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7 Months

WPGlob has been our trusted partner for over 2 years. We attempted to outsource our marketing to various digital marketing agencies, but it was WPGlob that truly grasped the nuances of our niche and devised tailored solutions for WordPress plugin marketing. Their service is top-notch, and the people behind the company are exceptional. Thanks to their expertise, we witnessed an impressive 64% sales growth in just 7 months.

Pain Points

WordPress Quiz Maker, a feature-rich quiz plugin for WordPress, faced several challenges in 2021. The plugin had a quality product but struggled with low active installs and lacked a strong conversion strategy for free users to upgrade to the premium version. The pain points were as follows:

Low Active Installs: Despite offering a robust quiz-making solution, the plugin’s active installs remained stagnant, failing to capture its full potential user base.

Conversion Hurdles: Converting free users to premium was a significant challenge. The lack of a comprehensive strategy made it difficult to showcase the premium features effectively.

Visibility Issues: The plugin was buried in the vast WordPress repository, making it challenging for users to discover and evaluate.

Low Organic Traffic: The plugin suffered from limited organic traffic to its website and WordPress.org page. This lack of organic traffic was a roadblock to both increasing active installs and conversions.

Low Brand Awareness: The plugin had a stellar product but remained relatively unknown in its niche. Building brand awareness was critical for establishing trust and attracting a wider audience.

Our Solutions

WPGlob, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in WordPress plugin promotion, sugested a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to Quiz Maker Plugin’s specific pain points. The solution included the following services:

1. WordPress.org Optimization: We began by optimizing the plugin’s WordPress.org listing. This involved improving the plugin’s description, screenshots, Promotional Video, leveraging user reviews for social proof, and more.

2. Keyword Research: A thorough keyword analysis was conducted to identify high-impact, low-competition keywords, allowing us to target the right audience effectively.

3. Content Marketing for Organic Traffic: We developed a content marketing strategy that included blog posts, tutorials, and guides related to quizzes, e-learning, and educational topics. This content was optimized for search engines, attracting organic traffic to the website.

4. Demo Making: To bridge the gap between free users and premium features, we created engaging demo content, showcasing the added benefits of the premium version. This content was accessible through seprate Demo Website created by WPGlob team. 

5. SEO Optimization: We optimized the plugin’s website and wp.org description for search engines, ensuring that it ranked well for relevant keywords, further enhancing visibility.

6. Social Media Promotion: WPGlob created and managed social media profiles for WordPress Quiz Maker. Our team set up regular posts and engagement activities to build an online community and increase brand awareness.

7. Guest Posts and Outreach: To expand the plugin’s reach, we conducted outreach to authoritative websites in the WordPress and e-learning niches. We included the plugin in 20+ listicles and guest posts to promote the plugin and increase backlinks, further improving its search engine ranking.

Statistics After Working with Us:

Active Installs: Before engaging with WPGlob, the plugin had 1,000 active installs. After 7 months of our marketing efforts, the active installs increased to 20,000 and growing.

Conversion Rate: The conversion rate of free users to premium users increased by a significant 35% following the implementation of the demo feature and content marketing strategy.

Visibility and Search Ranking: The plugin’s visibility and search rankings on WordPress.org improved significantly. It was featured in the “Popular Plugins” section for its category various times.

User Engagement: The average time spent on the plugin’s website increased by 40%, reflecting a higher level of user engagement with the added demo content and informative blog posts.

User Feedback: The user reviews and feedback became overwhelmingly positive, which helped to build trust and credibility among potential users.

By actively addressing these pain points, along with the improvements in organic traffic and brand awareness, WPGlob’s stratigic approach successfully transformed WordPress Quiz Maker into a well-known and widely-used plugin in its niche. This comprehensive marketing strategy showcased the plugin’s potential for growth, demonstrating the power of a proactive and results-oriented approach. 

Quiz Maker is now the N1 Quiz Making Plugin and has been in that position for over a year! 

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