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Crisp VS TawkTo: 2022 Comparison

One of the most important things in business nowadays, no matter what you’re selling — software or ceramics — is online customer management. Back in the day, email was the tool employed for this task. But, it’s very inconvenient for easy and repetitive questions; sending an actual email needs a lot of effort and dedication, which your customers sometimes might not have. The solution to that is live chats and chatbots implemented on your website. So, let’s take a look at the Crisp Vs. TawkTo article.

Naturally, many platforms offer this kind of service, and it is sometimes hard to choose from. In this article, we are going to compare Crisp and TawkTo — two live chat platforms. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


What is Crisp?


Crisp is one of the most popular live chat platforms. Fairly new, it is created to improve the communication between the business and the customer. Crisp provides you with a plethora of functions, including a lovely AI chatbot Crispy that feels like a real human being. The job of Crisp is to gather all useful live chat and email functions in one place, easing the job of your PR and marketing specialists. The time and energy they will save via Crisp can be redirected into more difficult tasks that a human can only perform. 

What is TawkTo?


TawkTo is a live chat offering platform that is designed to increase the quality of customer support. Millions of individuals and companies are using tawkTo to enhance the communication between customers and themselves. The provider is full of priceless features that can be embedded into your website via a small JavaCode snippet — this takes approximately a few seconds. It is an easy and safe way of monitoring your website visitors.

Main Features Comparison 

Although technically, these two platforms provide you with one main feature — customer support via a live chat — what’s more, the offer is quite different. We separated their features into two main categories: products and services. Comparing the number of useful features and convenience for the businesses, we are going to find out which platform is the most useful for you.


First, we will compare the products in the Crisp Vs. TawkTo article.


Crisp Vs. TawkTo article presents the main features of Crisp Chat.

Live chat

Crisp offers the best live chat one can find in the internet market. The whole philosophical background of Crisp is to include everything in one place for your convenience. So, the live chats on Crisp include all your needed social media (like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, etc.), emails, links, and more. Besides, you can send all types of things in chat, including images, GIFs, videos, PDFs, and other types of files. 

Need to access the knowledge base directly from the chat to check something quickly? Crisp can provide that. Also, the chatbot Crispy that is responsible for the primary customer service is designed by Crisp, so it saves a lot of time and effort for you and your teammates. Crispy is a bot that can send predetermined responses in case the customer asks a common question. Crispy is also an artificial intelligence-based system, which means that it will create customized answers for every single website visitor of yours. 

An autopilot chatbot that successfully conceals itself as a human, allowing real people to redirect their energy on more important tasks — you need no more, and that is what Crisp offers. Not only that, but the live chat (as any other product that Crisp offers) is a white label program, so you can customize it as you please.

The live chat of crisp is made more “alive” with a fun video game that your customers can play while waiting for an answer. 


Crisp provides a mobile app available for iOS and Android gadgets for better integration with more mobile technology. Besides that, there is an app for Mac, Windows, and the web. These apps provide you with notifications in order for you to not miss any possible lead. The interface of apps (including those for personal computers) is modern-looking and pleasing to work with and can be white-labeled.

Knowledge Base

In order to give your customers quick, correct, relevant, and helpful tips, Crisp created the knowledge base software built on self-service support. By combining the chatbot and the knowledge database, you can improve your customer service, making answers to questions more accessible for your website visitors. Any important information, including your company policies, goals, brand contact information, teammates, and customers. The knowledge management system of Crisp sorts all your information smartly, so it is more accessible and easier to find (especially since you have very specific filters).  This way, you can deliver the best to your customers.

Status Page

Sometimes things go wrong, and Crisp knows how to deal with that. The public status page that Crisp allows you to build allows you to alert your website users in case there’s something wrong. You can monitor your system status synchronously if you connect your server to Crisp Status. 


Crisp Vs. TawkTo article’s next station is the presentation of the main features that TawkTo offers.

Live chat

Live Chat is the most important feature of tawkTo, and that platform allows you to add a live chat for completely free. The process of embedding a live chat to your own separate website is very easy and consumes almost no time. 

All you need to do is the good old copy-paste technique: you copy a snippet (a small line of JavaScript code), go to your website, open the HTML and paste it there. The chat will start working instantly, and you can go to the dashboard to add your team members. Live chat on TawkTo also allow you to monitor your website and visitors. For example, you can see how often they visit your website, what pages they visit more often, or what pages they spend time more — all in real-time. 

This lets you understand what parts of your website are great and provide interest for your customers and which parts need further work. The live chat can be localized to more than 45 languages, allowing you and your teammates to chat with customers in your or their native tongue. Besides, there is an App for TawkTo that allows you to get notifications on your phone or, generally, have a more phone or tablet or smartwatch integrated software.

Chat Pages

Even if you don’t have a website, it doesn’t mean you can’t use TawkTo for conversations with chat pages. The solution is simple: links are turned into conversations and are hosted by shat landing pages. Don’t worry; every landing page is customizable. For example, you can create your own profile page and page for any category of your brand. When it comes to linking, you can transition from a social media post (like a tweet) to a chat page and continue your conversation there, or use emails for the same function in case you’d find it more convenient. To employ this feature, you don’t need coding at all. 

Knowledge Base

In order for your customers to get their answers as quickly as possible, TawkTo provides you with the function of Knowledge Base, something very similar to a traditional Q&A. You can launch your knowledge base in a few minutes and format it on blocks with images, GIFs, videos, and other types of media. The knowledge base can be localized as well, but most importantly, it is optimized for your search engines. 

Who’s Winning the Round?

For now, Crisp shows that it’s better because it provides more convenient functions for business marketing and public relations.


Shared Inbox

As we already said, one of the most useful things about Crisp is that it includes everything in one place, including all your social media and email. Crisp’s shared inbox contains all the best features of both. By centralizing your messages, you can use all the above-mentioned features from one place, getting more work done without much ado. Not only will you and your customers be glad, but your teammates, mind you, would be very grateful for this function.

Ticketing System

Crisp has an issue management system that is very powerful and effective. Since everything on Crisp is centralized, you have quick and easy access to tickets that your website receives. Besides, most of it is solved automatically. 


Everything that Crisp provides you with can be customized and changed in a way that you won’t recognize Crisp created it. We already mentioned that it could be white-labeled, but there is more to that. You can change your chat box’ background color and picture or alter the size and font of the text. You can turn on and off the video game, hide the chat or display on certain pages, block certain users and countries, and more. 

WP Plugin

Yes, you can easily install the plugin for your WordPress. This plugin is available for absolutely free and already has over 30.000+ active installations. But, most importantly, it gets regular updates and has good ratings, meaning that it is trustworthy and reliable. With the Crisp LiveChat and Chatbot plugin, you will get:

  • Support LiveChat
  • Sales LiveChat
  • Marketing LiveChat 
  • Automated chatbot 
  • Automated real-time notifications 
  • Mobile optimized live chats and chatbots 


Chat Agent

For $1 per hour, you can hire a chat agent to deliver the best customer support you can — with a 7-day free trial. The point of the agent is to provide your website visitors with 24 on 7 customer support all days a year. (they don’t sleep). First, this provides you with reassurance that all your visitors’ questions will be answered instantly by a real human being, not a chatbot. Not only will you get better sales, but you’ll get more sales. 

The chat agent will have access to the chat transcript, therefore, will know what is up. Besides, TawkTo has a team of native speakers of many languages like English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, etc., so conversations with customers would be improved a lot.

Virtual Assistant

Now, for $7 dollars per hour, you can hire a virtual assistant with more than a decade of experience. The functions of a virtual assistant of TawkTo provide you with book-keeping, graphic design, HR, admin work, customer service, all kinds of marketing, web-dev, content writing, SMM, phone support, and more. Using TawkTo you can put a job demand (like you would do on LinkedIn) and wait until the platform handles the specialist you need. Then, you can discuss the schedule and work graph with your new assistant and collaborate already.

Additional Features of The Two Plugins?

TawkTo provides very interesting features, but they are quite expensive, as we will see below; besides, it is not as flexible as Crisp.


It is time to take a look at the integrations and understand Crisp Vs. TawkTo which one is a better choice in this aspect.


Crisp has third-party integrations with many very important partners and with a lot of partners in general. The most popular include:

  • WordPress – offers you an integration with one of the most popular website builders and CMS platforms. You can easily integrate it through linking from the platform, or installation of the plugin from the WP Plugin Directory
  • Zapier
  • Facebook-powered platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram
  • Slack, Twitter Dm, Telegram, and other social media
  • Trello
  • Discord
  • And many more


TawkTo has many integrations with miscellaneous partners, but they are not big and popular systems. If you want to use TawkTo with WordPress, you need to embed it manually, which is a lot of effort. But you can embed it in WordPress, SquareSpace, and Wix.


Pricing is not any less important, so the Crisp Vs. TawkTo next station is pricing comparison.


Crisp provides you with three types of subscription plans and a free one. 

  • The free plan includes two seats for personal websites. It includes the most basic features like the live chat, team inbox, mobile apps, notifications, and the contact form.
  • A Pro subscription is available for four seats and is created for young small businesses. It costs $25 per month/inbox. Pro includes features like chat transcripts, triggers, predetermined responses, private notes, customization, audio messages, social media integrations, internal search, user blocking, and a CRM. 
  • An unlimited subscription is designed for fully-developed companies, including 20 seats for $95 per month/inbox. Unlimited includes a knowledge base, chat reminders, localization, chatbot, automated campaigns, video chats, analytics, even more, third-party integrations, and, most importantly, white labeling.
  • The enterprise plan is for large corporations and has no fixed price or seats. To get more details about Enterprise,  one needs to contact Crisp directly.


TawkTo is technically free, but that is not entirely so. You have to pay for each additional feature separately, which, in the long term, is more complicated than a basic subscription plan. For example, the two services that TawkTo provides are paid. A chat agent will cost you $728 per month, and a virtual assistant — costs $1200 per month. 

Which One is Better?

So, let’s make overall conclusions about Crisp Vs. TawkTo article. As you might have seen in comparison already, there is one definite winner — Crisp. It does not mean that tawkTo is a terrible thing to work with. It just means that Crisp is a far better choice for you, and there are reasons for that. Crisp offers so many useful functions, like:

  • Ai Chatbot With Canned Answers And Knowledge Base
  • Centralized Message System
  • High Customizability
  • Well-Developed Issue Tracking System And A Status Page

TawkTo, as we said, is not so bad and can be worked with since it offers:

  • All Basic Features You Would Want To See In A Chatbot
  • Chat Agents
  • Virtual Agent
  • Knowledge Base

But still, it has some negative sides to it:

  • Presents Itself As A Free Platform, But Many Useful Features Should Be Paid Separately — And They Are Expensive
  • Little Customization
  • Little Useful Third-Party Integrations

The Winner in the Crisp Vs. TawkTo Article is…

So, basically, Crisp offers functionality much wider and more useful rather than only LiveChat. It is vital to comprehend that nowadays, only live chat is not enough, and it won’t fulfill your customer’s needs and wants as efficiently as multifunctional platforms such as Crisp. 

Another reason you should consider purchasing crisp over TawkTo is that it makes LiveChat available 24/7, so the chatbot will basically use information from the knowledge base and FAQs to answer customer queries. 

And last but not really least, Crisp is a better alternative because it allows you to automate multi-channel marketing campaigns. Subsequently, it provides you with an incredible opportunity to focus on delivering the right message at the right time, which will further help you turn a prospect into a real-time client. 

We believe that Crisp is the ultimate choice for you not because it is the lesser of two evils; no, Crisp is good on its own. It is very convenient for both individual entrepreneurs, startups, and large corporations. Start working with Crisp now!

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