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Blockons – WordPress editor blocks plugin

WordPress Blockons Plugin is here to take the Gutenberg Editor’s game to another level and make the user experience on your website better than ever. 

Actively evolving Blockons now has 12+ editor blocks let's go through some of them and analyze the use cases.

  1. Image/Video Sliders/Carousels
    Visualize your Website by adding Image Carousels. For brands and businesses, especially Image carousels have higher engagement than any other types. Another interesting way to use image sliders is by adding step-by-step image instructions.
  2. Customer Review SliderSocial Proofing your website is a top priority for building customer trust. Blockons Testimonials block will basically help motivate your customers to take action. 
  3. Marketing Buttons CTA’s are great, but what about easily changing the traditional ways? Add buttons with time limit prompts, and additional information that will clients make a quick decision. 
  4. Search Bars If your users need something on your website, let them search around for a while and get puzzled, or choose to make them happier by displaying a Search Bar that will not waste your users' time. 
  5. Featured ProductsYou want to sell it, make it stand out, and make it easy to reach. Add a featured products block to your WooCommerce store to showcase everything that needs more attention. 

Explore all the other 10+ functionalities visiting Blockons website, and keep in mind that all these amazing functionalities for your Gutenberg Blog are completely free.

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