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Best Upselling Plugin for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads – UpsellMaster Review 

In today’s competitive market, business owners have to implement multiple ways to enhance customer experience and their E-commerce business revenue. One of these methods is upselling. This is a strategy of encouraging and moving your customers to buy items, add-ons, or upgrades at a relatively higher price. So, if you decided to implement the upselling strategy into your online store then the UpsellMaster plugin can be a great help to you. Providing a wide range of upselling features, the plugin enables you to effortlessly optimize your e-commerce business sales and revenue. So, in this article, we will discover the importance of upselling and review the UpsellMaster plugin. We will go through its advanced features and benefits to provide you with a comprehensive look at this great upselling plugin for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads store.

Why Use Upsells on WooCommerce?

Upselling is usually used as an e-commerce technique for increasing the value of the average order. This is by encouraging your clients to get additional or high-priced products from your online shop. There are three reasons why upselling not only benefits the business owners but also the customers:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Well-designed upsell offers can highly boost user experience on your website. This is by suggesting to the customers relevant product recommendations that highly meet their personal needs.
  • Increased Business Revenue: Businesses that offer high-value products can increasingly earn more without engaging new customers.
  • Customer Loyalty: By implementing upselling strategies you can build customer loyalty as they will feel they are getting interest-based valuable offers.

As you explore the importance of upsells in the e-commerce business, let’s dive into the best features of the UpsellMaster plugin.

UpsellMaster – Upselling Plugin for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads Store

Upselling Plugin for WooCommerce and EDD

UpsellMaster is a WordPress plugin with a 5-star rating. Offering great features for implementing an upsell strategy on your online store the plugin has several benefits for e-commerce companies:

  • Sales boost: The plugin helps in displaying relevant upsells while customers are shopping at your WooCommerce or EDD store. This assists in increasing average order value and sales.
  • Time-saving features: Instead of manually setting up each individual upsell, this plugin can automatically calculate them for you.
  • Control and Flexibility: UpsellMaster provides seamless customization and display options. This also allows online businesses to tailor their selling tactics to perfectly fit different customer needs.
  • Analytics and Insights: Moreover, the plugin comes with comprehensive tracking reports and analytics that make it stand out from other upselling plugins. This results in making data-driven decisions for improved business performance.

Key Features of the UpsellMaster Plugin

The UpsellMaster plugin comes with dozens of features aimed at making upsells work for your WooCommerce or EDD shop. Here you can discover the main features of the plugin: 

  • Automatic Upsell Calculation: The UpsellMaster plugin offers a built-in one-click automatic upsell calculation. This streamlines the manual work effortlessly. Therefore, the plugin makes it simple to optimize upselling strategies on WooCommerce.
  • Custom Algorithm For Upsell Offers: This allows users to customize the upsell algorithm to quickly access individual offers. So, the owner of the business is able to implement an optimized algorithm based on the business requirements and present interests.
  • Display Options: With this plugin, business owners are able to showcase the recently viewed or calculated products on the main and key pages of their WooCommerce stores. This will significantly boost visibility and sales.
  • Promotional Campaigns: E-commerce store owners are able to effortlessly create promotional campaigns with a wide variety of campaign templates. This option ensures creating strategic timing for running campaigns. This is to attract more customers, especially on holidays or special event seasons.
  • Detailed Report for Upsell Results Tracking: This plugin presents a detailed view of how upsells are performing on WooCommerce and EDD. By keeping track of and studying the sales from upselling, the store owners will be able to make the right choices, improve their selling methods, and maximize returns.
  • Custom Taxonomies: The plugin highly supports custom taxonomy to add personalized upsell offers for every product. This is useful for WooCommerce stores that use custom taxonomies along with standard categories and tags. That way you have a more refined set of tools to work out the criteria for an upsell.

Other Features

  • Preferred and Excluded Upsells by Product: Users are also able to set specific upsells for products, manually, and ban the products, categories, or tags from the proposed upsell. It gives businesses more control over upselling suggestions according to customer preferences.
  • Preferred and Excluded Upsells by Product: Users are also able to set specific upsells for products, manually, and ban the products, categories, or tags from the proposed upsell. It gives businesses more control over upselling suggestions according to customer preferences.
  • Add to Cart and Exit Intent Popups: The plugin includes “Add to Cart” and “Exit Intent Popups” which show upsell products for customers when they add items to their cart or try to leave the website. This is a great way to boost sales and store revenue.
  • Shortcodes and Gutenberg Block: You can display upsells on any page or post through the available shortcodes and Gutenberg Block.
  • Campaign Templates: This plugin features numerous built-in templates for running and promoting discount campaigns. These templates are what guarantee the webshops continue being as dynamic and attractive as they are. So, you can make people stay interested with your offer.
  • Upsell Results Tracking Report: Integrating with the WooCommerce and Easy Digitial Downloads plugins, the UpsellMaster plugin enables you to check thorough insights that show how well your offered upsells are doing on these platforms. So, if the store owners are tracking and studying the sales from their upselling, they will be able to make the right choices that will further improve their selling performance, thus, increasing the profit.
  • Upcoming Integration: The plugin will integrate the Elementor page builder in a few days. This will ensure a simpler user experience and an effective operation.

How to Use the UpsellMaster Plugin?

After installing and activating the plugin on your WordPress site you need to configure the settings or use the default set parameters for the plugin. It is important to note, that before starting to use the plugin you need to have WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads plugin activated on WordPress. 

In the “General Settings” section, you can adjust the following points:

  • Number of Upsells 
  • Recalculation Interval
  • Batch Size
  • Upsell Data Maintenance 
  • Default Upsells
  • Upsell Autocalculation Options
UpsellMasterPro General Settings

In the next step, you can seamlessly customize the Algorithm logic by having these settings available:

  • Excluding Categories
  • Excluding Tags
  • Excluding UpsellMaster Tags
  • Defining the Price Ranges
  • Up to 8 Priorities with Criteria (to define the upselling products), Weight (for determining the upsell score), Setting Logarithmic Scale (for large upsell scales)
UpsellMaster Pro Priorities

Displaying The Upsells

The next sections refer to determining the upsell placement:

  • Product Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Purchase Receipt Page

Also, you have an opportunity to add two types of upsell popups to increase the sales possibility.

  • Add to Cart Popup
  • Exit Intent Popup

Besides, the plugin enables you to display the upsells on any page you want on your website through the built-in shortcodes:

UpsellMaster Pro Shortcodes

Moreover, you are able to create various upsell campaigns. Here you have an option to customize the plugin’s suggested campaign text or create one based on your preference.

Overall, the plugin’s interface is very user-friendly. Each section comes with understandable notices and guides. In addition to these short notices, you can also find various helpful articles and the plugin’s comprehensive documentation to cover all the aspects of UpsellMaster’s usage. If there are still questions, you may definitely open a support ticket. The plugin’s support service is highly responsive and quick.

So, UpsellMaster is easy to use even for those who do not have technical skills. Also, if you do not understand the plugin’s default setting language you can definitely translate it with the Loco Translate plugin available for free in WordPress.


The UpsellMaster plugin comes with both free and pro versions. The free version includes an upselling calculation for 50 products or 300 with email subscriptions, lifetime value category tags, limited target users and display locations, and basic product filters. 

However, to access advanced features you need to activate one of the available pro packages that include the whole toolkit described above:

  • Single Site License – $99 per year
  • 3 Site License – $149 per year
  • 10 Site License – $249 per year

After purchasing UpsellMaster, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee in case the features of the plugin do not cover your expectations.

To Wrap Things Up…

To sum up, one of the greatest ways to enhance customer experience and increase shop revenue is implementing an upselling strategy. In this case, business owners will find the UpsellMaster plugin essential as it has a wide range of features specifically designed for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads stores. These include automated upsell calculation, customized algorithms, detailed analysis, dynamic display options, etc. All these features assist in making the upselling process more effective while significantly increasing sales. With the easy-to-use UpsellMaster plugin, enterprises can successfully raise their average order value thus ensuring brand loyalty.

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