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Strong Testimonials WordPress Plugin – 2021 Review

Are you new in the world of WordPress and looking for plugins to give your users the best experience on your website? The first step is to identify the best plugins for your website. In order to succeed the website definitely needs a testimonial plugin. Thus, I strongly believe that the Strong Testimonials WordPress Plugin is a must-have plugin for all websites.

However, what is a testimonial? Why is it important for a website? And finally, why is the WordPress Strong Testimonials plugin the best for websites? In the following sections, you will find the answers to those questions.

What are Testimonials?

Testimonials are important reviews that provide honest information about the experience of the customer with a particular company and the service it offers. As much as you want to get results only by advertising your product by using the Ad Maker tool, your efforts will be in vain if people don’t share their honest opinion about them.

Testimonials are proofs that your website visitors trust your company and its services, so advertising your products highly depends on what kind of testimonials your product has.

People all over the world consider testimonials very trustworthy. The reason is that they pay huge attention to their friends’ opinions and recommendations. As well as they like to benefit from other users’ experiences and choose the right product for personal use. WP Testimonial plugin offer testimonials in text, image, video forms including adding different styles to testimonials. Testimonial plugins offer incredible designs that are compatible with themes that are easy and quick to manage. 


What are The Benefits of Testimonial Plugin?

They help you sell your products 

Testimonials do help you sell your products, however, they are not “sales”. They are not written by you, they are unbiased reviews about how well your product works, therefore good testimonials have the power to make a difference in your consumer’s life and help them solve their problems.

Create stable relationships with consumers and build trust

Asking people to leave reviews for your website, makes them feel appreciated and really important for your business, so it’s more likely that they’ll recommend your company to others if they feel this way as you’ll create a trustworthy brand and good reputation as a company. 

Collect reviews

Positive reviews stimulate the sale of your products on your website, similarly, negative reviews help you improve your service and product. You need to collect testimonials before posting because the clients won’t trust you if you have just one or two testimonials for instance. Once you have a lot of testimonials you will be able to sort them out and select the best ones. Despite the testimonials make sure to collect some pictures as they will make them look more real.

How to Choose the Right Testimonial?


Have you already collected some testimonials? Now it’s time to choose them for your website and for that you need to differentiate between effective and ineffective testimonials. A good testimonial attracts more visitors. It’s nice hearing this kind of review “I really like this product”, but in fact, it doesn’t tell visitors much about your products.

A good testimonial tells the actual facts about your products. These facts include how much time and money your consumers saved by using your products, did the product helped them meet their goals. 

A good testimonial should be credible, hence have to identify your users. For instance, add some information about your users in each testimonial. This shows that it really comes from real people.  Especially if you want to take testimonials to the next level you should include some audio and video testimonials for having maximum effect.

A good testimonial should be comparative. Your visitors may have used other products not being satisfied with those, so comparing your product with those and saying that you offer better services would be really beneficial for your website. 

Why Choose Strong Testimonials WordPress Plugin


In this article, we are going to discuss the Strong Testimonials plugin. It is considered one of the best testimonial plugins in WP.

If you want to build credibility by increasing the rates of conversation on your website this user testimonials plugin is what you are looking for! Over 100.000 people use strong testimonials. It’s very user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding skills

In fact, it offers a lot of notable features to its users, and most importantly, is free to install. Moreover, these features include collecting different kinds of testimonials and star ratings to add them to your website. Strong Testimonials is available in free and premium versions.

Key Features

  • Creates testimonials with several platforms.                                                                                
  • Creates shortcodes with various structure, filter, and layout options.
  • Strong Testimonials plugin offers pre-designed free templates, so can customize them by yourself or use the ones that are already available. Several layouts are available to choose from.
  • Strong Testimonials comes with spam protection, so can easily protect your testimonial forms from spam and hate speech.
  • The plugin is SEO-friendly. This feature is truly essential to get a high rank for your website.
  • Testimonial assignments help you categorize testimonials, so you’ll be able to easily manage and filter them.
  • Advanced View Settings will provide you with tools for creating various layouts. You can create your testimonial form, and star rating views, and customize all.
  • You can create numerous testimonial submission forms and easily collect testimonials.
  • Allows importing testimonials from Facebook, Google, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Pro templates

Free Version Includes

  • Creating and publishing custom testimonial submission forms
  • Publishing individual testimonials
  • Customizing your testimonials

Pro Version Includes

  • Pro Templates
  • Testimonial Assignment
  • SEO friendly 
  • Multiple submission forms
  • Custom properties
  • Advanced view settings
  • Custom form fields
  • Spam control
  • Support and updates for one year
  • Submitting the form for using it with the Popup Maker plugin.

With the new update of the PRO version, you can

  • Make featured images for testimonials using the initials of the author, customizing its background, font type, and color.
  • Have control over HTML tags, which your testimonials use. This is a great feature for those who care about the SEO of their pages
  • The single testimonial template now has its own tab and you’ll be able to use pro templates for single testimonial pages as well.
  • Create shareable URLs
  • Make the form accessible only for logged-in users. 

Personal Privacy

  • Can’t store website visitor information
  • Can’t edit comments 
  • No sending information to any other servers


Strong testimonials offer free and premium versions with 4 pricing plans and you can change or cancel the plans anytime.

The free version has limited functionality, and you can install it from WordPress Library.

The Basic plan costs $49 and provides 1-year support and updates for one website.

The Plus plan costs $69 with one-year support and updates for three websites.

Finally, the Business plan costs $99 providing support for one year and availability of updates for five websites.


How to Use Strong Testimonial WordPress Plugin

Now let’s find out how to use the Strong Testimonials plugin.

Open your WordPress menu, then go to the plugins section > Add New. Search for “Strong Testimonials” and click install.


After the installation of the plugin, you must activate it. Thus, you’ll have access to its features. 

Then go to the Dashboard and press add a new testimonial.


Once you have done this, add title, and media, write the testimonial, and fill out the client’s details. Afterward, you should click publish.

Customize testimonials.

After creating testimonials it’s time to customize them. For that գo to Testimonials>Views>Add New. After that feature your testimonials in a grid, list, slideshow, etc.


Choose to add more testimonials, organize them by menu order, date, or random, add an image to every testimonial, and alter its size.


Then display your testimonials in different ways. Click on a specific field>Display Type. After that, you will be able to add text, links, date, category, rating, video, etc.


After doing that you will have an opportunity to style the page. Use template, layout, background, and font color features. Don’t forget to save the changes, otherwise, you’ll have to go through the same process again.


Import testimonials

Go to Testimonials, click import and you’ll be able to import the testimonials from 3rd party sites like Google, Facebook, Zomato, and  Yelp.


Add testimonials to the WordPress page 

Now it’s time for the final step. For adding testimonials to your WordPress page simply go to views and you’ll see the strong testimonials shortcode. Use the shortcode accordingly.


Pros and Cons


  1. High quality
  2. Helps you collect better testimonials using different forms
  3. Presents testimonials in SEO-friendly form
  4. 100.000 users worldwide
  5. You can control and do customization of your website by yourself


  1. A lot of great features are limited in the free version
  2. Integration with Facebook and Google is  not advanced


We hope that this article about WordPress testimonial plugins has helped you and now you know everything about testimonials. Hopefully, this knowledge will guide you in making changes to your website and working on making it better with Strong Testimonials. In case of any further questions feel free to write them down in the comments section.


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