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Forex Trading Calculators Plugin – Forex Calculators

Forex Calculators offers a comprehensive suite of calculators for financial analyses with simplicity and accuracy in mind. Whether you are new to forex trading or not, this plugin will make your calculations a breeze. Simply integrate the five available calculators into your website and experience the perks. What makes Forex Calculators stand out is the unique calculators it offers. Alongside the conventional calculators, such as lot size, pip, profit, and margin, Forex Calculators has designed the Risk/Reward – Win Rate Calculator. With around 340 currency pair support, live and editable rates, responsive design, and individual calculator settings, Forex Calculators is the perfect choice for traders looking for all-in-one solutions. 

Making forex trading calculations has never been this easy. To get started with Forex Calculators and the rich features it offers, do the following:

  1. Start by setting customizations to align Forex Calculators with your preferences and needs. 
  2. Next, integrate the calculator into any website page with no limits. Simply activate the “update shortcode,” customize the design of your calculators, and paste it anywhere.  
  3. Finally, if you need to delete the calculators from your website, delete the plugin, and it will take off all of them with no manual intervention. 

Forex Calculators

Currently, Forex Calculators offers the following calculators:

  • Lot Size Calculator: This tool helps you determine the appropriate trade lot sizes based on your account balance, risk tolerance per trade, and the pip value of the currency pair. 
  • Pip Calculator: This calculator determines the value of a pip in your account's currency. It considers the exchange rate of the currency pair you're trading and the contract size.
  • Forex Profit Calculator: This tool helps you estimate your potential profit or loss on a trade. It factors in the entry, exit prices, and volume of your trade.
  • Margin Calculator: This calculator helps you calculate the margin required to open a position in forex trading. It considers the position size and the leverage offered by your broker. It considers the minimal deposit amount needed for each trade. 
  • Risk/Reward – Win Rate Calculator: This tool assists you in setting an appropriate risk-reward ratio and win rate to achieve your desired profit goals. It is a unique calculator designed by Forex Calculators. 

Key Features:

  1. Around 340 currency pairs alongside silver and gold symbols
  2. Live and Editable Rates
  3. Accessibility across different screen sizes
  4. Working with 18 languages
  5. Distinct settings for each calculator

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