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Best Internal Linking Plugins | 2023’s Top List

Links are one of the key factors for website ranking. Particularly internal links are the heart and soul of any website. Internal Linking is an important factor for on-page SEO, which is often left out. But in fact, before spending time on building backlinks to your website, you first need to build a proper internal linking structure. Though internal linking might be a time-consuming and tough process there are dozens of internal linking plugins available out there in WordPress to quicken the process. Some plugins provide you with suggestions while others do the work for you.

In this article, we will look at the top 3 best WordPress internal linking plugins, that can relatively facilitate and quicken the process of building internal links for you.

Before diving into our top list, let’s first see what internal linking is and why it is crucial for your website.

Quick Overview of Internal Linking

An internal link is a reference from one page/post to another page/post of your website. Internal links are crucial since they connect your website’s content and show search engines how your website is structured.

Internal links enable you to easily guide users and search engines around the pages of your website. They can guide your visitors to the precise material they’re seeking on your website. Plus, they serve as navigation for search engines: if there are no links to the website the search engines won’t curate it.

So with the proper internal links, you’ll lead your visitors and search engines through the most relevant pages or posts of your website. 

Why Use Internal Links?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of having proper internal linking.

  • Improved User Experience: As we have already stated, internal linking is first done for your users. Internal links help your visitors to navigate through your website and find the exact content they want. You can also insert relevant internal links directly within the text and thus send your visitors to the page or post which might interest them. This improves the experience as the users don’t have to look and search for the information somewhere else. 
  • Lower Bounce Rate: Internal links help you to keep your visitors on your site as you guide them from one page or post to another. Thus you greatly decrease the bounce rate and increase your rankings as you retain users on your website for a long time.
  • The context for Google: In the realm of Google SEO Trends, Search engines can determine the relevance of a page by counting the number of internal links that point to it. To put it another way, internal links help Google determine the significance of a page.

This said, let’s get down to our top list of internal linking plugins for WordPress. 

Top Three Internal Linking WordPress Plugins

1. Internal Link Juicer


Internal Link Juicer is a top-rated and highly recommended plugin that deserved 1st place in our list. It is a powerful auto-internal linking plugin that enables you to automatically insert internal links into your content.

Finding internal link spots may be rather hard, and missing out on possible opportunities is quite easy. The strategy employed by Internal Link Juicer helps you to avoid all the possible difficulties while giving you the freedom to custom and control internal link targets.

To begin with, this plugin gives you the option of including multiple words or phrases for your internal links, guaranteeing that the anchor texts are varied and appear more natural. After setting and configuring these keywords, the plugin automatically generates internal links for keyword mentions. When these keywords are set up and configured, the plugin automatically creates internal links for both existing and future mentions.

Beyond that, it also comes with an all-in-one Internal Link Hub with the necessary resources you need to know about internal linking.

The free version of the plugin has a ton of features and is highly customizable. Their Pro edition, however, includes a lot more advanced features.

Main Features 

With Internal Link Juicer you have all the tools to ensure natural linking behavior while keeping things automated.

  • Automation: With Internal Link Juicer there is no need to link your pages once creating a new post, internal links are automatically built based on configured keywords.
  • Anchor diversification: The plugin allows you to make internal linking as natural as possible, you can establish a minimum or maximum gap between your key phrases to assure anchor text variety.
  • Control over the links: Internal Link Juicer gives you full control over the links: you can add links you want to exclude and not to use into black list, and whitelist the ones you want to use and rank.
  • Configurable linking behavior: This feature allows flexible configuration of link counts per page, links per target URL, and linking behavior for specific keywords.
  • Clever Reporting: The plugin offers a statistics dashboard with the information on your links, the relevant ones, and the ones which haven’t been used frequently.


Internal Link Juicer offers a Pro version that gives you a detailed view of all the links and provides more advanced features. It offers rather flexible pricing plans to choose from based on your aims and budget.

Single Site License

  • $69.99 annually 
  • $209.99 lifetime

5-Sites License

  • $149.99 annually 
  • $349.99 lifetime

10-Sites License

  • $189.99 annually 
  • $549.99 lifetime

2. Link Whisper

The next truly useful internal linking plugin we have at our full command and disposition is Link Whisper. Link whisper is a revolutionary and AI-powered internal linking WordPress plugin. As soon as you install the plugin, it immediately scans all of your website’s content and begins recommending links to connect to.

Thanks to an AI-powered tool the plugin suggests internal links alongside writing and editing. You will find the internal link suggestion right at the bottom of the post editor. Furthermore, it finds pages with no or few internal links and automatically adds links based on user input. This is a huge time-saving feature as you no longer need to go back and manually add links to your older posts.

The free version of Link Whisper offers pretty many features for quick and easy internal link building. It comes with basic internal linking functionalities, as well as internal link customization and link count reporting. Upgrading to the pro version of the plugin you will get further comprehensive features to improve and facilitate internal linking.

Main Features

  • Automated Link Suggestions: As soon as you begin writing your content, Link Whisper provides pertinent internal link suggestions from inside the WordPress editor.
  • Internal Links to Old Posts: With Link Whisper you can quickly and easily reveal the pages and posts that have few or no internal links pointing to them. After revealing them you can add internal links as suggested.
  • Internal Links Reporting: The plugin comes with a dashboard that gives you a comprehensive report of internal and external links, broken links, as well as posts that might need additional internal links.
  • Fix Broken Links: Link whisper enables you to detect broken links within your website and fix them.


The pricing of the Link Whisper Pro starts at $77 for a single site license. There are two more plans $117 and $167 that let you use the plugin on 3 and 10 sites respectively.  All the plans are annually and offer all the features.

3. Interlinks Manager

Last but not least powerful internal linking plugin that we want to draw your attention to is Interlinks Manager. This is another powerful and highly recommended internal linking plugin for automating internal links on your WordPress website. 

The Interlinks Manager plugin, gives internal linking suggestions, as well as allows you to thoroughly analyze your existing internal links, the number of links, the internal link optimization status, and more.

Additionally, Interlinks Manager shows data on the number of visitors brought about by each internal connection, giving you a thorough picture of how well your links operate and perform.

The free version of Interlinks Manager gives you an analysis of your website’s internal links, While if you want to make internal linking automated and get suggestions you need to upgrade to the premium version of the plugin.

Main Features

  • Analysis of Internal Links: The Interlink Manager plugin gives you a report about your existing internal links, the visits generated per link, and many more. Plus you can use the plugin to compute Link juice analysis.
  • Internal Link Suggestions: The plugin offers an internal links suggestions feature. This will provide you with relevant internal link-building suggestions while writing.
  • Automated Internal Links: Alongside internal link suggestions, you can make the process automated by simply defining keywords and the related URL target.
  • Easy Export: Supports CVS format to export internal links and link juice-related data.


The Regular plan of the plugin costs $39 annually for a single site license. The Regular+ plan offers six more months of support and costs $51.75. There is also an Extended plan for more than one site, the cost of which is $195. All three plans come with a bunch of features and unlimited updates.

4. LinkStorm

An animation of Linkstorm

LinkStorm is a powerful internal linking tool that helps web admins see the complete picture of their internal linking. It automates the process of creating and managing internal links within a website. This tool is designed for SEO agencies and publishers. It eliminates the need for manual link insertion and maintenance, saving web admins countless work hours. With its intelligent algorithms and user-friendly interface, LinkStorm ensures your website has a solid internal linking structure that boosts its SEO performance.

This tool suggests new internal link opportunities you can add between your pages, crawls and analyzes your page’s content, gives a comprehensive report that helps adjust your internal linking structure, fixes all your internal link issues like redirect loops, broken links, orphaned pages, and dead-end pages, and optimizes your internal link anchors that help keep track of all your used anchor in your internal linking.

It is integrated with Google Search Console, which displays site metrics and traffic data alongside internal links data. This integration offers valuable insights into your important pages. The data will show the pages you must prioritize; in this way, it helps web admins save time manually checking. LinkStorm and Google Search Console present a report with your site’s pages and all the links between the pages. With LinkStorm, you don’t need any plugins or installations to use it. It is a cross-platform tool compatible with the most popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. All you have to do is sign up and let LinkStorm do the work.

Pricing Plans

LinkStorm offers free service for limited link opportunities. If you want to get a full detailed report of your link opportunities, we have three flexible pricing options:

  • Small – Starting at $30 per month, suitable for individual or small businesses that can analyze up to 1000 URLs. 
  • Medium – Starting at $60 per month, ideal for larger websites and agencies that can analyze up to 5000 URLs.
  • Large – Starting at $120 per month, ideal for agencies and enterprises that can analyze up to 20000 URLs.

Its innate intelligence sets LinkStorm apart; it is a game-changer for optimizing internal linking. Its robust features, flexible customization options, and ease of integration make it an invaluable tool for boosting your website’s user experience, search engine visibility, and overall performance. With LinkStorm, you can take your internal linking strategy to new heights and enjoy the benefits of an optimized online presence.

Parting Words

Internal links are a crucial aspect of on-page SEO. And no matter how time and energy-consuming internal link building might be, it shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Fortunately, as you can see there is no shortage of internal linking plugins for you to automate and fasten the process.

Our list of top 3 internal linking plugins will help you to find the exact plugin to speed up internal link building. Each of these three plugins offers a feature that can greatly facilitate and improve internal linking: one enables you to provide anchor diversification, the second one allows you to fix broken links, and the third gives an analysis of your internal links.

At the end of the day, it’s you who must decide which of these plugins most suits your website.

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