templates: WP Recipe Maker offers various types of templates you can select from. If you didn’t like a particular template, no worries you can create your own by using Template Editor.

Other Features

Here are some other features that you are most likely to appreciate:

  • WordPress Recipe maker gives an opportunity to reach people all over the world. Even if they use different food measurements, this plugin makes sure that everything is calculated according to the needs of its visitors.
  • It’s not a secret that the Internet is a source of money. If you have a food blog you are probably thinking to turn it into a business one day and earn some money. The WP Recipe Maker plugin is a great way to boost your website and turn it into your anticipated business.
  • WP Recipe Maker’s “Nutrition facts” is an amazing feature to make your recipes look visually nice and useful. Visitors care about the calories the particular food has. And you want to make sure that your food recipe is created according to the needs of your customers.
  • When you use WordPress plugins you always have second thoughts what would happen if technical problems occur? It makes you really worried thinking about losing your data and everything you put in so much effort. Well, with WP Recipe Maker it’s no longer a problem. Even if the owners of the plugin deactivate it your recipes will not disappear, so you’ll not regret all the efforts you put in to create your food website.
  • This recipe plugin is fully responsive. Whether you are using a PC, tablet, or mobile phone you’ll easily have access to every feature of your food blog.

How to Make a Recipe with WP Recipe Maker Plugin?

Here are the essential instructions to create an amazing recipe for your website:

1st Step

  • For installing WP Recipe maker simply open your WordPress website. Go to “Plugins” then click “Add New“.
  • After that search WP Recipe Maker and click on the “Install” button.
  • Once you have done that click “Activate” and your plugin will be activated.
  • After the activation, you will find the plugin along with the other plugins you have. Click on “Create Recipe“.

2nd Step

  • In this field, you’ll be able to fill out all the necessary information about your recipes including category, ingredient and instruction, timing, etc. After finishing “Save” the changes.
  • For adding recipes click on “Posts”, “Add New“. You will see “WP Recipe Maker“, click on that.
  • You can “Create” a new recipe or paste an “Existing” one.
  • Search for the recipe and select “Insert”.

3rd Step

  • Your recipe is ready. Save draft and preview before publishing. If you find any mistakes go back to recipes “Edit” and you’ll be able to make changes. Publish your recipe and you are all set!

WP Recipe Maker Pricing

This plugin offers 2 versions to its users including WP Recipe Maker Free and Pro. Here are the Pro version plans:

  • Elite Bundle- $149
  • Pro Bundle- $99
  • Premium Bundle- $49

If you want to get a discount code for this WP recipe plugin or coupon you have two options. You may use:

  1. Birthday Discount
  2. Black Friday Sale

Free VS Pro

WP recipe maker free version offers a lot of free and useful features including:

  • Template Editor
  • Manage Page
  • Recipe metadata for SEO
  • Pinterest rich pins
  • Metadata for recipes
  • Recipe rating
  • Import from other plugins
  • Share buttons
  • Printing recipes
  • Ingredient and instruction groups
  • Recipe Snippets
  • Video Recipes
  • Import recipe from text

WP Recipe Maker Premium version offers:

  • Premium templates
  • Adjustable servings (serving size)
  • Call to action
  • User ratings
  • Kitchen timer (Cooking times)
  • Equipment links
  • Author links
  • Recipe Taxonomies

WP Recipe Maker: Advantages And Disadvantages


  • SEO markup for Pinterest and Google is the best
  • Support team
  • Free plan with great features
  • Cheap


  • The annual fee for premium features
  • Many options may seem a bit overwhelming

WP Recipe Maker VS WP Ultimate Recipe

You might be wondering if you can use the Post Editor instead of downloading the plugin. You certainly can! However, as a beginner, you are going to have some trouble trying to manage the recipes. WP ultimate recipe has got some drawbacks. The comparison indicates that with the Post Editor you will not be able to distinguish between recipes and blog posts. This can be very inconvenient and annoying for the visitors of your website.

You’ll no longer have this problem if you decide to use exactly this recipe plugin.

With WP recipe maker you can use a meal planner, and choose your favorite recipes. The template editor is way easier to use, the exportation of recipes is available, and a lot more.


As you noticed food blogging is not that difficult when there are many great plugins to help you to create your blog. You shouldn’t be scared of not having any coding skills as these plugins are created to make your experience less complicated and fun in WordPress.

So, if you are a food blogger and you want to make that your recipes are internationally recognizable then you definitely need this plugin. With WP recipe maker you will be able to easily share your recipes on Social Media. You can use the Pinterest sharing button making it relatively easy for your visitors to share your recipes. The printing out option is worth mentioning. Often your visitors need to print recipes for different reasons. For instance, they would like to make a recipe book. In this case, you should make sure that your recipes look great, readable, and eye-catching.

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