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YaySwatches – Variation Swatches for WooCommerce


Want to make your online store as user-friendly as possible? YaySwatches is the best tool to optimize your store and product pages and showcase all the product variations you offer. By installing and activating YaySwatches - Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin, you can turn your boring default shop into a stunning product page.

YaySwatches lets you display a variety of attributes of your products such as color, size, material, shape, and much more. Additionally, you can customize swatch styles like color, button, and custom images.


There are tons of built-in options like shape, size, style, border color, variable product name tooltip, image resolution, positioning, etc. All these are to make the WooCommerce product attributes more vivid and enhance the interface of your shop/product page. This can give your customers a pleasant shopping experience and make them unable to stop adding products to their carts.

After tweaking the swatches, your store can display them on both the shop/categories page and product pages. Thus, customers will have a fast and seamless experience when purchasing at your store, despite they are from different regions or using different devices.

With YaySwatches, you also can adjust the effects of sold-out variations to enhance the interface of the WooCommerce shop/product page and let customers know the current stock status of your products.

Moreover, YaySwatches is compatible with multi-lingual sites and other third-party WooCommerce extensions to take your store to new heights.


  • Easy to use with UX/UI.
  • Customizable plenty of swatch options including shape, size, border, and color.
  • Can choose to limit the number of swatch bubbles displayed for each product on the Shop page.
  • Works with a single product page and shop/category.
  • Global WooCommerce attributes supported.
  • Compatibility with multi-lingual sites and other third-party plugins.
  • Live chat support around the clock.

Download YaySwatches plugin for free to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. 


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