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LPAC – Best WordPress Delivery and Pickup Plugin

After the Pandemic, people learned the importance of online deliveries. Briefly saying deliveries are a creative way of providing your brand’s products or services. The WordPress Delivery and Pickup plugin are a perfect way to make your company’s goods accessible to everyone.

So, to make your products and services accessible for everyone a Hassle-Free Delivery and Pickup plugin is an ideal solution. Keep reading and find out about the best WordPress delivery plugin, and what advantages does it provide?


What is a WordPress Pickup Location Plugin?


The delivery and pickup plugin is the perfect method of directly enhancing the customers’ experience. Moreover, shipping plugins are one of the most essential parts for WooCommerce store owners. Thus, the shipping plugins are for helping online store owners to deal with all of the technical and logistic issues.

During your online store experience, you may find numerous ways of improving your eCommerce strategy. Whereas, when it comes to direct interaction with your customers, the online shipping plugins will become your best option. Help your business to sell products and services with a wider range. Attract more and more consumers, win the trust of your customers, and additionally increase the reach of your company.

The Delivery and Pickup plugins will build different opportunities for your online store. This is time to extend your eCommerce.

Overall the shipping plugins will help you to organize the whole process of delivery more easily and smoothly. Automatically organizing the shipping process will free your time for focusing only on your business’ needs and improvements. Furthermore, the online delivery and pickup plugin is perfect for bringing your business to a global level.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Delivery and Pickup plugin?

Well, for now, let’s see why do you need a delivery and pickup WordPress plugin?

  • Firstly, Flexibility. Every online store with a physical product needs proper attention to the shipping process. While delivering the product to the destination, there may occur some issues. That is why it is a must to have a Flexible delivery and pickup plugin. Via this plugin, you can easily create multiple commerce shipping rate strategies, based on your needs. Also, this plugin will help you to quickly and automatically calculate dimensions, and various rates for weight, quantity, and product category.
  • Secondly, Logistics Support. A properly customer delivery plugin supports domestic and international delivery methods. Remember your customers can be from all over the world. And the online store owners need to satisfy all purchase requests.
  • Lastly, Shipment Tracking. The functionality of Shipment Tracking is an essential element that every client is expecting from any online store. This feature provides an opportunity to track the ordered package/packages. The buyer can follow the whole shipping route of the order. This functionality is a must for shipping plugins. It will boost buyer confidence. In addition, you can win the trust of your clients and make loyal clients experience.

So, it the time to learn about the best Hassle-Free Deliveries and Pickups plugin. The plugin includes all of the above-mentioned advantages.

Location Picker at Checkout & Google Address AutoFill for WooCommerce WordPress plugin

The LPAC (Location Picker at Checkout and Google Address AutoFill for WooCommerce) plugin for WooCommerce is a flexible plugin for product(s) delivery. This plugin is easy to use. The plugin is very unchallenging for beginners and enjoyable for the customer experience. The LPAC plugin is ideal for online stores. It will help you to quickly and safely ship the product(s) to the purchasers. Deliver the order to the customer’s moderated geographical area. It is worth mentioning, that this WordPress plugin has Pickup services, for example, Private Taxi websites.

The Location Picker at Checkout and Google Address AutoFill for WooCommerce plugin have both Free and Pro Versions. Hence, it is accessible for everyone who wants to get fully advantaged from the delivery services.

I think it is time to dive in further and find out what functionalities and features the LPAC WordPress plugin provides.

First, let’s find out what functionalities the plugin’s free version provides

  • Detect the current location of the customer at checkout (Automatically or by one click of a button). The “Detect Current Location” feature is a filterable button. From the Checkout Web Page, the buyer can easily add a map pin on their current location. When you are permitted to access your customer’s current location, it will mean, that they will not need to add their address for future orders.
  • Auto-fill shipping and billing address. This feature allows getting exact location details from Google Maps. What is amazing about this element is, that after the usage of the Checkout Map, the clients do need to type out their current addresses. For the cases when the address has been changed or is not correctly typed, they can edit it if needed.
  • Map Visibility Rules. You can either hide or show the checkout map. Via this functionality, you will be able to hide or show maps based on the product Shipping Class, Shipping Method, Guest Orders, and Coupon Code.
  • Order Map View. Straight from their dashboards the store owners and consumers to see the location of current or past orders on a Google Map. This tool helps online store owners have quick info about where an order should be supplied. Furthermore, via this tool, the consumers will be able to follow their order’s current location, and always be on track with the delivery process.
  • WooCommerce Pickup tool. This is an amazing tool for your online store website. Your customers can select their needed pickup location, where they desire the order to be shipped. Hence, the Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce(LPAC) is a perfect fit plugin for your website

Let’s Dive Into Pro Version’s Functionalities


It is important to note, that the Pro Version of the LPAC plugin includes all of the above-mentioned Free Version Functionalities.

  • Custom Google Maps. The LPAC plugin has a responsive design and is fully customizable. Via this functionality, you can easily create custom map designs to impress your customers. Moreover, provide them with a proper buying experience. Also, spice your website. Bring it to an advanced level.
  • Custom Marker Icon. I think everyone is bored with the well-known “red pin”. Via this tool, you can add various marker icons. Add the custom icon that you want. Always match your website interface.
  • Save Addresses. The customer’s addresses can not always be the same as those provided. This plugin allows clients to save multiple addresses directly to their accounts for ordering. This tool is handy for the buyers who might be making orders from your store from various locations.
  • Shipping Cost by Region. Using Google Maps, you can easily draw shipping regions and define the region’s name. In addition, mention the cost of the shipping to the selected region. When a customer declines the formerly-mentioned region, the LPAC plugin will automatically update the shipping method. Also, the formerly set cost for that region will be updated too.

More and More WordPress Delivery and Pickup plugin Functionalities…

  • Shipping Cost by Distance. This tool will count the delivery cost based on the distance, and provided address. It will ease the whole process of delivery payment. Save your time and trust the LPAC plugin.
  • Export Order Locations. This tool is amazing for exporting valuable information. For example, name, phone number, customer location, etc.
  • More Visibility Rules. The Visibility Rules tool is also available o the Free Version of this plugin. In addition to the other version the pro version also provides the hide or show functionality on both the Cart Subtotals and Shipping Zone.
  • Restrict Places Autocomplete. It is a well-known fact that some addresses have the same names. this tool will help you to enhance your clients’ checkout experience. Restrict the Places Autocomplete results to addresses as same as in your country or a list of the countries.

Why Choose the LPAC WordPress Plugin?

In addition to the above-mentioned advanced-level and professional functionalities, other benefits will advance your WooCommerce business.

LPAC WordPress plugin is a Checkout Location Picker plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin is a perfect fit for any website that offers services such as Delivery or Pickup for clients. Via this plugin, consumers can easily add a Google map directly to their WooCommerce checkout pages. Hence, the consumers will be allowed to choose the location they need their order to be delivered.


The LPAC plugin is a perfect fit for…

  • Online Supermarkets
  • Taxi and pickup scheduling websites
  • Car Rental websites
  • Online Food Delivery websites
  • Online Furniture websites
  • Hardware Rental & Delivery websites
  • Pickup service websites
  • Restaurants offering delivery via their website (check out also the “Best Restaurant Plugins on WordPress” article)

To Sum Up…

It is time to summarize all the above-mentioned information. Hope this article helped you to find your perfect online delivery and pick up the WordPress plugin. So, go and give it a try. Enjoy your WordPress experience with this amazing tool.


If you are looking for WordPress tips and tricks to enhance your website and learn more, then hurry up and go and check out the best WordPress blog.

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