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Quicq: Easy Image Compressing Plugin for WordPress

When starting a blog you will definitely seek to succeed in it. And as it is known that the website success highly depends on good content and its optimization for the Search Engines then it is high time you knew about one thing that is also very important. So it is image optimization by compressing it. And we are here to tell you about Quicq- easy image compressing plugin for WordPress.

Why Compress Images?


Obviously, images have a great impact on your website content. They make the article more viewable and understandable. Yet, by using images on your website you need to know that they should be optimized as you do it for your entire content.

While uploading media files on your website you must make sure that their digital storage is not so big. As it can affect your website speed. And as we know low uploading websites may lead to the loss of many visitors regardless of the fact of the great website content or information.

After recognizing the importance of small storage images you need to reveal how you can make a big-sized image a small one. In this big deal, you may undoubtedly trust WordPress plugins and especially Quicq. The plugin compresses images with big digital storage easily.

Everything about the Quicq Plugin

quicq- easy-image-compressing-plugin-for-WordPress.jpg

The WordPress Quicq plugin has been developed by Afosto which is a software company from the Netherlands. They develop digital products and microservices created according to the needs of their own customer base.

The WordPress Quicq plugin has a 5-star rating on WordPress.org.

It will assist you to compress the uploaded images and therefore, increase your site speed. Here are some functionalities you will surely appreciate:

  • Quicq changes different next-gen image formats according to the user’s device.
  • The images are compressed to the smallest size that is possible. This increases your site’s score, time, and conversion.
  • All these actions are completed automatically. So you should not optimize the images manually.
  • Due to this plugin, the hosting costs decrease.
  • It helps you to score for the Google Search Index.

Also, the plugin compressing system is very responsive. As it chooses the appropriate file format and size for each device (such as WebP, Jpeg XR, etc.). Besides, you do not need to think about the quality of images. As the plugin’s advanced technology works automatically by keeping the media file’s initial quality. Along with all these features, Quicq offers you a cropping option so that you avoid empty white spaces on a page.

The Quicq Plugin’s Pricing Plans

This plugin is a good variant for those who want to compress a website’s media files without paying even a single penny. Because the plugin’s Free plan suggests 25 GB data and enables you to manage almost 100.000 optimizations. Yet, if you want to access more options then you can activate Quicq’s payable Premium version. Here are the plans:

  • Start– 25 GB data (0.5 €), 100.000 optimization (0.0001 €)
  • Serious– 100 GB data (0.3 €), 500.000 transformation (0.00005 €)
  • Pro– 250 GB data (0.3 €), 1.000.000 optimization (0.00004 €)

Before upgrading to the payable Pro version you may have a 14-day free trial. Some users always wonder if after the plugin’s installation and activation it will replace already uploaded images and insert the optimized ones instead. The answer is “Yes”! It not only replaces the currently inserted images but will also compress the ones you will upload in the future.

Who Will Benefit From This Plugin?

Answering this question we would like to say that the Quicq plugin can be beneficial basically for everyone. But let us know how the people with different aims will use it.

Custom visitors: They will enter a website which loading time is faster and smoother. The images are responsive. As they may be displayed appropriately for each of the devices (PC, mobile, etc.). Moreover, they will get a longer time on the page.

Website owners: Due to the high functionalities of this plugin, website owners, editors, and the whole team who tend to create unique content and prevent it from being copied or plagiarised can add watermarks to them. Also, they are allowed to crop the image using a URL. So this enables you to insert the product feed to the Social Media in their correct sizes. Along with the said option, you may blur the media files, adapt the quality, and crop the images through the URL, as well.

Website Developers: They can upload images once and get all the formats and file types always available. Also, it is convenient for changing the file types when you need them. As the plugin includes the Content Delivery Network (CDN) for delivering the website images to your site visitors then you do not need to install CDN additionally.

There are plenty of other types of benefits both for the website owners, developers, and your partners.

And one more significant fact about this plugin is that it provides fast and caring support. They are open to discussing everything about the plugin, helping you understand the way of its usage, and correcting the temporary errors if they are available.

How to Use the Quicq Plugin?

At this point, you will learn how to start using the plugin following the step-by-step guide:

Step 1

First of all, you need to open an Afosto account. Then enter your Email and validate your account through it.

Step 2

After completing the first step you will see the button “Start a free trial“.


Step 3

When you fulfill the above-mentioned step you will see the “Add your first CDN” button added to the “To-do list“. By clicking it you will open the page as shown in the image below:


Step 4

So, in the first input box, you should type the same key as you have already written in the Quicq plugin.


Step 5

And afterward, on the next input box titled “The URL of an image on your website” you should put in the URL of the site image by doing a right-click on it and copying the image address. After this, the tool will automatically detect the “wp-content” folder and the source of the image that is the WP site.

And the last step is to press the “Add” button to finish the process.

quicq- easy-image-compressing-plugin-for-WordPress.jpg

The process will take you up to a maximum of 4 minutes to complete. The most important thing is that the further steps will be fulfilled automatically without any hustles. This means that you need to upload the photos and media files and the plugin will automatically compress and optimize them due to its advanced technologies.



To sum up, every user, partner, and site owner seeks to find a website that can be both useful and very fast. The speed plays a big role for the website to be ranked by the SE. Also, it engages more visitors day by day. As they do not pass through the hustle of waiting even a few moments to gain the important info. And as the rivalry is very big today you should concentrate not only on your website’s high-quality content but also on the technical issues.

Yet, sometimes to make the content more attractive we use media files, images, and photos. And here we should be very attentive. As making the content very attractive by these files you may lose your website’s optimized speed and therefore, the quality you gained maybe over the years.

And in this big deal, you might highly benefit from the option of compressing images. In the case of WordPress, it can be very fast and smooth. So, a group of WordPress developers has created an image compressing plugin named Quicq.

Quicq is a free and simple way to compress your website images. Moreover, it optimizes not only the newly uploaded media files but also replaces the existing ones. It is a valuable tool both for custom users and website owners. Besides the mentioned compressing option, it also makes the media files very responsive. This means that you will see the images displayed appropriately on each of the devices like mobile phones, Personal computers, etc. Along with these features, the plugin enables you to add watermarks and crop the images.

You may find these features within the plugin’s free version by having a separate Afosto account. Yet, you may activate also the payable plans presented on the plugin’s official website.

So, in this article, we have described and shown the functionalities of the Quicq plugin. Now it is time to activate it and have a good experience not only as a website owner but also as a custom visitor of the website.

Watch the Quicq Video Tutorial:

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