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Newsomatic – Create Automatic News Posts on WordPress

Content creation is a crucial part of websites and blogs. So, auto-blogging is very beneficial for those who want to have a great blog by only selecting specific sites, content, feeds, schedules, and using some options. And if you want to specifically generate a news blog on WordPress then the Newsomatic plugin will help you the most. In this article, we will discuss all the important features of Newsomatic – automatic news post generator plugin on WordPress.

What is Newsomatic?

wordpress automatic news plugin for posts

So, as mentioned before, Newsomatic is an automatic post generator plugin for WordPress sites. Newsomatic uses NewsomaticAPI to post content. To clarify, this is an API that collects the latest news from different and most popular news sites. The whole process is automatic without the user’s intervention.

It is a powerful tool especially for receiving a passive income. The process is very simple and does not require big efforts on the site owner’s behalf. Meanwhile, you predefine some required rules which collect and generate posts from such news sites as:

wordpress auto news plugin for generating posts

Newsomatic- Key Features

So, after revealing the main purpose of this automatic news post generator plugin, we may move forward to understand what more features it offers to ease the users’ auto blogging process.


This is a dedicated API that is used only for this plugin. You are able to import news content from its huge quantity of sources anytime you wish.

So, the plugin is a great alternative for the Google News API with many advanced functions we are going to reveal in the next paragraphs.

Headless Browser API

This is a new feature aiming to scrape JS-rendered content. Meanwhile, you will not be obliged to configure the server. And will get flexible, fast, and trustworthy Scraper API.

Main Components of the Post 

So as you imported any content from the public articles of the NewsomaticAPI you should know that it is highly customizable. And all this is through your previously defined rules. Each of the posts carries:

  • Title
  • Content
  • Comment enable/disable option
  • Feature image
  • Post type
  • Status
  • Author
  • Category
  • Tags

By the way, all those components are fully customizable for each and every post. There are also available shortcodes that will help you to totally customize both the content and the title.

It is important to note that apart from texts and links, the NewsomaticAPI post details include images and videos, too.


Searching Features

Due to Newsomatic’s advanced searching features, you have the capacity to search articles by related keywords. Also, a very demanded feature is searching for content by language or country. And if you want to access all the articles available in the NewsomaticAPI database then you have a “Search All Articles” option.

Link Scraper

Besides, you are able to set unique categories or tags for the generated articles. And if you like to have the links separately, then you may also scrape them from the content. 


With Newsomatic you do not need to worry about translating the post content. As this automatic news post generator plugin is fully compatible with Google Translate. And content translation is just a matter of a few seconds.

Setting the Post Status 

To proceed with this plugin, you should define your preferred rules and put them into action by the schedule. Note, that it is not mandatory to make the generated content public. You can also define its status as “Draft”, “Pending”, “Private”, or “Published”. As well as we can temporarily delete the posts by moving them to “Trash”.

Post Restrictions

To get exactly your desired content you should set some restrictions and required rules for the posts. So, here are the options:

  • Post title minimum/maximum length
  • Content min/max length
  • Selecting only the content with images
  • Mention allowed and banned keywords
  • Define custom ad codes 
  • Skipping the content older than the set date

Avoiding From the Copyrighting Issues

Some users consider that auto-blogging can cause copywriting issues. There is a seed of truth in it. But with the Newsomatic plugin, you do not need to worry about plagiarism issues. Thanks to “Text Spinner” support, the plugin enables you to spin the generated articles and replace the words with their synonyms. So, you will avoid plagiarism. And that would be great for your website SEO. 

Another option is “Random Sentence Generator”. This allows you to add a randomly generated set of sentences to your content. This will make your automatically generated post unique.

Besides, by spotting a set of valuable keywords, you can replace them with previously selected links with ease.

This refers to not only the textual part of the articles but also images. The plugin enables you to use royalty-free images to replace the original post’s images with copyright-free ones. You can take these images from Pixabay, Pexels, Flickr, etc.

Benefits of the Newsomatic Plugin

While different plugins can affect your website speed Newsomatic does things in a different way. It is highly optimized for speed and will not slow down your WordPress website.

By activating this automatic news post generator plugin you get lifetime updates and caring support from the real specialists. Besides, the full package includes a lifetime subscription to NewsomaticAPI. This means you will send 500 API requests in a single day. This considers 50K published posts. Moreover, to get familiar with the plugin’s key features and functionalities, the Newsomatic’s developers provide you with thorough documentation, as well as a detailed tutorial.

You are able to choose to update your website content in which interval you want even per hour. The purpose is to provide the readers with fresh news to approve their return more and more frequently.

Even though the posts are created automatically you will receive valuable information about each of them. This info will be displayed at the bottom of each post.

The plugin is mobile-friendly and highly responsive. So, the generated content will be excellently displayed on each device. It is also tested to work with the latest version of WordPress and greatly supports the Gutenberg Block Editor, as well.

The other advantage of the plugin is that it is developed by the Envato Elite author – CodeRevolution. This means that all the products of CodeRevolution meet the Envato Market’s strict requirements in terms of security, quality, coding standards, and performance.


Getting a Passive Income

Therefore, if you want to create self-updating news websites on WordPress that will drive traffic organically and bring you passive income then the Newsomatic Plugin is for you. And in this case, it will not be similar to other “so-called” passive incomes when you need so much money to keep working. With this plugin, you will not have to do things like building an email list, creating and promoting your own products, or completing video marketing strategies which can not only require a lot of money but also time, etc. Instead, you will just drive free traffic to your website with other’s viral content.

Summing up, let’s understand what benefits the plugin gives us:

  • Your users will get their desired topic that is constantly updated.
  • You may target your online visitors to your news site niche so that they can easily find what is needed.
  • Monetize your website with simple ads and banners.


The Newsomatic plugin offers quite a flexible pricing system:

  • Regular License costs $24.
  • Extended License costs $245.

Both plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can demand a 100% refund within this time frame.

Besides, there is a good offer for Newsomatic’s users. You are able to earn some income by sharing the plugin. So, the revenue is 30% of the plugin’s certain plan’s price for each new customer coming from your end.

In Conclusion

So, in this article, we have discussed an automatic news post generator plugin – Newsomatic. This is a creative and innovative tool to create automatic news posts on WordPress with ease. Being a highly secure, speed-optimized, and well-functioned Newsomatic is your best choice if decided to start a blog and drive good traffic from other websites without facing copyright issues. The automatically flowing unique content is guaranteed thanks to the plugin’s “Text Spinner” and “Random Sentence Generator” features. As well as to approve the media files’ uniqueness you can use copyright-free images in the posts.

Importantly, the plugin will benefit your passive income through some simple rules that you should define before posting content. And the post sources are also very trustworthy. As they are very famous news sites having constant updates and fresh news. Also, you may monetize the blog by advertising banners and ads.

As you see, there is a bunch of benefits to using the plugin on your newly created blog. So, taking one of the affordable plans of the Newsomatic plugin you will discover a new world of auto blogging without spending much time and money. 

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