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Solid Affiliate VS AffiliateWP WordPress Plugins

Everyone wants to make money. The Affiliate Marketing concept allows people to earn money easily. This marketing strategy brings benefits to both the affiliate marketer and the brand owner. There are numerous Affiliate plugins that allow the users to build strong and effective marketing. Here you will find Solid Affiliate VS AffiliateWP.

In this article, we will compare two of the best WordPress affiliate tools. Learn about their main functionalities and advantages.

Let’s compare Solid Affiliate VS AffiliateWP and find out which one is the best.

What is an Affiliate Plugin?

WordPress Affiliate Plugins are perfect tools for enhancing the business’s digital marketing. Affiliate Marketing is very effective in increasing the number of sales. If you are thinking of making money via your website, then Affiliate Marketing is for you. The people who participate in the Affiliate Marketing process are called “affiliates”.

This concept is beneficial for both parties. During this strategy process, the affiliate earns commissions for promoting the product. Usually, the affiliate chooses the product which they prefer. After, the companion starts to promote the product and earns money from each purchase they make.

In summary, the Affiliate Strategy encourages loyal customers to promote and market your product.

Usually, the affiliates create content marketing for the product or the service. To track each purchase and sale the affiliate uses a referral link.

But what if the number of sales increases? Of course, it will be hard to monitor all the sales. In this case, a good WordPress plugin will come and save you.

Besides, business owners can use the WP Affiliate Plugins to track the referral links, Link clicks, and sales conversion rates.

In other words, before starting your Affiliate Marketing you will need a proper strategy. The WordPress Affiliate plugins will help you in order to, build a proper marketing strategy. Read further to see the Solid Affiliate VS AffiliateWP functionalities.

Why Do You Need an Affiliate Plugin?

It is a well-known fact, that every digital creation is innovated to ease our daily lives. WordPress Affiliate plugins are generated to ease the marketing process. Furthermore, these plugins will bring your new marketing strategy to a more advanced and professional level. Similarly, generate real-time data analytics and keep track of referral links via the Affiliate plugins.

So, now let’s see what are the main reasons to obtain a WordPress Affiliate plugin.

  • The Affiliate plugin’s main purpose is to help the user properly monitor the commercial process. It will be easier to track the whole linking process.
  • Edit your WordPress dashboard anytime you want. Moreover, via the plugins the user will be able to add, edit, and remove the affiliate links anytime he or she needs.
  • The Affiliate plugin users can easily create uncomplicated and shareable links.
  • The whole marketing process will be automated. All affiliate plugins provide an “auto-linking” functionality.
  • The users can effortlessly set up redirection for the affiliate links.
  • Last but not least important, the affiliate plugins will help the users to make customer loyalty.

Now, when you already know what is an Affiliate plugin and why you need it. It is time to learn about the best WordPress Affiliate Plugins. Let’s make a comparison of “Solid Affiliate VS AffiliateWP”.


Solid Affiliate WordPress Plugin


How to start a professional Affiliate program and make it run smoothly? Well, I guess in this case you will need the Solid Affiliate Plugin.

The Solid Affiliate is a solid WooCommerce plugin. This plugin was initially generated to work with the WooCommerce platform. Unlike the other plugins, Solid Affiliate is built for WooCommerce businesses. Unlike the other plugins, you will not need any additional add-ons to have access to WooCommerce.

What is amazing about this Affiliate tool is that the plugin includes all the functionalities to build powerful affiliate marketing.

This plugin provides all the main affiliate plugin functionalities. Like “Affiliate Link Tracking”, “Affiliate Coupon Tracking”, “Email Notifications”, “Real-Time Reports”, “Affiliate Management”, and etc. In addition to these tools, you will find features like “Commission Rate Configuration”. Therefore, this functionality will help your strategy to make sense for your business. Also, you can take advantage of the “Affiliate Portal”. This feature is perfect for monitoring affiliates’ statistics and saving the company’s time.

So, now let’s see what are the functionalities, that differentiate the Solid Affiliate plugin from the others.

Main Functionalities

  • No extra payments. Unlike the other plugins, the Solid Affiliate does not require additional payments for extra advanced functionalities.
  • Everything is UNLIMITED. Within this plugin, everything will work properly no matter the number of affiliates, referrals, and creatives you will have. And, most importantly you can have an unlimited number of them.
  • WooCommerce Subscription. Provide your WooCommerce subscribers with full support.
  • Commission Insights. Learn about all the commissions. Find out how the commissions had been calculated for the orders.
  • PayPal Integrations. While using the Solid Affiliate plugin you will not need extra payment services. The Paypal Integration will do its job.
  • Auto Rejected Refunded Referrals. The unpaid referrals will be automatically rejected.
  • Admin Notifications. The plugin users will immediately get time-sensitive notifications.
  • Complete Control. Henceforth, the plugin users will have full control over the program and all the data.
  • Fully Customization. With the Solid Affiliate, you can customize everything you need. Therefore, you will be able to match your brand.

Main Advantages

  • Unbeatable Price Point. Pay once. Get unlimited affiliates, unlimited tracked referrals, and unlimited commission payouts.
  • Beginner-Friendly. All the functionalities are easily understandable. Therefore, the whole process will be very unchallenging. Less than 5 minutes and your Affiliate program is read to benefit you.
  • More WooCommerce data. This plugin uses more WooCommerce data. Learn about all the historical loggings and commission insights.
  • Thoughtful Features. There are various advanced-level functionalities. Get advantage of “Refund Loggings”, “WooCommerce Order Notes”, “Granular Commission Rate Settings”, etc.
  • Deep Integrations with both WordPress and WooCommerce.

AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin


The AffiliateWP plugin is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin, which helps to generate a reliable marketing strategy. In addition, via the AffiliateWP plugin’s functionalities, you can bring your business to higher levels. Accordingly, through AffiliateWP you can grow your business and enhance your income source.

Main Functionalities

  • Easy Set Up. Purchase the plugin and have your affiliate program within minutes. This plugin is user-friendly. Purchase, create, and see the results.
  • Referral-Link Generator. This plugin automatically generates a referral link for each subscribed affiliate.
  • Real-Time Reporting. Get fast and real-time reports. Monitor all the affiliate referral visits, the referred visits, and earnings in real-time without delays.
  • Cookie Expiration. Set a Cookie Expiration date. Define the delay and make the Cookie valid for as long as you need.
  • Customizable Emails. Notify your users about the referrals, new updates and etc. Furthermore, customize an email to the admin. Learn about the new affiliate application registrations or rejections. Similarly, grow your email marketing list.
  • Easy Affiliate Management. Learn about the top-earning affiliates and top-ranking affiliate referrals. Moreover, the users can moderate affiliate registrations. And of course, manage the whole reports process.
  • Affiliate Coupon Tracking. You can generate personalized coupon codes for specific affiliates.
  • Performance-Ready. The Affiliate program will perfectly fit any screen size. Obviously, AffiliateWP forms will ideally function on all the sites.
  • World-Class Support. This functionality implies, that every customer will get individual assistance. Provide your clients with a high-level customer-support experience.
  • Integrations. The AffiliateWP plugin provides various additional functionalities. As a result of numerous WordPress e-commerce integrations.

Main Advantages

  • Unlimited Affiliates. This plugin allows its users to have unlimited affiliates. Additionally, have many marketers who are continuously promoting your product or service.
  • Fully Internationalized. Automatically translate all the provided information to provide your customers with a more reliable experience. Correspondingly, bring your business to a global level via this functionality.
  • Made for WordPress. This plugin is generated for the WordPress platform. Thus, every WordPress website owner will have full control during the whole process.
  • nd see the results.
  • Affiliate Tracking. The plugin is created to make the tracking process more accurate. Furthermore, this functionality helps to track referrals on all types of servers.

What Should You Choose? Solid Affiliate VS AffiliateWP

Now, it is time to make the right conclusion based on all the above-mentioned information. Considering both the Solid Affiliate and AffilateWP plugin’s main functionalities, I can assuredly recommend you choose the Solid Affiliate plugin.



Firstly, the price point is unbeatable. By purchasing the Solid Affiliate plugin you will get thoughtful, high-level, comprehensible, and advanced functionalities. Pay once and get the advantage of all the possible functionalities.

Secondly, Solid Affiliate provides deep integrations in both the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. Hence the users will also be able to benefit from additional tools

Thirdly, this plugin is trusted by thousands of users. Not only because of its numerous tools and options but also of the differentiated functionalities.

Fourthly, within this plugin everything is unlimited. Furthermore, no matter the big number of referrals, commissions, etc, the Affiliate program will run smoothly.

Last but not least important, the Solid Affiliate plugin keeps everything straightforward and transparent.

I strongly believe that all the made-out points will help you to choose your perfect affiliate plugin and generate a powerful marketing strategy.

To Sum Up…

Hope this comparison will help you to make the right choice for your future Affiliate Strategy. Choose the best and build the most effective and powerful Affiliate program.

Wishing you luck in your future digital marketing journey!

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