WordPress Blockons Plugin is here to take the Gutenberg Editor’s game to another level and make the user experience on your website better than ever. 

Actively evolving Blockons now has 12+ editor blocks let’s go through some of them and analyze the use cases.

  1. Image/Video Sliders/Carousels
    Visualize your Website by adding Image Carousels. For brands and businesses, especially Image carousels have higher engagement than any other types. Another interesting way to use image sliders is by adding step-by-step image instructions.
  2. Customer Review SliderSocial Proofing your website is a top priority for building customer trust. Blockons Testimonials block will basically help motivate your customers to take action. 
  3. Marketing Buttons CTA’s are great, but what about easily changing the traditional ways? Add buttons with time limit prompts, and additional information that will clients make a quick decision. 
  4. Search Bars If your users need something on your website, let them search around for a while and get puzzled, or choose to make them happier by displaying a Search Bar that will not waste your users’ time. 
  5. Featured ProductsYou want to sell it, make it stand out, and make it easy to reach. Add a featured products block to your WooCommerce store to showcase everything that needs more attention. 

Explore all the other 10+ functionalities visiting Blockons website, and keep in mind that all these amazing functionalities for your Gutenberg Blog are completely free.

Customizing your Woocommerce store can be puzzling, in the great variety of plugins that offer functionalities sometimes not including everything you need. What we are about to share with you might help you get rid of half of your plugin’s directory forever.

Now, all in one pack would be a great solution. What if I say that with the StoreCustomizer plugin, it is not a “would be” anymore
Furthermore, this Woocommerce customizer plugin will help you customize your WHOLE Woccomerce store, and by whole we mean:

  • Product Pages
  • Checkout Page  
  • Cart Page 
  • Account Pages 

Even the StoreCustomizer’s free features offer such detailed customization as:

  • Edit / Remove elements that your theme doesn’t let you
  • Edit Add to Cart buttons and change the design colors
  • Adjust Products Per Row & Per Page shown on the archive pages
  • Add custom banners and other elements
  • Display product sales statistics for admin users only
  • Add login/logout menu items
  • All are built into the WP Customizer so you can edit any settings live

Let’s go through some of the features StoreCustomizer Pro offers for as little as $49.

  • Turn your online store into Catalogue Mode
  • Add a more advanced Ajax Search to your site
  • Create a custom WooCommerce thank you page
  • Add Product Quick View to the Product archive pages
  • Add custom Product Badges
  • + lots more all included in the price

It would probably take too long to explore all the amazing functionalities offered by this WooCommerce customizer plugin. Visit their website to Learn More. 

The MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking plugin is an all-in-one property management solution for rental property websites.

No matter the size, purpose, or price, this WordPress hotel booking plugin is ideal for managing any type of hospitality business facility, including hotels, vacation rentals, apartment management companies, hostels, and more.

This plugin enables you to easily construct a listing for a holiday rental as well as an outstanding rental property reservation with all types of online/offline payments, automatic inventory management, tax and charge information, reasonable price rates, personalized policies, and more,

So, the main features of the Hotel Booking plugin:

  • Unlimited properties and estates, such as hotel rooms, hostel bed spaces, or villas.
  • Smart search algorithm depending on the number of visitors, the system can offer a great set of accommodations.
  • Free or paid extras, additional services, and packages.
  • Discount Coupons can be provided to promos or loyal clients, based on various custom rules.
  • Attach taxes, fees, mandatory wages, accommodation, and service taxes, also fee taxes for housing rates.
  • Guests can make bookings in 18 languages: Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French, Arabic, German, Finnish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, and Croatian.
  • The plugin is compatible with WPML and is ready for its custom translation.

Best reCAPTCHA alternative for WordPress. Add Cloudflare Turnstile to WordPress, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, WPForms, and many more.

Easy Cloudflare Turnstile by WPPOOL is the easiest way to integrate Turnstile, the latest reCAPTCHA alternative by Cloudflare. Easy Cloudflare Turnstile helps you identify real website visitors without needing additional actions. Instead, it automatically runs a series of small non-interactive JavaScript challenges based on telemetry and client behavior displayed during a session. That means the possibility of your users facing CAPTCHA will reduce significantly.

Protects against spam on:

  • WordPress Login form
  • WordPress Signup form
  • WordPress Reset Password form
  • WordPress Comment form
  • WooCommerce forms
  • Contact Form 7 forms
  • WPForms contact forms
  • BuddyPress forms
  • Elementor forms

Add attractive galleries under 1 minute to your WordPress website in using the FooGallery plugin. With the help of the FooGallert plugin, you will have a chance to customize your galleries to look exactly the way you want. It is also responsive, retina-ready, and supports lazy loading for lightning-fast photo galleries. It has unique themes, which will be a great advantage for your website. Style your notifications, galleries, and lightbox with unique themes and templates. Create galleries that will be easy to customize, SEO-friendly, and finally responsive.

DesignO Product Designer Plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce

Looking to sell print-ready, customizable products on your online store? Check out DesignO! An invention of Design’N’Buy, the leading web2print solutions provider, DesignO is an API-driven plug-n–play design tool with built-in order and print workflow management capabilities.

Gain access to a comprehensive job calendar, practical print workflow tools, and an easy-to-understand dashboard so you always stay on top of your orders and satisfy customers with error-free and prompt deliveries.

Besides WooCommerce, DesignO integrates flawlessly with Shopify, BigCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop, Shopware, NopCommerce, and more.


– 3D preview and ready-to-print vector output files in PDF and CMYK

– Feature-rich back-office software with a dashboard, reports, order management, print workflow, and job calendar

– Design a tool with built-in localization to match your language and currency

– Fully mobile responsive and fast-loading design tool

– Pre-loaded templates, fonts, and clipart

– Send push notifications and emails to your team and customers

Check how the WooCommerce product designer plugin works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I4FYysV2Bc

You can subscribe to DesignO monthly and pay-as-you-go or purchase a one-time perpetual license. Contact the team for pricing.

Download now: https://wordpress.org/plugins/designo/

Duplicator Pro is a perfect plugin for automatic configuration and migration of the same themes, plugins, and website design from one Website to another, instead of doing all of it over and over again manually. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface:

  • Drag and Drop migrations,
  • Direct server transfers,
  • Multisite backup and migration,
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Many other functionalities make this easy process even more convenient.

Moreover, if for any reason you try this magic tool and are not satisfied they offer a 100% Money back guarantee within 60 days.

The Flexible Wishlist for WooCommerce plugin is a great choice to add a favorite product-saving option to your WooCommerce store. It is a highly customizable and flexible lightweight plugin enabling users to create personalized gift wishlists, as well. The plugin is foreseen to promote your store conversions and sales.

Main Features

  • Unlimited list creation
  • Unlimited products added to the lists
  • Adding products to the wishlist from the store page or by utilizing a popup window
  • Enabling all users or only the registered ones to create wishlists
  • Copying products from one list and pasting them into another
  • Enabling users to add item ideas to the wishlist

Moreover, the Flexible Wishlist for WooCommerce plugin is completely free and does not affect your WooCommerce store speed.

Flexible Wishlist for WooCommerce – Analytics & Emails is a new pro addon for WPDesk’s Wishlist plugin. This is a potent tool that can be used after installing the free wishlist plugin. Due to this marketing tool, you will be able to create and send promotional emails. Also, it provides you with strong analytical and tracking options.

Main Features

    • Paid add-on for the free Flexible Wishlist for WooCommerce plugin
    • Wishlist creation time
    • Stock status analysis
    • Client’s wishlists insights
    • Number of users who inserted items to the wishlist
    • Viewing product quantity per each wishlist
    • Data filtering by tags, product quantity, date, etc.
    • Identifying the most favorite product frequently added to wishlists

Whether you have a startup or a big US company you will highly benefit from the US Interactive Map plugin for WordPress. It enables you to add colorful, clickable, and very customizable US maps with 50 states to your WP site.

Main Features

  • Responsiveness
  • Advanced settings for an unlimited number of maps
  • Tooltips
  • Click actions customization
  • Font, color, and font-family customization
  • Points and markers for the maps
  • Export/ Import through CSV tables
  • Merging states into regions
  • Displaying content along with the map
  • Shortcode availability, etc.

The plugin offers a fast and smooth installation process. In case of any issues, you are free to contact the premium support service via Email or live chat.

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