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3 Best Google Map Plugins Not To Miss In 2023

Considering adding Google Maps to your website? You can get going right away with the help of these top 3 best Google Map plugins for WordPress.

Including an interactive map on your website is a rather simple process that helps you in many ways. Most importantly, this will increase the visibility of your website and ensure that Google can find your listings.

Google Maps is undoubtedly the first service that comes to mind when you want to display a map on your website. And while it is rather straightforward to embed simple maps using shortcode, the top WordPress Google Maps plugins provide you with a lot more capability. Using appropriate Google Map plugins you can add maps to your articles and pages, edit them, and use them as a widget. Plus you can include nearby locations or photographs to make it easier for visitors to find you.

In this article, we’ve compiled the top Google map plugins that will make it simple for you to integrate Google Maps into your WordPress website and benefit from all that this tool has to offer. Let’s get started.

1. GEO my WP


To kick off this list of the best Google Maps plugins, we want to introduce you to GEO my WP. Geo my WP offers much more than simply a Google Maps plugin. Thanks to a bunch of powerful features and integrations GEO my WP makes geolocation and mapping a hassle-free experience.

GEO my WP is simply an all-in-one geolocation solution. The plugin enables geotagging any of your post types and BuddyPress members. Create an unlimited number of mashup maps to display any geotagged content on your website, and make sophisticated proximity search forms to look for any geotagged content based on place and distance. In short, GEO my WP makes it simple to create any kind of location-based website, including those for real estate, events, directories, social networking, and more. Furthermore, GEO my WP is a highly compatible Google Map solution, compared to others existing out there in WordPress, as GEO my WP is a shortcode-based plugin and, thus can be used with any theme.

Main Features

If you had some doubt if GEO my WP is among the best Google Map plugins, after reviewing its features you will be assured that it definitely deserves the first spot.

Geo my WP is a super feature-rich plugin, the highlights, features, and integrations of which are simply impossible to cover in one seat. So let’s review some of the prominent ones together.

  • Post Geotagging: As we mentioned above, with GEO my WP there are no limits on the post types to add geotagging. Using Google Maps you can easily geotag and add a location to any registered post.
  • BuddyPress Member Geotagging: The same goes for BuddyPress members of your site. Al the members are able to add a geographic location to their member profiles.
  • Proximity Search Forms: Create as many proximity search forms as you need to look up and locate various BuddyPress members and post kinds based on categories, addresses, and more. Plus, insert a search form anywhere on your website using a shortcode and a widget.
  • Mashup Maps: Together with all the above-mentioned you can also create unlimited mashup maps to display the location of post type, BodyPress members, and more. 

These are the features that make GEO my WP stand out among other Google Map plugins.

Additionally, the recently released GEO my WP v4.0 comes up with more plugin and theme integrations that further extend the power of GEO my WP. Integrations include the PeepSo plugin, Youzify plugin, BuddyX, and BuddyBoss theme integrations.

Moreover, alongside rich features and integrations GEO my WP comes with a huge library of extensions to enhance the functionalities of the plugin.


Having discussed all the highlights of this amazing plugin, surely, you now wonder how much this geolocation solution costs.

The free version of GEO my WP can be found in the WordPress directory. The free version offers almost all the necessary features to make mapping and geolocation a simple experience. Posts and BuddyPress members geotagging, and the Proximity search forms are all included in the free version. So you can do pretty much even with the free version of the plugin.

The premium version of GEO my WP offers 3 pricing plans to choose from, the pricing starts at $49. The premium version comes with all the tools, extensions, and integrations to take your WordPress website geolocation and mapping to a completely new level.

2. WP Go Maps


The second place on our list of the best Google Map plugins deserved WP Go Maps. The most user-friendly map plugin, WP Go Maps offers simple to sophisticated and customizable maps. WP Go Maps allows you to construct any kind of map you can imagine.

The WP Go Maps plugin follows three simple and straightforward steps:

  1. Create a Map: Create a map and customize it to suit your brand.
  2. Add your Markers: Include comprehensive markers that include text, videos, photographs, and more.
  3. Add to Page: Embed your map to any page or area of your website by using the shortcode or a Gutenberg block.

All you have to do is switch between the tabs on the single-screen interface to construct a map.

The free version allows you to share a ton of information with users, using as many markers (Google’s standard pins), without any advertising or connections. You can add or change markers with a right-click and then move them to the exact positions you want.

Animations, polygons, and polylines can all be added. The add-on offers four different map formats (roadmap, terrain, satellite, and hybrid), localization, and transport layers for Google Maps (traffic, bicycle, and public transport).

Main Features

Alongside the above-mentioned highlights and features, WP Go Maps comes with far more features and capabilities both free and premium. Let’s look at some of them.

  • A number of maps occupy your screen.
  • Filterable markers based on categories, custom fields, and more.
  • Markers that might include images, videos, links, locations, and more.
  • Visitors can add their own markers to maps and utilize their location as a starting or ending point for guidance.
  • Quick editing of marker data is possible by importing or exporting to a CSV file. Additionally, it is possible to import data from URIs (REST API), XML, CSV, JSON, and GPX.


This feature-rich plugin that deserved the second spot in our article of best Google Map plugins comes with both free and premium versions.

WP Go Maps free plugin can be found in the WordPress directory where it has more than 400.000 active installations and offers most of the features you will need to create and embed simple and responsive maps into your website.

The paid licenses for WP Go Maps start at $39.99 and offer multiple maps throughout your website, including markers with images, videos, links, and many-many other useful features.

3. WP Google Map

Last but not least feature-rich and useful plugin on our list of best Google Map plugins for WordPress is WP Google Map. Wp Google map is a highly optimized and highly-popular plugin that has 20.000 active installations.

If you want to give your current Google Maps embeds some style look at the WP Google Map. It provides access to hundreds of map styles, and it instantly applies those styles to any Google Maps embed on your website.

It is a top-rated freemium tool that enables you to build a personalized, responsive Google map with an infinite number of markers that contain categories, descriptions, images, and links. Four different types of maps are available: hybrid, satellite, terrain, and roadmap.

Although we are unable to pinpoint the specific reason for this plugin’s popularity, we suspect that it has something to do with its ease of use. It’s really simple to add your map to your page, and your dashboard’s settings are constrained to a single screen.

Main Features

WP Google Map’s features are the assets that make it stand out in the market. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

  • Share maps offline using QR codes.
  • Share real-time location and motion.
  • Augmented reality to create any scenario.
  • Multiple markers for each layer with a marker clustering option.
  • Marker animations and popups.
  • Bulk updates to markers by importing and exporting.


The WP Google Map free only lets you create one map. With the pro-add-on of WP Google Maps, you get unlimited maps. 

WP Google Maps Pro comes on three tiers, all one-time payments: Pro ($39.99 for use on three sites), Developer ($99.99 for use on 10 sites), and Lifetime ($199.99 for use on unlimited sites and access to plugin updates).

Wrap Up

There are a whole lot of quality map plugins out there, but we hope that this condensed list of the best WordPress Google Maps plugins helped you in your search to narrow down the one that will best fit your needs.

Final recommendations:

  • If your goal is to put a Google Map onto your website as quickly as possible and you don’t care about customizing any details, then Simple Google Maps Shortcode is your solution.
  • If you’re looking for a tool that will take care of all your website building needs, including the ability to embed a Google Map and customize it in various ways, then our three best Google Map plugins are what you need.

Was the article useful?

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