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CLUEVO vs Tutor LMS: What’s the Best LMS Plugin for WordPress?

E-learning is booming, and with it comes the challenge of picking the best LMS plugin for WordPress. Plugins like CLUEVO and Tutor LMS are popular choices, offering user-friendly course creation, student management, and progress tracking. But which one is the go-to? This article explores the functionalities, pricing, and unique features of both CLUEVO and Tutor LMS to help you decide which LMS plugin best suits your online course needs. 

Quick Comparison – CLUEVO vs. Tutor LMS

FactorsCLUEVOTutor LMS
Features & Customization OptionsStrong core features, AI Quiz MakerDrag-and-drop builder, live class integration
Extensions/Add-onsLimitedWide range available
Support & ResourcesAcademy, Desk, Blog, VideosTutorials, Blog, Form
PricingFreemium & Premium (€0119-€179/Year)Freemium & Premium ($0199-$799/Year)

Features – CLUEVO vs. Tutor LMS

The features and customization options offered by an LMS plugin are the cornerstones of building a successful eLearning platform. A rich set of features lets you design an engaging learning experience, while the flexible customization options ensure you can tailor the course to your specific content and teaching style. Let’s see how CLUEVO and Tutor LMS compete in this section!


CLUEVO is a lightweight plugin that comes with essential LMS features. This makes it perfect for those who want to get started quickly and easily. 

  • AI Quiz Maker: Save time and effort creating assessments with the AI Quiz Maker. This innovative extension analyzes your existing content (posts, pages, or copied text) and generates multiple-choice quiz questions for you to customize and integrate into your course modules.
  • Multiple Learning Formats: CLUEVO seamlessly integrates various learning formats, including SCORM modules, videos, podcasts, and even embedded content from YouTube and Vimeo. This allows you to create diverse and engaging learning experiences.
  • Learning Tree for Easy Organization: Organize your courses and chapters with the intuitive “Learning Tree” feature. This ensures clear navigation for both instructors and students.
  • Access Control: With powerful role management, you have complete control over who sees what content. This is perfect for situations requiring specific prerequisites or tiered access within your course.
  • Competency Management: Take your training a step further by bundling lessons into competencies. This allows you to track learner progress and identify knowledge gaps.
  • Detailed Reporting: Gain valuable insights into student learning progress with comprehensive reports. Track completion rates, identify areas needing improvement, and measure the overall effectiveness of your course.

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is renowned for its drag-and-drop functionality, allowing everyone to build courses with ease and with no prior technical knowledge. 

  • Drag-and-Drop Course Builder: This user-friendly interface streamlines course creation, letting you add lessons, quizzes, assignments, and other elements with a simple drag-and-drop action.
  • Content Delivery Options: Tutor LMS supports a variety of content formats to keep your courses engaging. Create compelling quizzes, assessments, and lessons, or integrate external resources like videos and presentations.
  • Live Class Integration: Take your online courses to the next level by integrating live classes with platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom, or YouTube. This fosters real-time interaction and discussion between instructors and students.
  • Course Bundles: Package multiple courses together to create a comprehensive learning experience. This strategy can increase sales and cater to students seeking a more in-depth learning path.
  • Personalized Dashboards: Both instructors and students benefit from organized and personalized dashboards. This streamlined interface provides easy access to all course materials, assignments, and progress-tracking tools.
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Gain valuable insights into student performance and course effectiveness with Tutor LMS’ comprehensive reporting system. Track completion rates, identify areas needing improvement, and monitor overall student learning progress.

Features – Winner

In terms of key features, CLUEVO and Tutor LMS are more or less on the same level. Tutor LMS stands out with its drag-and-drop course-building capability, and CLUEVO is the best option for creating diverse course formats. In addition, CLUEVO uses artificial intelligence for even faster results. So, even though we have strong competition, CLUEVO is in a slightly more beneficial position, making itself the winner of our first section!

Extensions – CLUEVO vs. Tutor LMS

Extensions or add-ons are sometimes optional but important additions to WP plugins. They allow you to understand if the plugin’s functionalities can be further extended for different uses. Both CLUEVO and Tutor LMS offer a rich set of premium extensions. Let’s now look at how they help users. 


  • oEmbed Modules
  • Google Documents
  • AI Quiz Maker
  • Certificates
  • Multiple Trees
  • User Learning Progress
  • User Import
  • WooCommerce Integration

Tutor LMS

  • Course Bundle
  • Multi Instructor
  • Reports
  • Calendar
  • Google Classroom
  • Quiz Export/Import
  • Certificate
  • Assignments
  • Course Preview
  • Content Drip
  • Google Meet
  • E-Mail
  • Notifications
  • Zoom
  • Enrollments
  • Gradebook
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Attachments

Extensions – Winner

Tutor LMS outruns CLUEVO with its number of extensions. Although CLUEVO has some quality add-ons that significantly enhance the plugin’s usage, such as AI Quiz Maker, Multiple Trees, and User Import, Tutor LMS is our winner for this section!

Support & Resources – CLUEVO vs. Tutor LMS

When choosing an LMS plugin, access to quality support and resources is crucial. Let’s see how CLUEVO and Tutor LMS compete for this advantage.


CLUEVO provides a comprehensive learning ecosystem to help you navigate the LMS and build your online course with confidence. Here’s what they offer:

  • CLUEVO Academy: This dedicated online academy provides tutorials and guides specifically designed to help you get started with CLUEVO and create your online eLearning system.
  • Support Desk: Should you encounter an issue beyond the resources available in the academy, CLUEVO offers a dedicated support desk where you can reach their team for assistance.
  • Blog: Stay informed and gain valuable insights with CLUEVO’s informative blog, covering various e-learning and LMS-related topics.
  • Video Tutorial Playlist: Complement your learning with CLUEVO’s YouTube video tutorial playlist, offering visual instructions and showing the plugin features in action.

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS also offers a range of resources to support your LMS journey:

  • YouTube Tutorial Playlist: Access a collection of how-to tutorials on YouTube, guiding you through various aspects of using Tutor LMS.
  • Blog: Similar to CLUEVO, Tutor LMS maintains a blog with informative articles that can be valuable resources for instructors using their LMS plugin.
  • Support Form: If you encounter an issue and prefer a written format, Tutor LMS provides a support form to submit your inquiries directly to their team.

Support & Resources – Winner

While both platforms offer helpful video tutorials and blogs, CLUEVO maintains a slight edge due to its dedicated CLUEVO Academy. These additional resources provide a more structured learning experience and a direct line to support when needed. Ultimately, the winner may depend on your preferred communication style. 

Pricing – CLUEVO vs. Tutor LMS

When choosing an LMS plugin, pricing is a major consideration. Let’s break down the cost structures of CLUEVO and Tutor LMS to see which one offers the best value for your needs.


CLUEVO offers a freemium approach, providing a robust free plugin alongside premium feature bundles:

  • Free: The free CLUEVO plugin offers the basic essential tools for building your online course, including features like content creation, user management, course progress tracking, and SCORM compatibility. While it lacks some premium features like certificates and WooCommerce integration, it’s a strong option for those just starting out.
  • CLUEVO Free + Livresq: This option integrates CLUEVO with the Livresq learning content authoring platform, offering additional resources for course creation.
  • Pro Bundle (€119/Year): This bundle unlocks premium features for your CLUEVO LMS, including WooCommerce API integration, certificate generation, and support with updates.
  • Premium Bundle (€179/Year): The AI Quiz Maker adds up to the Pro Bundle, allowing you to generate quizzes from existing content with ease.

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS offers a tiered pricing structure with four options:

  • Basic: This free plan provides a basic LMS setup with limitations on the number of websites you can use it on and access to community support only.
  • Individual ($199/Year): This plan allows for use on one website and includes priority email support and one free installation service.
  • Business ($399/Year): This plan expands to 10 site licenses, offers priority email support, and includes two free installation services.
  • Agency ($799/Year): The top tier provides unlimited site licenses, priority email support, five free installation services, and is best suited for agencies managing multiple LMS installations.

Pricing – Winner

This pretty much depends on your budget and needs:

  • For Beginners: CLUEVO’s free plan is a compelling option, offering a feature-rich free plugin to build your LMS.
  • For Established Businesses (eLearning Agencies): For those managing multiple LMS sites, Tutor LMS’ Agency plan offers scalability with unlimited site licenses. CLUEVO doesn’t currently offer unlimited site licenses, but their Pro and Premium Bundles might be sufficient depending on your needs.

Wrapping Up: The Best LMS Plugin for WordPress

Choosing the right LMS plugin for your WordPress eLearning platform can be challenging. Both CLUEVO and Tutor LMS are strong competitors, offering a feature-rich set of tools to help you build engaging online courses. However, after a close examination of their functionalities, extensions, support resources, and pricing combined, CLUEVO emerges as the best LMS plugin for WordPress.

Here’s a recap of why CLUEVO takes the top spot:

  • Strong Core Features
  • AI-Powered Innovation
  • Structured Learning Resources
  • Affordable Pricing

So, if you’re searching for a user-friendly, feature-rich LMS plugin with a touch of innovation to empower your eLearning journey, then CLUEVO might be the perfect fit for you!

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