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Best WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins – 2022 Comparison

After building and managing your website at some point you will face the privacy laws such as GDPR (for countries of the European Union) and CCPA (California). Both are important policies to protect your website visitors. Usually, WordPress websites use cookies for different purposes such as tracking the users for analytics, or learning who has commented or converted on the website. So, in this case, compliance with such policies and regulations as GDPR and CCPA is mandatory. Implementing this on WordPress is very easy through various plugins that are both free and paid. And in this article, we have collected the best WordPress cookie consent plugins. Read the whole article to decide which one is more beneficial for your WordPress website.

Comparison of Best WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins

So, after realizing the importance of cookie notices on WordPress websites, we are going to present a comparison of the best WordPress cookie consent plugin.

1. Cookie Consent Manager by Termly


So, here is the first plugin – Cookie Consent Manager from our list providing an all-in-one solution for compliance. This tool is mostly foreseen for small businesses. Therefore, it does not require you to pay thousands of legal fees. With Termly you will be 100% up to date and compliance privacy laws, such as:

  • GDPR
  • ePrivacy Directive
  • CCPA

With this plugin, you are able to make a policy for your cookies and create a cookie consent banner.

Here you may spot the key features of the Cookie Consent Manager plugin:

  • Auto Blocker for Cookies: This detects, categorizes, and blocks some scripts from proceeding according to the unique cookie settings.
  • Cookie Policy: When the system categorizes cookies, the tool automatically generates a cookie policy according to your business.
  • Cookie Consent Banner: The plugin provides a highly customizable cookie consent banner to collect user consent and approve the compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and ePrivacy Directive easily. One of the main advantages of this banner is that it serves the appropriate language according to the users’ location.

And all these funcrions are free of charge completely.

But in case you want to access features like more than 1 legal policy, banner visitors, etc. then you may upgrade to the Termly’s paid plans:

  • Starter – $10 per month
  • Pro+ – $15 per month

2. iComply Cookie Notice for WordPress


The next plugin from our list is iComply Cookie Notice for WordPress. It helps you to create 

Cookie notification messages include the needed links as well as implement 2 buttons for the user interaction.

The iComply Cookie Notice plugin is fully EU cookie law compliant. It is quite easy to use. Moreover, due to its high level of flexibility, you can add your desired cookie alert message text, customize the color, message position, etc. without hustles. So, the cookie message will match your website’s entire style which is also very important.

So, here are the key benefits of this plugin:

  • Easy setup process
  • Fast and caring support
  • Customization ready
  • 3 color themes
  • 4 positions 
  • Responsiveness
  • Animations
  • Pure JavaScript usage (Vanilla JS)

Another important feature is that the plugin will never show the same cookie alert message if the customer previously marked it as consent.

The iComply Cookie Notice for WordPress plugin has only a paid version. It is also presented on CodeCanyon. And you may purchase it with this pricing:

  • Regular License – $14
  • Extended License – $99

3. GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Box


So, the third plugin from our list is GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Box that is developed by Radical Web Design. Currently, the plugin has 1,000+ active installations and 7 5-star ratings on WordPress. 

It is an easy and very handy way to make your website visitors know that you are using cookies. 

The WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Box performs very well because the JS file is asynchronously loaded when the entire page has loaded. Therefore, the plugin does not affect your website speed.

Here are some of the plugin’s features:

  • Lightweight (has a low system resource usage)
  • Responsiveness
  • SEO-friendliness
  • Cookie message customization
  • Out-of-the-box translations into English, Romanian, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, and Polish
  • Background and text color selection
  • Container width customization
  • Setting expiration time for cookies
  • Changing a target attribute in the “Learn more” link or hiding it, etc.

If you do not want to install a plugin for adding cookies to your website then this plugin offers you to use it without the setup processes

The GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Box plugin provides only a free version. That means that you can obtain all of these beneficial features without spending even a single penny.

4. GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

WebToffee’s GDPR cookies consent plugin is a top-notch consent management platform for WordPress sites. This plugin facilitates the creation of a cookie banner on a website to obtain consent from site visitors for the use of cookies.

It allows for the blocking of all third-party cookies until consent is obtained from the user. In addition, users may be provided with the choice to only consent to certain types of cookies.

This plugin is compliant with a variety of data privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Canadian Consumer Data Protection Act (CCPA), and the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Transparency and Consent Framework (T&C Framework). Furthermore, it allows for the display of third-party vendor ads on a website while still adhering to privacy regulations.

This plugin provides a range of features, such as,

  • Creates cookie consent banner
  • Blocking of third-party cookies
  • Scanning and listing of cookies used on the website
  • Display GDPR cookie banner only to EU visitors
  • Granular control of cookies to users
  • Maintenance of a consent log

This GDPR plugin is available in three paid plans,

  • With Single Site: $69.00 per year
  • 5 Sites: $199.00 per year
  • 25 Sites: $399.00 per year

5. Seers – GDPR & CCPA Cookie Consent and Compliance


Next is the industry-leading privacy and cookie consent management platform – Seers. By using this plugin, the companies will comply with:

  • GDPR
  • PECR
  • LGPD
  • CCPA
  • ePrivacy

Through the Seers plugin, you will get various compliance tools with the highest level of data protection. Some of the key features and functionalities of this plugin are presented below:

  • Cookie Consent Management: Helps to install and style cookie banners. Through it, you will conduct cookie consent management.
  • Subject Request Management: With these features, you can gather, detect, and make data subject requests management.
  • GDPR Staff Training: Helps to train your staff with GDPR knowledge by providing certificates.
  • Templates Pack: Gives all templates for data protection and privacy.
  • GDPR Audit: Evaluates GDPR compliance and provides recommendations and certificates.

You can find out other significant features that will benefit your website cookie consent management.

The free version includes some of those features. But in order to use the plugin with all its advanced features, you need to upgrade to one of the Pro plans. Here is the pricing:

  • Basic – £6.99 per month
  • Pro+ – £12.99 per month
  • Ultimate – £24.99 per month

6. EasyCookie


So, the fifth plugin from our best cookie consent plugins list is EasyCookie developed by 21 Tools.

It adds a mobile-friendly and responsive cookie notification to your website for complying with GDPR. So, if your website offers services for European visitors then it should have compliance with GDPR. Here are the key functions of this plugin:

  • Two themes supported
  • Determining the notification position (Top, Bottom of the page)
  • Page scroll auto-accept
  • Cookie validity date setting
  • Lightweight plugin support
  • Compatible with bootstrap at all 100%
  • Emoticons inserting
  • Checked security vulnerability

Besides, the plugin is very easy to install. It is highly customizable to suit your WordPress website style.

Furthermore, the plugin supports many major browsers, such as:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla
  • Opera
  • Safari

Although the EasyCookie plugin does not provide a free version it has affordable pricing:

  • Regular License – $17
  • Extended License – $45

7. Truendo


Here is the last but not least plugin from our best WordPress cookie consent plugins list Truendo. This is an all-in-one solution for approving GDPR, ePrivacy, and CCPA compliance with Consent Management Platform, auto-generated and updated privacy, and cookie policy. Here are some of the plugin’s foremost functions:

  • Automation – the plugin scans your website once a month to approve your website’s compliance with the cookie policy. Besides, it automatically blocks all the 3rd-party cookies, scripts, etc. before getting the users’ consent.
  • Insight – due to the plugin, you are able to collect significant insight. Meanwhile, your website will remain totally compliant with the cookie policy. These analytics will help you to better know your website visitors and use this knowledge in the targeting process.
  • Customization – you have an opportunity to customize the cookie notice banner to make it suit your website with size, colors, and styles.

Installing the plugin is very easy. It requires just a one-step signup process, simple customization for options, and cookie banner insertion without any hustles.

The users are able to use the plugin free forever. But there are also paid plans that allow mostly the organizations to take more control over the cookie consent management. Here are the pricing plans:

  • Premium – €99 per year
  • Enterprise – custom price (this is foreseen for big organizations to fulfill their special needs and requirements)

Price Comparison

Plugin NamePricing
Cookie Consent Manager by TermlyFree + $10-$15
iComply Cookie Notice for WordPressFree + $14-$99
GDPR Cookie Consent Notice BoxFree of charge
Seers – GDPR & CCPA Cookie ConsentFree + £6.99- £24.99
TruendoFree + €99 (and custom price for enterprises)

In Conclusion

As you understood, it is quite easy to implement cookie notice on your website. This is especially essential for your site visitors. Because knowing what cookies are used when they are on the website is crucial. Especially if the visitors are from the EU countries. So, through these plugins, you are able to add unique cookie notices and design them according to your website style. Furthermore, tracking the users and collecting data in the frame of GDPR and CCPA compliance will give you valuable knowledge about your audience. Which can benefit also your further activities on your website as well as better targeting your potential users.

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