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5 Best WordPress Blogs To Follow: 2022 Review

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that powers up to one-third of the websites on the entire Internet. Many major companies, for instance, New York Post, Sony, etc. use WordPress. You do not need to pay for the training or courses to learn WordPress. It is enough to follow famous WP blogs run by WordPress experts. As you may guess, the main topic of this article is the 5 best WordPress blogs to follow in the upcoming 2022 year.

What is WordPress?

So, first of all, let us understand the main meaning and functionality of WordPress. It is considered a “hosting platform” that permits you to create almost all the kinds of websites that you desire. WordPress is an open-source platform. This means that each of us can upload his/her unique digital product.

WordPress offers 2 different platforms: 

Here are the main differences between these platforms:

Free to install on your web hostA payable for-profit version of WP
Self-hostedManaging server and paying for Hosting
Free Plugins availableStrong security system
Free Themes availableQuick support and forums

WordPress is beneficial for the ones who want to manage a business or have a blog or website.

You can build these websites both for your personal and business aims. Many universities, schools, and colleges around the world use WP. Due to this open-source platform, many students can modify or take part in WP development creating new plugins and themes. Moreover, WordPress is fully translated into sixty-eight languages.

After recognizing the importance and simple usage of WordPress you need to know where to learn using WordPress and benefit from it. So, here are the most recommended 5 best WordPress blogs to follow.

1. WPGlob


WPGlob is one of the newest but fast-growing WordPress blogs to read. The first and the most necessary page is the Blog itself. Here you may find many articles on different topics. Starting from presenting WordPress and giving tips to understand its functionalities WPGlob specialists publish new articles every week. Some of them give instructions, some others serve as a unique guide and others tend to inform the beginners how to use this or that plugin, theme, etc.

Besides good content, WPGlob specialists insert Audio recordings into the articles. This is for those who do not manage to read the article or simply want to lay down and listen to the important and educational audio.

After entering the website you will notice a pop-up that offers you to enter your E-mail and get 30+ proven strategies from the experienced SEO specialist. You may subscribe to the newsletter and always be updated about the new articles, videos, or posts.

AutoScroll Plugin

Here you may find the WordPress Autoscroll for Reading plugin that has been recently developed by the company developers. It was built for those who prefer to read while doing anything else such as eating, training in the GYM, having a bath, etc.

“Hire Me” Service

The next service is “Hire Me”. In this section, you will get familiar with one of the good services offered by the company. They suggest writing articles, guest posts, taking video tutorials for your YouTube channel, etc. The team of content writers, SEO specialists, Graphic designers, Vloggers will give you professional work that can be published both on WPGlob and on your own website. The thorough description of the “Hire Me” service you may see on the website.

“Request A Review” Service

The next service is “Request a Review“. This is beneficial for those who have a plugin or theme and want to boost it and increase digital product sales. All these services are highly affordable and will give a huge effect.

Moreover, WPGlob has a YouTube channel where Vloggers publish educational videos, plugin reviews, and technical tutorials. Their Vloggers collaborate with developers to create a professional video tutorial not only for beginners but also for experienced WP users.

So, this is a very promising free WordPress blog that you should obviously follow in the upcoming 2022 and beyond.

2. WPBeginner


The next WordPress blog to follow is WPBeginner. It is one of the famous blogs for WordPress addicts. It is run by Syed Balkhi.

The blog covers these topics:

  • All the latest news about WordPress
  • WP tutorials, reviews, tips
  • Thorough guide
  • WP technical video tutorials
  • WP deals

On their official website, you will find not only articles, reviews, and video tutorials but also their own digital products, such as:

  • OptinMonster– for growing the Email list
  • WPForms– WP form builder plugin
  • Monterinsight– WP website analytics plugin
  • Easy Digital Downloads– for selling digital products
  • TrustPulse– for increasing your website conversion rate

These are only a part of the best products created by the WP Beginner group.

Besides the mentioned points, the blog has a YouTube channel to teach WP beginners.

3. WPLift


Another one from popular WordPress blogs is WPLift. It was established by one of the best WordPress bloggers – Oliver Dale in 2010. The content covers:

  • WP news
  • Plugin reviews
  • Top best theme listing
  • “How To” educational articles and tutorials

You can find the above-mentioned and other types of WordPress blogging services on this blog.

By following this blog you will access the free WP themes, discounts, and discount coupons.

In one of the sections of WPLift you will find hosting plans divided into these parts:

  • Email Hosting Providers
  • Cheap WordPress hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Control Panels for Cloud Hosting

4. WPTavern


So the 4th one of the best blogs to follow in 2022 is WPTavern. It is focused on WordPress tutorials, reviews, and articles since 2009 when it was launched by Jeff Chandler. Here you will find:

  • WordPress tutorials
  • WordPress Articles
  • Guides
  • News
  • BBPress articles
  • Plugins’ reviews
  • Blogging tips

This blog differs from others because it offers you also weekly podcasts. And here you may learn more about WordPress like tips, news, changes, reviews, WP interviews, etc.

Moreover, it is an open platform where you may easily contact other WordPress enthusiasts and discuss with them everything related to WP. So, it is a good community for those who seek not only to learn but also to gain experience from others.



And the last one from WordPress blog site examples is WPMU DEV. Besides being a good blog for WordPress addicts and beginners it is also a famous company with its digital products and especially plugins.

Therefore, in this blog, you will find the following sections:

  • WP plugins
  • Tutorials
  • News
  • Active and fast support

Moreover, here you may definitely learn more about WP site backups, security, and performance. All the reviews and tutorials including some valuable resources are free on this blog. Yet, if you like to improve your skills, then you will highly benefit from the WPMU DEV payable academy where professional experts and developers will teach you more about WordPress.

Along with all these good features, on this blog, you will find many digital products and especially plugins (Pro version) that were developed by this company. Here are some of the mentioned products:

  • Smush Pro
  • Hummingbird
  • Hustle
  • Forminator
  • Defender
  • Branda
  • Snapshot
  • SmartCrawl, etc.

WPMU DEV is active on YouTube, as well. They teach everything about WordPress on their channel.

Summing Up

Coming to the end of the article, we would like you to note that the number of best WordPress blog examples increases day by day. As the amount of people who are interested in WP development is very high. And all the interest in WordPress is simply explained. It is very easy to use. And this platform enables you to work and develop your skills every single day. It is a favorite for the people who do not have coding skills yet want to start blogging and succeed in this field. As you understood correctly, you do not need to be a developer to work with WordPress. There are plenty of plugins, themes and other tools offered both for free and payable that will ease your life as a non-developer blogger.

Also, the biggest benefit of WordPress is the availability of different blogs, channels, tutorials that teach you everything about it from A to Z. So, as we are entering a New Year it is important to know which blogs are qualified to be followed during the next year. Here are the blogs listed below:

  • WPGlob
  • WP Beginner
  • WPLift
  • WP Tavern

Some of these blogs provide not only tutorials, tips, reviews, and other significant information about WordPress, but also offer some services and digital products. For example, WPGlob offers its content writing and video tutorials services. Also, there you will find a newly-written plugin that is for scrolling down the page when you are busy doing something else.

As well as WPBeginner and WPMU DEV offer their famous digital products such as plugins for improving your website performance, backing it up, secured, and well-organized and designed.

Moreover, some of the recommended blogs collect a good community involving WP addicts, newbies, or developers.

If you like the article, do not hesitate to find us on Facebook and Twitter. For interesting WP tutorials, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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