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3 Best WordPress Donation Plugins

Donation plugins are widely popular nowadays. There are thousands of organizations that collect donations to help people all around the world. In this longing process, we want to help you by offering you 3 best WordPress donation plugins. They are a great help to you as they optimize the process and save you time. Why do we suggest using WordPress donation plugins? The answer is simple. 

WordPress donation plugins are easy to use, highly customizable, and affordable. Best WordPress donation plugins are trusted by thousands all around the world. They have a lot of functions that can help non-profit organizations, individuals, and businesses make the donation or fundraising process easier. 

So, in this article, we are going to get to know the best WordPress donation plugins, their main features, and their benefits. 

What is a donation plugin? 

Let us start with a fundamental question. What is a donation plugin? 

A donation plugin is a software that allows you to collect donations by using a number of features that the plugin offers you, such as creating donation forms, customizing them, creating events, and so on. 

Key Features of Donation Plugins

As there are many donation plugins you can use, it may be difficult for you to choose the best donation plugin. So, there are specific features you should take into consideration when choosing a donation plugin:

  • Donation plugins should be easily and highly customizable
  • They should have your preferred online payment methods. It may be PayPal, Stripe, etc
  • It must be possible for them to work on both mobile and desktop
  • They should have the option to work not only for one-time but also for recurring donations
  • Generally, it is desirable for donation plugins to be free, but there are paid plugins. However, you should choose the affordable plugin for you. 
  • The plugins should have the option to send donor receipts. Your donors must be informed of financial transactions or purchases. 

Not all WordPress donation plugins may have the above-mentioned features. However, you should choose them taking into account your needs. We will help you in that process by presenting you with the best WordPress donation plugins. 

Top 3 WordPress Donation Plugins

1. GiveWP


GiveWp is the first WordPress donation plugin worth to be mentioned in our list. It is a very popular donation plugin. It has almost five out of five ratings and more than 100.000 installations in WordPress. GiveWP gets updated very often. It has a lot of options you can use to make the process of donation easier and faster. With the GiveWP plugin, you can view donor data, as well as, manage donors. Additionally, you will have integrations with many third-party getaways. 

Main Features

GiveWP WordPress donation plugin has the following features: 

  • Creating custom donation forms in WordPress admin
  • Customizing donation forms without having coding skills
  • Controlling your fundraising data with reports
  • Filtering reports by date, payment method, and data
  • Having the complete history of the donor activity
  • Giving donors the opportunity to view their donation history
  • Adding multiple giving amounts, custom amounts, goals, terms, and conditions, and more within a few minutes

Besides the above-mentioned features, there are some more. GiveWP offers you a lot of payment options. They are Paypal, Stripe, Venmo, etc. The donors have the opportunity to send checks or physical donations with an offline getaway with given instructions. 

The GiveWp WordPress donation plugin is highly customizable and easy to use. 


Give WP WordPress donation plugin offers you the following paid plans:

  • Basic – 149$ annually
  • Plus – 349$ annually
  • Pro – 499$ annually
  • Agency – 599$ annually

These paid plans include getting basic and premium add-ons, all payment getaways, licenses from one to 5 sites, priority and VIP support, recurring donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, and a 30-minute “Fundraising website audit.”

2. Charitable


Charitable is the second-best WordPress donation plugin we are going to review. It has more than 10.000 installations in WordPress and almost five out of five ratings. With the help of the Charitable WordPress donation plugin, you can create campaigns just in a few minutes. 

Main Features

The main features of the Charitable WordPress donation plugin are:

  • Opportunity to create unlimited fundraising campaigns
  • Setting donation goals for campaigns
  • Embedding a donation form
  • Exporting donation reports in CSV file format
  • Shorting your donation forms
  • Loading donation forms on a separate page
  • Loading donation forms on a modal
  • Providing suggested amounts, allowing people to donate as much as they would like to
  • Tracking a donation’s status automatically after the donor completes their donation

Other features of the WordPress donation plugin Charitable include recurring donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, online payment methods, such as Paypal, and so on. This plugin is easily customizable too. 

With the help of the Charitable donation plugin, you can connect your donation forms to your favorite apps by creating automatic workflows with Zapier.


The Charitable WordPress donation plugin has the following paid plans:

  • Basic – 99$ annually
  • Plus – 249$ annually
  • Pro – 349$ annually
  • Agency – 499$ annually

The following paid plans offer you basic features such as full donation management, custom donation forms, PDF receipts, customizable emails, and privacy compliance, as well as advanced features among which are recurring donations, annual receipts, and gift aid. Moreover, you can get enhanced features like campaign videos, geolocation, and so on.

3. Donorbox


Donorbox is our third-best WordPress donation plugin. It has five out of five ratings and more than 9000 installations in WordPress. 

More than 50.000 organizations have trusted Donorbox and more than 75.000 campaigns have been run with the help of Donorbox. With Donorbox you can create fundraising forms, events, text messages, and so on. 

Main Features

The main features of Donorbox are:

Peer-to-Peer option – this feature motivates your supporters to start their campaigns as well as helps you on your way to fundraising. The process is simple. When starting a campaign you should invite your supporters to create donations pages. After that, they will send it to their friends. What will Donorbox do for you? During the whole process, Donorbox will provide you with free webpage hosting and email and necessary templates. 

Text to give – this feature is used by many organizations as is very effective. There is a chance to donate quickly via smartphone. 

Donorbox events – During the campaign multiple events take place, so at that very moment, Donobox offers you a quick way to create events. 

Customizability – Donorbox forms are fully customizable. You can choose the colors you want for the form, you can collect the information you need from the donor by creating custom fields. 

Above mentioned features are widely used by many nonprofit organizations.  

The payment options are super convenient. You can pay via Paypal or Stripe, via digital wallets such as Google Pay, and Apple pay. You can also pay via Bancontact, UK Direct debits, Sofort, and so on. Here comes the awesome feature that only Donorbox offers to its nonprofits: the ultraSwift™ Pay option. It is a simple-to-use and super-fast payment processing option that makes the payment process faster. You may agree that many people and organizations prefer to pay online instead of waiting in the bank. Thus, Donorbox simplifies the payment process. The donors just need to enter his/her data and pay. 


The Donorbox WordPress donation plugin is free to set up, but there is a 1.5% Platform Fee + Payment Processing fee. This is the Standard plan. The benefits of the Standard plan also include free-to-setup donation forms,  donate buttons, fundraising pages, the free customer support, free donor management for professional nonprofits, and free-to-setup features, offering the latest in donation-boosting tech. As you see, Donorbox offers you to start fundraising with the lowest fee. 

Moreover, in the case of the Premium Plan, you can get everything included in the Standard plan, as well as expert coaching designed to pay for itself with increased revenue, and priority tech support making onboarding and implementation a breeze, as well as a premium suite of fundraising tools to supercharge donations, and account ambassador delivering highly personalized customer service.

Summing up

In this article, we discussed 3 best WordPress donation plugins. As we already mentioned donation plugins are used frequently by many non-profit organizations as well as individuals that want to collect donations and do some good. 

In order to fasten the donation process we offer you to use 3 best WordPress donation plugins. They are super easy to use and customizable. Besides, they are affordable. 

With the best WordPress donation plugin, you have the opportunity to create donation forms, create events, send text messages to your donors, control the donation process, and create unlimited donation campaigns. Moreover, you can export your donation reports in CSV file format, and filter them by date, payment method, or data. You can allow your donors to view the complete history of the donation process, and offer your donor online payment methods such as Stripe, Paypal, etc.

To sum up, we can conclude that WordPress donation plugins have numerous benefits you can make use of. Hurry up and start using them. 

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