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Crypto Payment Gateways | Sprintcheckout

Crypto payments are relatively new to the market, and the existing solutions are often inefficient, complex, and costly. Sprintcheckout, however, known as one of the best crypto payment gateways, has simplified this process for businesses. Throughout using Sprintcheckout, you will be dealing with the following ideas – bankless, fast, and cheap. This cryptocurrency transfer plugin supports all EVM-based networks, including all Layer 1s and 2s. You can seamlessly make transactions within the Ethereum, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Scroll, BNB Chain, and many other networks. 

Why Choose Sprintcheckout?


  • No KYC: make transactions without the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, sending funds directly to the preferred wallet address. 
  • All EVM Chains: let your customers experience convenience and accept crypto payments from all networks under the EVM chain.    
  • Outstanding UX: simple and intuitive interface for quicker user navigation.
  • Fiat Auto Settlement: convert between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies with automatic settlement. Connect your Binance/Coinbase account and convert it into your preferred fiat coin. 
  • Low Fees: Sprintcheckout is free to install; you only pay 0.5% for each transaction.
  • Account Abstraction (coming soon): receive rewards for each transaction you make through Sprintcheckout and lower your "gas" fees. 

What Else Does Sprintcheckout Offer?


  1. WooCommerce Plugin: specifically designed for WooCommerce stores that simplifies the checkout process for your customers by enabling crypto payments. Sprintcheckout – Accept crypto payments bankless, fast, and cheap – WordPress plugin 
  2. API Integration: allows you to connect your online store to other applications using an API. This simplifies integrating Sprintcheckout's payment system into your existing store. Sprintcheckout API documentation
  3. Payment Links: allows you to generate unique payment links for various purposes, such as collecting donations or sending invoices to your customers. You can manage these links through the Sprintcheckout Merchant Dashboard. Sprintcheckout Merchant Dashboard

How It Works


  1. First, from your store's checkout page, your customers will be redirected to the page.
  2. There, they will choose between the available wallets: Metamask, Coinbase, Formatic, Trust, Portis, and other 100+ WalletConnect-supported wallets.
  3. Next, they will pay with their preferred token.  
  4. After a successful payment, you will be notified to prepare and deliver your order to your customer. 


For more information and access to one of the best crypto payment gateways - Sprintcheckout, visit the following links:

Landing page: 

Documentation: page:

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