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WP Security Ninja

WP Security Ninja – WordPress Security Plugin

Your WordPress website serves as a visual storefront for your business. So, your online presence must be safeguarded against the cyber threats. Meet the WP Security Ninja plugin - a feature-rich and potent WordPress security plugin

Key Features 

  • Easy Setup: You can simply secure your site with the plugin that is quick to install through an informative wizard.
  • Efficient Management: MainWP integration allows you to handle security matters across various websites seamlessly thus realizing a unified defense system.
  • Automated Solutions: You can save time and effort by resolving more than 30 security problems by clicking a single button.
  • Scheduled Scans: Without having to monitor continuously, you will stay alerted via scheduled scanning when any irregularity is detected.
  • Customizable Protection: You are able to adjust settings for specialized protection like country blocking, login form protection, or plugin integrity check-ups.
  • WordPress Installation Verification: With this option, you can check whether your main WordPress files are infected or not.
  • Expert Support: Enjoy high-end support services from WP Security Ninja developers who are based in the USA. 
  • Continuous Updates: If you want to be informed about new threats then you should update and scan for vulnerabilities that will safeguard your website from being hacked. 

Why WP Security Ninja?

WP Security Ninja allows you to secure your website fast and effectively. Whether you are launching a new site or protecting an existing online presence, this WordPress security plugin can be a great help. Organizations have never had it better than now with its intuitive interface, powerful functionalities as well as distinct support in the era of cyber threats.

Moreover, the plugin makes it easy to manage more than one website's configuration through the Import/export feature. Also, you are able to stay up-to-date on the new changes on your website. This is through scheduling the security scans at your preferred time. 


Protect your WordPress site against security breaches using WP Security Ninja before it’s too late.

Helpful URLs:

Docs: WP Securit Ninja Documentation

Free Version: WP Security Ninja Free

Pro Version: WP Security Ninja PRO


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