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How To Add Spinning Wheels to WordPress Site – 2021 Guide

There are many methods the site owners apply to engage more visitors. The more you contribute to your website’s active and attractive content the more you get traffic and conversion. Moreover, this will convert common users to customers, and increase the sales percentage on an online platform. And in this big deal, you can use spinning wheels. So, in order to know how to add spinning wheels to WordPress site, you need to read this article till the end.

What Is a Spinning Wheel?


A spinning wheel is a unique game of chance. By clicking on it you may gain a prize.

As we mentioned above interactive spinning wheels will increase user interest in your website. Besides, it is very entertaining. You can offer great sales, offers, and deals to your site visitors. And the opportunity to win a coupon by rolling the wheel of fortune will make them give their E-mail addresses or just subscribe to your newsletter, etc. Anyway, this will expand the number of subscribers or will fill your e-mail list with new ones. Surely, you must control the rounds. Though the outcome is depended on you there is a need to be very attentive. As you can irritate the visitors by making “no-prize” results appear more often than the positive outcome. And with this super method, you can get your visitor’s data by making them fill out the form before rolling the wheel.

Yet, adding a spin to win wheel feature is not advisable for every website. Moreover, it is not appropriate to add them to sites that might show solidities such as medical, law, or banking sites.

So, now we shall dive into the list of the best WP spinning wheel maker plugins. However, firstly, it is necessary to know how to add a spinning wheel to WordPress.

How to Add Spinning Wheels to WordPress Site?

At this point, we have already chosen one of the best plugins to create a fortune wheel on your website. And it is WP Optin Wheel. The plugin has almost 2.000 active installations and a 5/5 rating.


Having the plugin installed and activated you need to enter the “Settings” section.

Here in this section, you see 4 functions:

  • General settings
  • Email integrations
  • Add wheel
  • Wheels

1-st option

In the first “General Settings” part you should enable the “Use log files” box. This is to log all the visitors and the spin results. In case you activate the Pro version, you will be able to benefit from Woocommerce coupons integration.


2-nd option

The second part is Email integration. Again you can use many E-mail services integrations with the Pro version. Yet, if you intend to use only the Free version, then you can utilize Mailchimp integration. On this condition, you should have a Mailchimp API Key. To get it free you have to sign up to Mailchimp. After signing up with the valid details you will get a confirmation message in your E-mail. By entering the link you can finish the signing up process.


After this, you will need to totally configure your personal profile by filling out all the required boxes. The next step is going to the API keys screen and “Create a Key“. You need to copy the generated key. And paste the copied API key into the field of Email integration.

3-rd option

Now it is time to create a wheel entering the “Add Wheel” section. Here you should pass some steps:

  • The first is choosing a theme. Secondly, you choose a customer win percentage. You are offered to leave it 70% as it is mentioned by default.
  • The wheel will be divided into 12 pieces. And you can enter different texts for each of them. Besides, you may choose the “Value” and “Chance” for each of the wheel slices. But you should make sure the win chances do not exceed the 100% total.
  • The next section is “Form builder”. This has two main aims. The first one is that through this you can disable the users to spin the wheel more than one time. And the second is that this enables you to collect emails and other users’ data.
  • And in the “Settings” section, you will be offered some other functions, such as:
    • Content“: at this point, you can enter the text that your visitors see besides the text on the slices.
    • Design settings” will enable you to customize the wheel by even changing the background colors.
    • Behavior” will determine whether the spin should disappear after the user spun it or not.
    • List settings” is a good way to subscribe the users to your mailing list.
    • GDPR settings” control the checkboxes in case of their availability.
  • Finally, in the “Wheels” section, you will see the generated wheel. At this point, you are capable of editing, deleting, or duplicating the wheel.

WP Optin Wheel Premium version

As we mentioned above, the WP Optin Wheel plugin suggests Free and Pro versions. So here are the Premium version’s yearly packages:

  • Starter- $49 ($139 for lifetime)
  • Business- $99 ($299 for lifetime)
  • Agency- $199 ($399 for lifetime)

In addition to the Free version’s functions, the Pro version offers you the below-mentioned features:

  • Capability of creating your own themes
  • Getting seasonal themes
  • Shortcode for displaying the wheel in any other post,
  • Email marketing platforms‘ integration (Zapier, getResponse, Mailster, etc.)
  • Exit Intent popup
  • Design tool, and much more.

Other plugins

The list of spinning wheel maker plugins is very large. So, we separated the best ones for the most entertaining and interesting fortune wheels.

1. Lucky Wheel

The first plugin from our list is Lucky Wheel for WooCommerce. It has more than 1000 active installations and a 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

This plugin will assist you to convert your website visitors into real customers or at least E-mail subscribers. Moreover, it works on the WooCommerce plugin’s basis. Here are some of the plugin’s various features:

  • Wheel Pop-ups and their position
  • Six wheel slices
  • Spin time
  • Hide pop-up
  • Exit Intent
  • Conditional tags, etc.

Besides the Free version, the Lucky Wheel plugin offers you its Pro version. It costs $30.

2. Spin The Wheel Pop-up

The plugin has been developed by CrazyRocket. It has more than 200 active installations and a 5/5 rating.

Here are the most essential characteristics of the Spin The Wheel Pop-up:

  • Ready-made themes
  • Generate coupons
  • Each coupon’s winning chance configuration
  • Analytic
  • ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Omnisend, and Klaviyo integrations
  • GDPR compliant, etc.

In addition to its Free version, the plugin offers you a 7-days free trial and, surely the Pro version. Here you may meet the Pro version’s monthly plans:

  • Grow- $9 (15.000+ pop-ups)
  • Premium- $24 (50.000+ pop-ups)
  • Enterprise- $49 (150.000+ pop-ups)

3. Wheely Sales

The Lucky Wheel Popup has been developed by Wheely Sales and scores more than 60 active installations.

Due to the below-mentioned features, you can highly benefit from this fully customizable plugin:

  • Collecting outcomes (E-mail addresses, analytics)
  • Totally responsive
  • Mailchimp, Zapier integrations

The plugin suggests its Pro version with three monthly packages:

  • Small Business- $29
  • Medium Business- $99
  • Big Business- $299

4. WP Roulette Wheel

The next plugin is WP Roulette Wheel. It has been developed by WebWizards. It has more than 100 active installations.

At this point, you will see the plugin’s features:

  • Themes and animations
  • Versatile roulette wheel
  • Total control over the outcome
  • User identification by E-mail, cookie, and IP
  • Integrations with Wocommerce and Mailchimp
  • SEO-friendly
  • Totally responsive
  • Amazing for betting websites, too
  • Different effects

The prices for the Premium version are mentioned below:

  • Regular License- $49
  • Extended License- $125

5. Optinly

The last one is the WordPress Optinly plugin being developed by OptinlyHQ has over 800 active installations.

With this plugin you may:

  • Customize the pop-up (texts, call-to-action spin button, fonts, text and background colors, etc).
  • Get many templates and transition effects.
  • Check the gadget’s responsiveness.
  • Make the pop-ups GDPR compliant.

The plugin’s Pro version contains so many other features. So here you may meet the payable packages:

  • Starter- $9 per month, $7.2 per month (annual plan)
  • Growth- $25 per month, $20 per month (annual plan)


So, in this article, we revealed the answer to what are the spinning wheels. And summing up, we would like to say that these fortune wheels are too important if you want to engage more visitors or convert them into real customers. This method will highly improve the user experience on your website. As the users highly appreciate this kind of entertainment. Besides, they can gain discount coupons which is also a benefit. And on that condition, they will more likely give you an E-mail address becoming a qualified lead. Moreover, they might subscribe to your Newsletter and follow your site activities, as well.

In conclusion, we would like to respond to the question “How to add spinning wheels to WordPress site?” And that is you can add them with the help of the above-mentioned plugins and fulfill almost all your aims. So, you may highly benefit from their many features.

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